Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation
There are number of benefits of meditation but before this we should learn the tricks how meditation can do, you all know that meditation is a best stress relief technique, which help you to take out from many problems. With regular practice you can increase the timing of meditation. There are many spiritual benefits of meditation.
According to study when you fell stressful then please give some minute for meditation it will automatically reduce your stress from body. But before doing meditation you should prefer right technique which is necessary during meditation such as right place for meditation, right position, how to take breathe during meditation etc. you      purely know that meditation is an inward mentally process which keep your mind stress free and calmness. Here in this topic you will find article on benefits of meditation.

Here are following 7 Best Benefits of Meditation

Reduce stress-

You all know that with taking stress you can go to many illness such high depression, low blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia etc. the quitting of that all problem is done by meditation. Because during meditation our mind and body go to deal with stress for reducing. Meditation is a very ancient technique which is developed by our ancient people.
It is very helpful for our inner peace with regular practice of few minute. Researcher says that with everyday meditation your neuron inside brain more combine which is helpful for increasing brain power and raise IQ level. So these are the benefits of meditation for students.
In a scientifically study proof that if you are not strong mentally or from inside then you can go to depression which is cause by stress. So it will disrupt your sleep, increase anxiety, high blood pressure etc.

Rise IQ level-

In a study proof that doing meditation for 15 minute regularly not only reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood. It is also beneficial for raising IQ level, it is possible only when your brain perform fast like as Einstein.
If you do meditation 15 minute continuously for one month then it will increase the blood flow and slow the heart rate. Which is good for high blood pressure.

Increase emotional health-

With regular meditation for few minute it will automatically increase self-confidence. If emotional health increase in body which cause your body go to depression, anxiety, less sleep and high blood pressure. Which is proof by highly scientific doctor for increasing depression. For good result you can find benefits of meditation and yoga.
Good emotional health will changes your attitude towards life or goal. Which increased your self- actualization and also help you living in present moment. Researcher also show that meditation is helpful for handling or reducing negative thought with continuously practice you can increase the focus on mind during any work.
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Attention span-

Meditation is helpful for old age people because with increasing aging every person memory start decrease and which cause attention also decrease with increase age, which cause they face problem in focus on one work.
For those people meditation is very helpful for improve attention span and it also helpful for reduce stress, reduce anxiety and decrease the risk of depression. So this are the benefits of meditation science.
In a study proof that those person who doing regular practice it, they have a more capacity on one task for longer time. Which is very good during work. Some student complain that they are not focusing on study that they can recover by doing practice meditation. For students meditation is the best natural remedy for increasing memory power or focus.
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Increasing brain integrity and efficiency-

In study found that if you want increase the brain integrity and efficiency then meditation will help you. In Stanford university taking experiment on 50 people who are doing regular meditation. They have more fiber on brain which is helpful for regulating emotion and behavior. There are number of meditation benefits for brain.
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Basic need for meditation-

Before starting meditation you should done basic needs which is very necessary such as Blank space, Right position and Right way of breathing and good attention.

Blank space-

For doing meditation at right place play a very crucial role for concentration, firstly you should set that location which is quiet and no noise is come inside the room. But one thing you should always notice in mind that little fresh air always come in inside room. For more atmosphere regarding meditation you can use a medium light inside room.
Another thing is also that your place should be neat and clean because it provide positive response in our mood and also your space should be down.
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Right position-

Right position during meditation play very crucial role, during meditation your backbone should be in straight position. Some people have habit of curling of backbone during meditation for comfortable but that is not right position for it.
During meditation you can follow that yoga asana position for good result such as Vajrasana, Sukhasana, Sidhasana. If you have a problem in backbone then you can take the help of wall and plastic chair but your back should be in strainght position.

Right way of Breathing-

Some people complaint that during meditation they are not focusing on breathe. You all know that every game is difficult during starting day but that will be easy day by day after playing regular. Same concept is also available with meditation. After few week you will see result.
 During meditation how you take breathing is very important. During mediation you should observe and feel how the air goes in and out to the lungs through the nose.
You can count number up to 10 while breathing in and out. Here you will find benefits of meditation pdf.

