4 best way to get rid of acne

Best way to get rid of acne
4 best way to get rid of acne from face as fast as possible.Acne is very serious and common disease that effect an estimated  80% of people in their lives. In which symptoms include pesky pimple that is the main frustrating and difficult to get rid. There are many conventional treatment who get rid of that pimples but with these also many adverse effect, such as dryness and skin irritation. now days many people have question that how to get rid of big pimples, how to get rid of red pimples, how to remove pimples and how to remove pimple marksIn that article you will find that answer.
Because of all these, now a lot of people turned to natural treatment. So there are many natural remedies for acne removal as fast  as possible.
Here are 4 natural treatment that is proved by doctor for get rid of pimple fast.

1)- Tea tree oil-

best way to get rid of acne

Tea tree oil is originated from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia Tree. Which is native of the Australia?
The main function of that oil is to fight against bacteria and reduce skin inflammation. Two types of bacteria which cause pimple occur that is epidermidis. In a study proved that 5 % of tea tree oil is used for reducing pimple as a lotion equal to the 5% benzoyl peroxide that is the common face medication.
By using of tea tree oil has less  adverse effect comparatively benzoyl peroxide. These include irritation, dryness and burning. This is also other main problem after get rid of pimple from face.
Used-  During using of tea tree oil one point should be notice in your mind if you will apply directly on your face that can cause redness and irritation, so best of method of using that oil, it should be diluted with carrier oil and water.
Diluted one part of tea tree oil with eight part of water and then dip a cotton on mixture and apply directly on that area where is pimples. So for best result you should apply one to two times per day. In which you can find answer that how to get rid of acne in a week.

2)- Green tea-

best way to get rid of acne

Green tea contains more number of tannins and flavonoids who are helpful for fight against bacteria and inflammation that may cause pimples. A more number of people using green tea as a drinking but you can also using it for get rid of pimple by applying on face. Because it is high in the antioxidant. In study proved that which person has less sebum production those has more chance of acne problem. So that green tea applying on face 3% extract to their skin
There are many skincare products in the market that are making from green tea but you can also made it at  home by following those steps.


Firstly you should steep green tea on boiling water for 4- 5 minute and after cooling you can apply that water with cotton on face or you can also spray it on face.
So leave it on face for 15 minute or also overnight and after you can wash your face with water. You can apply it 1-2 time a day.

3)- Spot treat with essential oil-

best way to get rid of acne

There are many other oil like that tree tea oil are more effective for reducing pimples from face. These oil are full with antibacterial and inflammatory properties that are essential for removing acne.
These oil are such as cinnamon, rose, lavender and clove-basil oil, In a one study prove that clove basil oil are are more strong comparatively 10% benzoyl peroxide. 5% clove basil oil are more effective for reducing pimple fast from face than benzoyl peroxide. Like that tea tree oil these oil can also cause give you irritation if you will directly apply on face so using of that oil for best method is following.


Mixing that one part clove base oil with nine parts water , then dip a cotton on water and apply on that area where you face problem from acne
Then leave it for 10-15 minute after rinse with water so you can that process with oil 1-2 times a day. In which you can find that answer how to get rid of a pimple in an hour.

4)- Aloe vera-

best way to get rid of acne

Aloe vera is the best remedies for removing pimples from face, that is created from plant leaves that produce a clear gel.  Aloe vera gel is used for fight against bacteria which cause pimples occur. That gel is also used for reducing wound healing and inflammatory as afst as possible. This gel is used for treatment of rashes, burns and cuts. It also used for the glowing of skin.
In one study found that this gel will be more effective if you will it mixed with clove basil oil. But higher the concentration of aloe vera gel with clove basil oil then it will be more effective for reducing pimples.
Aloe vera gel contains Salicyclic acid, urea nitrogen, Phenols, cinnamonic acid and sulfur which are helpful for fight aginst bacteria. Which cause pimples oocur.


Put out the gel from leaves of aloe vera with spoon, then gently apply on face. You can also used it with mixing for other treatment but firstly you should used it for acne problems.
You can apply that aloe vera gel directly to face because of this you cannot face any problem like that inflammation and irritation or you can apply it for 1-2 times a day.
Please follow some yoga asana that helps you naturally for get rid of pimples from face.

