9 best food for bodybuilding

9 best food for bodybuilding

9 best food for bodybuilding, which are high in protein and with high fiber that is essential for muscle growth here we are provide to list below-:

2)-Greek Yogurt
4)-Grass fed beef and butter
6)-Beets and beetroot

1) Oyster-

 In bodybuilding food list we firstly prefer you Oyster it is more beneficial for health it is high in protein and packed with natural, but i giving you only original advice that you should eat only that Oyster form September to April, It is also highly Loaded with Zinc, selenium and Iron.
I give you total percentage amount chart of per 100 gm Oyster

Total fat-13 gm                                                     9 best food for bodybuilding

Saturated fat-3.2 gm

Cholesterol-71 mg

Protein-9 gm

Carbohydrate-12 gm

Sodium-417 mg

Potassium-244 mg

2) Greek yogurt-

It is same like as a plain yogurt, the liquid whey is strained off the solid yogurt after fermentation and also in which more protein compared to regular yogurt, so it is more beneficial and healthy for bodybuilding. These Greek yogurt has more nutrients so it has more health beneficial.

So I provide you packed nutrients bodybuilding food chart for per 100 gm Greek yogurt-:

Total fat- 0.2 gm                          9 best food for bodybuilding

Cholesterol- 5 mg

Sodium- 36 mg

Potassium- 141 mg

Total carbohydrate- 3.6 gm


3) Grass fed butter-

9 best food for bodybuilding

Grass fed cattle contains more omega 3 fatty acid compared to grain fed cattle so it is more beneficial for health and bodybuilding, omega 3 help the body from the risk of heart attack. so we should add omega 3 in bodybuilding food plan.

It contains more more antioxidant vitamins in which that is Vitamin E

It contains less total fat as compared to other

4) beetroot-

9 best food for bodybuilding

This is a type of plant which is used for treatment of all liver disease. It also reducing the fat from blood which help for lower blood pressure so it is more protective food.

but according to bodybuilding beet juice is used for enhance exercise performance, muscle growth, strength and increase the stamina for doing exercise etc.

Beet root have more nutritional value it more rich with calcium, iron and vitamins A and C.








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