Good attention-

When you sit for meditation then number of thought come in your mind or attack you but your main focus on your breathing. It will give you best result and that is the best meditation technique.
Before meditation your mind should be calm from any misunderstanding and complete focus on breathing which is come in and out. There are many physical benefits of meditation, If you follow it proper way.

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Hair Growth Tips for Men

hair growth tips
Hair Growth Tips for Men now day’s hair fall problem is very common and serious disease in both men and women. In this topic we will offering you some best tips. Which you are facing in hair problems like that change of coloring of hair, hair loss, curly hair and oily scalp. Healthy hair is an essential part of grooming and men personality. Both men and women want beautiful and dense hair for good looking. So you should always caring of our hair.
In this modern time, the demand for hair growth tips for men is also in boost.  But we are busy in another work that we cannot give time to our hair protection. So today in this post I will give you some basic important tips for natural hair growth tips for make your hair beautiful. If you have dandruff or hair fall problem in your hair then please do not go to stress please use my following best method for quick resolution for this problems.

Best tips for hair growth

Regular Wash Hair-

hair growth tips

First thing if you want your hair healthy and shinning then please regular wash it with water and don’t use too much shampoo on hair for cleaning you can use the shampoo twice a week and use only those shampoo which is suitable for your hair. With this technique you can reduce the risk of dandruff from hair. Dandruff inside hair is very danger sign for your breaking hair.
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Avoid Brushing on Wet Hair-

hair growth tips

Most people have habit is brushing on wet hair but that is not good. Because that time your hair are more vulnerable which is the chance of hair loss. So please avoid comb on wet hair or otherwise if you want use comb on wet hair the please use large tooth comb for brushing. Some people have a habit of thick comb using in wet hair but with this lot of stretch can occur on your hair, which cause serious injury can occur.
For removing that injury you can use our fingers for solving curly wet hair.
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Scalp Massage-

There are number of benefits of massage in scalp because with these blood start flow through head, which is very good for strong hair. For this you can use many types of essential oil for massage in which sweet almond oil is the best oil. Many people ask question that how to grow hair faster in month for this almond oil is the best. Which keep you your hair follicles active.
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Apply Onion Juice for Hair Growth-

Apply onion juice on hair is the most important hair remedies for hair growth. In that juice contain sulphur which is suitable for the boosting of tissue which is helpful for re-growth of hair. In which also contains many nutrients which is helpful for nourishing the hair follicles. With apply of this juice your hair will be strong, shiny and thick. This is the best remedy how to make male hair grow faster.
Here are following best method of preparing onion juice in home-
1) Firstly you need to cut a few onion with little slice.
2) Put this all slice in juice mixer.
3) Apply this juice on the scalp of hair for 15-20 minute and after that wash your hair with fresh water.
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Apply Egg on Hair-

You all know that egg is a rich source of protein, for promoting hair growth protein is very essential nutrients. So apply egg mask on hair is also best remedy for natural hair growth. With these you can improve many problems such as curb hair loss, heal damage and increase hair elasticity.
Egg also contains many nutrients which is rich in zinc, iron, iodine and phosphorous etc. In study proof that if you apply egg mask with lavender oil and honey on scalp. But during this treatment mixture should be keep 20 minute on scalp and after that wash your hair cool water with apply shampoo.

Apply Coconut Milk-

Coconut milk is the best remedies for hair growth and provide protection from hair loss. It contains essential nutrients which is helpful for boosting hair follicles and hair thickness in which contains nutrients such as potassium, iron etc. for good result you can add few drops of coconut milk with lemon juice apply on scalp. So this is the best natural remedies for hair protection. You should keep that mixture on scalp for 5-6 hour and after that rinse with fresh water. So this way you find answer how how to grow hair faster black male.