7 best food for glowing skin

A well healthy skin define how much healthy you are from inside, so what you are doing for healthy skin? For healthy skin we all know that we should eat Healthy diet, stress free, regular exercise and also we need better glowing product (face mask) for skin. You need to eat right and balance food which giving your skin to better vital nutrients. so here i provide you best food for glowing skin in a month.
For Glowing skin here more fruits and green vegetables which contains powerful antioxidant that protect the skin from cellular damage. For better skin we should have proper balance beta carotene, lutein and vitamin C inside of your body. Beta carotene is found in carrots, potatoes and pumpkin etc, Lutein is found in kale, spinach and papaya etc. so here is a list of 7 best foods for glowing skin face which feel you also better from inside-

1)- Avocado

2)- Oranges

3)- Pumpkin

4)- Tomato



7)- Carrots

1) Avocado-

7 best food for glowing skin

This fruit is packed with antioxidants like that beta carotene and lutine which will help your skin to softener as well as hydrated form inside. You can also used that fruit as a mask with mixing one tablespoon of honey that’s  way you can get the benefits of this super fruit. You can also used avocado combining with orange juice as a salad, after taking that you feel energize and difference instantly. that is include in the diet chart for glowing face.

2)- Oranges-

Actually this fruit contains more vitamin C which is very essential for your skin. This fruit contains antibacterial and antimicrobial properties so using that fruit regularly as a face pack will give you brighten and glowing skin. For better result you can also add orange peel with yogurt that face pack will instantly brighten your skin. this is the best food for glowing skin in india.

3)- Pumpkin-

food for glowing skin

Pumpkin is packed with antioxidant this fruit contains more vitamins A and C and also more value of zinc that play vital role for making new skin cells. Pumpkin reduces the appearance of open pores and improve the skin tone. You can also make a special face mask for glowing skin and making recipe for that is 3 teaspoon pumpkin, ½ teaspoon milk and ½ teaspoon honey and apply on face for 15-20 minutes. For fast glowing skin you should eat regularly pumpkin seeds.

4)- Tomato-

food for glowing skin

It is a antioxidant which has natural anti-ageing properties. It is rich source of natural Vitamins and Minerals. In which includes vitamins are Vitamin A, K, B3, B5, B6, B7 and also vitamin C which help your skin to natural glow and shining. You can also apply the pulp or juice of tomatoes on your skin for shining skin. It is also like as a natural sunscreen. Which prevent your skin from ultraviolet rays which emitted from sun.

5)- Strawberries-

food for glowing skin

Strawberries is a rich source of Vitamin C  which minimise fine line and wrinkles from face, Omega 3 is also present in strawberries which is very essential for skin glow and it is also rich in hydroxyl acid which help to get rid of dead skin cells.
For making face mask you have to add 1 tablespoon cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon honey mixed properly apply on your face for 15 minute to get softener skin.

6)- Beetroot-

food for glowing skin

Beetroot is a rich source of vitamins and minerals which help you glowing of your skin instantaneously. It is a inflammatory property which also help in remove acne and pimples from of your face, if you apply beetroot juice as a face mask then you have notice that it remove all dark spot from of your face in 5 weeks. You can also drink one glass of beetroot juice regularly for purify of your blood which remove the toxin and help you for healthy glow on your face. This is the best food for glowing skin in winter.

7)- Carrot-food for glowing skin

For glowing skin carrots are work like a powerhouse in which has large amount of Vitamins C which promotes collagen growth, reduce dark spot and acne from face. In which another vitamin A found who keep your eyes, teeth and bones healthy. In which also large amount of beta carotene who help in slow ageing and prevent the degeneration of cells. This is the main source of glowing skin diet indian.

7 best yoga pose for muscle building

Here 7 best yoga pose for muscle building, Do you think that you can build a muscle without lifting weight, yes that is possible with some simple yoga asana?  A well shaped and lean body of dream all we have and we all think gym is that place there we can build them but if I say you it is also possible on yoga mat too then it is a interesting surprise for all of you, So here I will provide you best 7 effective best yoga poses for build a muscle in body. so here are multiple benefits of yoga which are given below.

But before that I will give some suggestion how yoga can build muscle in body
We all know that for build a muscle lifting a weight same as that in yoga asana we need a lift a weight but in yoga we will not lift a dumbbell in which you have to need lift a body weight instead of dumbbells. In some yoga poses has the ability to break a muscle in body by creating a tension in them so in backup body builds more muscle, which means increasing the muscle mass.