Eat Healthy Diet-

Eating healthy diet play important role for hair protection and growth. If your body has essential vitamins and nutrients are available then you will not face hair fall problem. Now day’s main reason of hair fall problem is that bad or poor health diet. For good hair growth your diet should contains omega- fatty acid. Which improved hair growth that you have lost due to bad habit of eating. So this way you can easily find answer how to grow hair faster in a week.
In scientific study found that for good hair growth your diet contains sufficient amount of protein, Zinc and vitamins which is rich in A, B, C and D. In which avocado is the best food for hair growth? But also you should drink adequate amount of water.

Remove Stress-

hair growth tips

You all know that taking stress is big reason of occurring many disease. So stress is also one of the main reason for occurring hair fall problem. So you should remove stress from whole body but that is possible due to some extra circular activity such as workout, Meditation, Yoga etc. you all know that exercise has many benefits for our body which is helpful for strengthens of muscle, improve mood which is helpful for rid out of stress from body.
In scientific study proof that meditation play very important role for reducing stress from body and increase self-esteem. The main reason of increasing stress is that depression and anxiety which is also flush out by regular meditation. This way it effect on your hair so this is the best natural homemade tips for hair growth faster.

Amino Acid Hair Growth-

Amino acid is also helpful for hair growth. The cysteine is most crucial for hair growth, which you can take right amount of protein on daily basis. In which methionine is also essential for hair growth. There are many high methionine food such as beef, shellfish, soy, eggs, dairy products etc. That all is rich source of amino acid.
Cysteine you will find from high protein food such as red meat, eggs, onion, broccoli etc.

Avoid Regular Shampoo-

Many people have habit is doing regular shampoo on hair but that is very dangerous habit for hair, because in which include chemical are not good for our hair roots and remove the natural oil from hair which cause our hair dry and thin. So please stop washing your hair with shampoo regularly. You can wash it with simple fresh water.


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how to increase height naturally

how to increase height naturally
How to increase height naturally that is the most query question in Google. Most people want to gain height but due to some wrong habit there body not grow, So here in this post we will share with you best exercises and stretching which help you to easily gain height naturally.
Now days in market many number of medicine and ayurvedic treatment. They all are giving guarantee to you that they will easily gain your height but these are more expensive, for many people that is not affordable and also have that medicine is side effect. So according to my advice doing regular exercise is the best way to increase height with proper health diet which is full with protein, vitamins and minerals. So in below we provide you the list of height increase exercises.

Exercise for height gaining-

Hanging on rod–

how to increase height naturally

Hanging with rod is the best and simple exercise for height gaining. For doing this exercise you have firstly need to fix a rod at that point where you can easily hold the rod after jumping and during that exercise your body should be in full straight position. Now jump and hold the rod. Hold it as much you can. The main benefits of exercise is that you can do it in a home and help you to grow.

Skipping rope–

how to increase height naturally

You can do that exercise with skipping rope, with this exercise you can easily grow taller. During skipping rope you can jump as much you can, this is helpful for height growth. You should doing regular that exercise for some minute which is helpful for increasing bone mass and also other benefits of this exercise is weight loss for those people who want to weight loss.

Practice yoga

You all know that yoga is an ancient Indian exercise. There are many yoga asanas which is helpful for height gaining and strength in bone muscle. In which most popular yoga asana for height gaining is that Tadasna, Tree pose, Ujjayi pranayama, bhajangasana. With continuous practice of yoga you can easily cure many disease which is helpful for body health.

Toe touching exercise –

how to increase height naturally

This is also another best and easiest exercise for height gaining which you can do at home. With this exercise you cannot only increase the height it is also beneficial for increasing flexibility in whole body.
For doing this exercise firstly you should need to sit on a floor and touch your toes without bending your knees. In starting day you can bend little knees but day by day you have to change a habit. This is the best answer for that people who ask how to increase height naturally after 21.
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Cobra stretch-

how to increase height naturally
a woman doing a stretch cobra from yoga
The cobra yoga asana pose play very important role for height increasing. The main focus of that asana is on your spine, thus it will make you supple and flexible. The best position for that asana is lie on the floor with your face in straight position and palm on the floor and whole bodyweight under yours shoulder.
You should done at least 3-4 reps. which you can do each repetition of 15 to 30 seconds
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Super Cobra Stretch

how to increase height naturally

This is the advance version of cobra yoga pose. For doing write position you can lie on the floor and now bending your hips and whole weight again on shoulder but this time your face should be in upward position. It means your body should be in inverted V position. During this exercise your body pressure on chest, shoulder and in abdominal region.
You should done at least 3-4 reps with each repletion of 5 to 20 seconds.
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Cat stretch-

how to increase height naturally

During that exercise main stretches on your hamstring when you put pressure on stomach. With this exercise you can open up your spine, chest, shoulder, back and palms. This exercise also play important role for height gaining and also good for blood circulation.
You can do 3-4 reps with each repetition of 5 to 10 seconds. The best position for exercise is that your hands and knees should be on the floor with your arms locked up. Your head should be down. When you flexing your spine down please take inhale and when you flexing your spine up please take exhale.
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Through sports you can also increase height. There are many sports games which is helpful for increasing height. Such as basketball, sprints, cycling, swimming etc.



This basketball game play very important role for height gaining when you throw the ball on the basketball then your whole body stretched. In the beginning day you face difficulty for playing but with regular practice you will become good player. You all know that when you do more jump then your entire body more stretches. This way you can increase pressure on muscle growth and blood supply on entire body. Which help you for height gaining. With this exercise you can also boost immune system naturally. But if you have back problems then please take advice from doctor before play. Through this you will find best answer how to increase height naturally after 18.


It is highly recommend by health experts that if you run cycling every day for 30 minutes. Then it highly effect on full body. Which is helpful for height increasing. With regular cycling you can increase the muscle mass and strength on legs. But your diet should be completed with full protein and carbs, because during cycling your body burn more calorie. This is the best tips to increase height at the age of 14 and how to increase height before 18.


This is also another best option for naturally increasing height. during swimming your entire body work more which cause you burn more calorie, which cause you strengthen on core muscle that is helpful for height increasing.
With continuously day swimming your body release the growth hormone on blood stream. Which is beneficial for relieving stress and increase flexibility. As a result that all factor is possible for height gaining. This is the best method increase height quickly.

Healthy diet-

A good healthy diet also play very important role for height increasing. If you continuously do yoga, hard exercise etc. which is helpful for height increasing. But that all is gone to vain when you do not take proper healthy diet.
The main crucial diet is egg, seeds and oatmeal. Egg is the best height increase food, Which is helpful for height increasing. You all know that for good height, your body should include enough calcium and Vitamin D. but your body should be full hydrated so please drink enough water.

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7 Best Plank Exercise Benefits

plank exercise benefits
There are number of plank exercise benefits which can make you fit. This workout play best remedies for reduce excess fat from belly and hips. Which will also help you for making six pack abs. With this exercise stomach (core) muscle will strong and increase. Through which your body looking in good shape. So in this post we will provide you best method for making good abs through plank exercise.
Many people doing regular crunches in gym for building muscle and strengthens of core but in reality that is not enough good for making six pack abs. Here following we will provide you best plank exercise which will be beneficial for you.
1) Knee plank
2) Side plank
3) Reverse plank
4) Plank with shoulder touches

1- Knee Plank Benefits

plank exercise benefits

This plank exercise position is the best for core and also good for hamstring and gluts. During that workout your body should be in straight forward position. Which will create strength and endurance in stomach part as a result abs muscle develop. With this exercise you can also improve the balance but before doing that exercise firstly you should learn the method how to do it which keep your back to safe. For best result you should have best plank exercise routine.
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2- Side plank benefits

plank exercise benefits

For reducing back pain, side plank is the best exercise so it is beneficial for those person who are facing problem in back pain. There are also many benefits of side plank which strengthen your core, strengthen legs, back muscle and especially in upper side back. For more benefits you should again learn that exercise how we can do it. Because you know that if you do exercise with right way then it will be more beneficial for you.
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3- Reverse plank benefits