7 Best Yoga poses For Muscle Building

For a natural way to build a muscle by following 7 active yoga poses

1)-  Virabhadrasana ( Warrior pose)

2)- Vrikshasana  (Tree pose)

 3)- Sethu Bandhasana (Bridge pose)

4)- Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

5)- Bakasana (Crow pose)

6)- Bhujangasana Cobra pose)

7)- Salamba Sirsasana ( Headstand)


1)- Virabhadrasana (Warrior pose)-

yoga pose for muscle building

There are many spiritual benefits of yoga Virabhadrasana name is created from great warrior who belong to hindu mythology but it will be surprise for all of you and you all think yoga means peace and that asana means warrior but that’s is true. We should practice that asana in morning with empty stomach and hold that pose for at least 30 second.


Virabhadrasana will stretch your stomach, chest and lungs. This pose will strengthen your muscle and arms. It also improves focus and blood circulation in body which help you energize in all day long. theses asana are include in top 10 benefits of yoga.

2)- Vrikshasana (Tree pose)-

Vrikshasana is standing pose asana that balance of your body. It is one of the asana that we can do with open eyes. For better result we should that asana in morning with empty stomach that time our mind is free and clear from all thoughts. It is Hatha yoga pose, and you all to need at it  for at least one minute.


Vrikshasana will stretch the legs which increase the strength in feet and bones of your legs. It also stretch your arms and back. With the help of that asana you can increase your stamina and concentration. These asanas are also include in the best benefits of yoga asanas.

3)- Sethu Bandhasana-


yoga pose for muscle building

Sethu Bandhasana like that bridge pose that why its also name is Bridg pose. You can practice that pose in early morning or in evening but make sure your stomach should be empty because when you practice that asana your digested food will release energy in your body. You can take that asana at least one minute. by practice regular that yoga to gain muscle.


Sethu Bandhasana will stretch the chest and spine of your body and increase the strength in the back muscle. This pose will calm you brain and reduce the thyroid problem and asthma. It also cure constipation, Depression and anxiety disorder.


4)- Trinkonasana (Triangle pose)-

yoga asana for muscle building

Trinkonasana is like that a triangle pose therefore it is named so. This is also called power yoga muscle building. You can do that exercise in morning and in also evening but your stomach should be empty. Before doing that asana, you have to gap of 4 to 6 hour after having a meal. You need to practice that asana minimum of 30 Seconds.


Trikonasana will stretch your shoulder, hips and spine and increase the strengthen in your arms, knees and legs. This pose improve your digestion and physical problem. It also reduce your back pain spinal nerves and stress.

5)-  Bakasana ( Crow pose)-

yoga pose for muscle building


Bakasana looks like that crow perched on a tree therefore it is named so. For beginner Doing that asana is not easy so you can do that pose with daily practice and for better result best time for that asana is morning when your stomach is empty or in evening you have gap a of 4 to 6 hour after a meal. You have need to practice that asana for 30 to 60 seconds. This is the best yoga poses for weight loss.


Brakasana will strengthen your wrist and arms. This pose increase the coordination and concentration of your mind. It also reduce the heart burn and acidity problems. Which help prepare your mind and body for all challenges.

6)- Bhujangasana (cobra pose)-

yoga pose for muscle building

bujangasana pose like a snake or it is also a another type of surya namaskar. This pose works great when you practice that pose in morning at empty stomach or in evening you can also do that but you have gap of 4 to 6 hour after after meal. This asana is also basic level of vinyasa yoga, so hold this pose 15 to 30 seconds. This is the best yoga poses for belly fat.


Bujangasana open your shoulder and it also strengthen of your back and increase flexibility. This also improve blood circulation in body and reduce fatigue. This asana also exalted your mood and stimulate your kidney.

7)- Salamba sirsasana  (Headstand)-

yoga pose for muscle building

Salamba sirsasana is a challenging pose it is a advanced vinyasa yoga asana. This pose is the king of all pose, for practice that pose you should have strength on your shoulder and best time for that pose is the morning in empty stomach. For better result you should have hold that position one to five minute.


Salamba sirsasna strengthen your arms, lungs and legs. This pose helps those people who are suffering from sinusitis and insomnia. This pose push your nerves and pass fresh blood to your brain.

Yoga asanas