plank exercise benefits

Many people ask question that during plank exercise what muscle used its answer is core. Reverse plank exercise have an excellent way for strengthen of core. Which is also more beneficial for strengthen in lower back, gluts and your hamstrings. If you have a pain in lower back then it will ease the problem of you. For taking more benefits you can hold the position for 30 second during that exercise.
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Method of doing that exercise is sitting on the floor and your legs should be in front of you. Your hand should be behind and outside hips and start put your body to lift up until you reach it in straight form for head to toe. With this pose you can increase strengthen in core and lower back. man

4) Benefits of plank for stomach strength

Plank exercise is beneficial for increasing stomach muscles and core strength. If your stomach will be strong and strength full then you have the ability to carry more weight and increase the stamina which is helpful for doing exercise like running or gym. In gym you have need a lift weight for long term then this exercise will help you.

5) Benefits of plank for reducing back pain

Now days living wrong lifestyle is the biggest problem of back pain such as not straight sitting on chair, during sleeping legs folded etc. many other are responsible for back pain, Back pain occur due to injury on spinal cord and hips. Then plank exercise will help you for reducing back pain but firstly you should change the lifestyle of living as you sit or also you can add some special healthy diet for recovery of problems.

6) Balance the whole body

Plank exercise will help you, if you want to increase the body balance. Some people cannot stand on one leg for long time. There will be two reason in which one is that improper balance and second is that less muscle strength in leg. But that all problem you can recover by doing regular plank exercise. Which increase the muscle strength and balance on whole body.
With this exercise you can also increase flexibility on whole body. Because when your body strength muscle and balance of body will increase then flexibility will also increase in full body. For increasing flexibility side plank is the best option.

7) Strong metabolism

You have read already above, with plank exercise stomach muscle strength will increase which help in increase the digestive system or when your digestive system will strong then your metabolism will automatically increase. So for good metabolism you should doing regular plank exercise for 10 to15 minute in time breaking. For sexy body shape you should have good plank exercise routine.

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8 Best Foods How to Control Blood Pressure

how to control blood pressure
How to control blood pressure that is the most query question in Google search engine. Do you know that according to world health organization million people now days effected by blood pressure. Which cause you have a risk of heart attack, retinal damage, stroke and death. That is occur due to many reason such as unhealthy food, bad lifestyle etc.
So you can cure high blood pressure treatment at home through good health diet, today we will share with you best food for high blood pressure. So please read below.

1) What is high blood pressure?

how to control blood pressure

High blood pressure is the pressure in long-term force of the blood against your artery walls. That is enough for occurring health problems such as heart disease. It cause also many problem can occur that damage the blood vessel, heart stroke and kidney disease.
Firstly you should have knowledge about the value of normal blood pressure for adult is 120/80. You have notice that some people dead due to silent killer. That time his/ her blood pressure is not in normal condition and value of blood pressure is 130/90. In scientific term or in medical language you can say it is a hypertension.
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2) Regular exercise how to control blood pressure

Before taking healthy food you should need to create a habit of regular exercise for one hour. This play an important role for healthy life. With this you can decrease the chance of heart attack. One thing you have to study that strong heart can pump more blood with less effort, so less force work by arteries. It help you lower blood pressure.
All exercise are good for controlling high blood pressure, but according to study if you do aerobic exercise it play great role, aerobic exercise such as jogging, swimming, cycling etc. if you are a fan of gym then there you can do cardio exercise but guidance under trainer.
According to American study you can control high blood pressure by doing strength muscle exercise such as push-ups, weight lifting etc. through that exercise you can find answer how to cure high blood pressure in 3 minutes.


3) Best foods to lower high blood pressure

1) Oatmeal

how to control blood pressure

You all know that oatmeal is a rich fiber food which are great source of vitamins, minerals and dietary fat. You can eat oatmeal in breakfast if you have complaints of high blood pressure. So this is the best foods to reduce blood pressure. It is also helpful for weight loss and lower the lipid level in blood. Which is effective for controlling high blood pressure.
In study proof that if you consume 10 gram of oatmeal every day in breakfast. It will be helpful for reducing high blood pressure.
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2) Garlic

how to control blood pressure

Garlic is a rich source of sulfur-rich compound called allicin.  In which present active ingredients are responsible for lowering blood pressure. For more effect you can consume 1-2 cloves of raw garlic with adding honey in empty stomach.
In a study proof that garlic contains a natural properties like antibacterial and antifungal. Which is responsible for lowering bad cholesterol and act as a blood thinner. So this is the best foods that lower blood pressure quickly.

3) Seeds

how to control high blood pressure

Seeds is a great source of fiber, now days in market many types of seeds are available like sunflower seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds. That all contains monounsaturated fats, dietary fiber, polyunsaturated fats, vitamins, and minerals. Which is helpful for reducing high blood pressure and also for weight loss.
Seeds is responsible for reducing blood sugar from blood which is also helpful for lowering bad cholesterol level. You can add it in breakfast or in salad.
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4) Banana

how to control blood pressure

Scientific Study said that if you consume one banana every day, it will be helpful for lowering blood pressure. You all know that for controlling high blood pressure you have to control on sodium level inside body.
For this banana play very important role because it contain high level of potassium, which is helpful for flush out sodium from body and control the high blood pressure. For more benefits you should consume at least 1- 2 banana each day.
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5) Vitamin C foods

how to control blood pressure

There are number of fruits which is helpful for controlling high blood pressure. In which orange is the best vitamin C foods. A freshly made juice from this food provide you sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals which is effective for blood pressure.
There are also another fruits which is responsible for controlling blood pressure such as grapes, kiwi, limes and lemons. In a study scientist said that you should consume 500 mg of vitamin C per day for controlling high blood pressure. You also know that vitamin C play important role for absorbing protein inside body.

6) Berries

how to control blood pressure

Berries fruits is a rich source of vitamin C, dietary fiber and polyphenol. In study proof that berries juice help for lower blood pressure in women with prehypertension and hypertension. It is helpful for reducing arterial stiffness. So this is a highly potent antihypertensive foods, which play important role for controlling high blood pressure.
If you consume berries juice for 4 weeks it will be helpful for controlling blood pressure. so this is the best home remedies for high blood pressure that really works.

7) Milk and Yogurt

how to control blood pressure

In a research proof that milk and yogurt reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Because it is a good source of calcium and potassium. You also know that calcium and potassium helpful for flush out sodium from body. Which is important for controlling high blood pressure.
Mostly yogurt have a beneficial effect on women blood pressure. the reason behind its vitamins and minerals. For more benefits you can consume 2 glasses of low fat milk which is more effective for controlling BP. This is the best natural way how to lower blood pressure naturally and quickly.

8) Green vegetables

how to control high blood pressure

Now days most people living in stress full life that is the main reason of high blood pressure. You can reduce it by eating regularly. All green leafy vegetables are great source of potassium, which is helpful for flush out the excess sodium from body (means salt). Therefor you can easily lowering your blood pressure.
Here I will provide you below best green leafy vegetables for lower BP.
Turnip greens
Collard greens
Radish greens

4) Reduce alcohol

If you have habit of drinking alcohol too much then you should need to remove it from life otherwise it will be harmful for your heart health. It is the main reason of problem for raising high blood pressure.
In which red wine is the more effective for heart failure, produce irregular heartbeat and stroke. If you have a habit it in regular basis.

5) Reduce stress

If you have a habit of take stress for all little-little things then you are in a dangerous mode. Now today fast-paced world. There is very hard to slow down and relax. So according to my advice you should step away from your daily responsibilities who give you stress. Now day’s people raising stress in mind due to many reason such as jobs, love relationship etc. but you should avoid it.
Stress is the main big reason of raising high blood pressure so you should forget it from our life. For reducing stress you can do some yoga asanas and meditation. That create positively effect on overall body. Through yoga and meditation you can find answer that how to cure high blood pressure in minutes.
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what is Tofu and Its Benefits

what is tofu
what is tofu made of that is the basic question asked by people now days most people does not know the benefits of tofu, If you are vegetarian then eating tofu is the best option for you because it is the good protein source which contains essential amino acid. This is the best plant based protein supplement. Thorough which you can get sufficient amount of calcium, iron, selenium and copper. So this the best soybean product which is helpful for maintaining cardiovascular health.
In which contain nutrients is also helpful for reducing cancer, cholesterol, kidney disease etc. So please read the full article below, here you will get find the information and advantages of soy.

1) What is tofu

what is tofu

In Indian language you can say tofu is a paneer because this is made from soy milk as same as cottage cheese is made from cow or buffalo milk. Firstly it was made in china and now days this recipe is popular around the world.
The main reason is that it is the best organic food which provide sufficient protein. Approximate in per serving you can get 8 gram of protein. It is also helpful for reducing cholesterol level and saturated fat from body. This organic dairy product is also used by workout people.
You can also eat soy curds which is produced by adding food like lemon juice and vinegar.

2) Types of tofu

Now days in market many types of tofu are available in which you can buy silken, super firm, seasoned , regular etc. These all soy have fat and calorie are different-different. You have seen that silken tofu is widely used in salad, sauces, pudding and dips in the form of creamy. Which is low in fat and calorie comparatively firm and soft tofu.
Regarding taste firm tofu is taste like sponge. You can use soft tofu for making breakfast shakes, fruit and lasagna etc.

3) Tofu nutrition

Soy protein tofu is very beneficial for better health and muscle development. You already know that tofu has many nutrients which are in form of protein, calcium, copper, selenium and manganese. Which is beneficial for body. It also has good amount of Vitamin B1 and Omega 3 fatty acid.
So here we will provide you tofu recipes, if you eat 100 gram of tofu then you can take protein- 10 gram, Fiber- 2 gram, Carbs- 4 gram and fat -5 gram. Calorie of tofu is high that why it is a high nutritious food. So this is the best tofu nutrition foods.

Tofu benefits and disadvantages

There are number of benefits and disadvantages of tofu which are given below-

1) Helping in weight loss

what is tofu

Tofu is the best source for weight loss because in which contains healthy nutrients are beneficial for weight maintaining. The main reason behind it is a less calories high protein organic food which is helpful for managing of weight.
In a study proof that if you take tofu for 3-4 week then you can easily lose weight 4 to 5 Kg. It is helpful for reducing cholesterol from body and also helpful for increasing fecal bile acid excretion.
The saturated fatty acids is less in Tofu comparatively meat and other non –organic food which is high in fatty acid. It is also the best source of lecithin and linoleic acid which regulates the cholesterol levels and metabolism inside the body.
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2) Strengthens bones

what is tofu



Soy paneer is also beneficial for strengthens of bones, you have seen that after the age of 50 bones of body start weaken. You have already read above that tofu contains minerals like manganese, phosphorus and selenium. That all mineral will help you bone strengthens.
 It also has contains a plant based isoflavones which is help for building strengthen bones. So I will recommend that which person facing problem in bone weaken. For those people eating that organic food is best option.
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3) Recover brain disease

what is tofu


Those person who are going to old age they have the chance for brain disorder. In study proof that if you consume soy beans and soy protein in regular basis for 4 week then you have a chance of increasing mental health.
Tofu also contains isoflavones which is helping for improving memory and function better. In which present Lecithin helps the body to produce phospholipids and phosphatidic acid, which is helpful for functioning of neuron. So its conclusion that you should consume 100 gram tofu each day for increasing mental power.


4) Removing Heart disease

what is tofu

In soy has one mineral which is very important which help for reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases and reduce the bad cholesterol level.
In a scientific study proof that if you consume soy in regular basis it will be helpful for weight management and reduce cardiovascular disease. Which result in removing heart disease. Many people ask that is tofu vegan? Yes that is true.
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5) Benefits for diabetes

In study proof that if you eat soy paneer each day in regular basis it will reduce the problem of diabetes. For more benefits you can eat soy paneer in regular basis which will exit less protein through urine comparatively other. So according to my advised you can remove your diabetes problems through eating tofu paneer.

6) Prevent hair loss


what is tofu


Many people use the tofu for preventing hair problems because in tofu has keratin protein which play very important role for hair growth and prevent hair fall. Now days in market many artificial chemical using products are available for hair fall treatment but you can solve your problem by including tofu in your diet.

Disadvantages of tofu

Many people have query in Google that is tofu bad for you, that answer you will find here, you have read above that soy Paneer or tofu is very good for our health. But if you consume it in a large quantity then it will be harmful for you. Apart from this, we have seen much people facing allergic to use of soya products.
The main disadvantages of soy milk or paneer is that if you consume it in large quantity. It will increase the risk of kidney stone and also create problem in digestion and in liver. So this way soy can damage the stomach. Now days in market many soy products available in market are artificial. So we should consume tofu in small quantity each day.
We have seen according to report that those children used soy based food in large quantity can lead to thyroid problems so in result we should use small quantity. This is the tofu health risk.

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9 Best Foods Good for Liver

foods good for liver
Foods goods for liver, you all know that the liver is very crucial gland of our body and also say that powerhouse of an organ. Its 1.5kg of organ performs many variety of task such as production of protein and biochemical which is required for digestion, detoxification of substance and help in storing vitamins and minerals etc. this is the second largest organ of our body.
Now days much people consuming alcohol or other toxic substance, which is not healthy for our body, with these our liver work overload and has a chance of destroy it and face many complication such as hepatitis, ascites etc.
 This article provide you best food to keep your liver healthy.

1) Garlic

foods good for liver

Garlic is the best detoxification which keep your liver healthy. In which contain selenium and allicin play very important role for cleansing liver. With regular eating you can activate enzymes which are helpful for removing toxin from liver. This is the best foods good for liver repair.
 It is also a rich source of arginine which make your liver strong so there are number of benefits of eating garlic for healthy liver.
For more benefits you should not consuming it after heating because with these many important quality destroy it. Now days in market you can take it in the form of capsule which are easily available. You can take or consume raw garlic with honey in the morning for best result of liver.
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2) Beetroot

You have studied that beetroot has many benefits for health such as liver, metabolism, glowing skin, digestion etc. so according to my think this is the best food for our body health.
You can consume it in the form of salad and beetroot juice. Which are also helpful for our blood purify. Beetroot juice is a rich source of betalains. So this is the best foods to avoid with liver disease.
 Which are helpful for removing toxin substance from outside of body. In a study proof that beetroot juice protect the liver from inflammation, oxidative damage and reduce DNA damage. For keep your liver healthy you can consume one medium glass of beetroot juice per day.
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3) Grapefruit

foods for good liver

You all know that the Grapefruit is a delicious but it also performs antioxidants that naturally protect the liver. naringenin and naringin are the two antioxidant. Because in which contain high level of Vitamin C which are helpful for flush out toxin from liver.
You can protect the liver by reducing inflammation and protect the cells with regular eating of grapefruits.
In a study proof that in which present antioxidant can reduce the level of hepatic fibrosis which is responsible for fatty liver and more connective tissue build up in the liver. This typical result occur from chronic inflammation.
The flavored naringin is mostly occur in grapefruits which are helpful for decrease the amount of fat from the liver and increase the number of enzymes which is necessary for the break-down of food.
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4) Broccoli

foods good for liver

In study proof that consuming broccoli in regular day can help to protect the body from liver cancer Broccoli is a best natural source of isothiocyanates and sulfur compounds, which is helpful for flush out of toxin from liver and improve the metabolism.
If you liver is cover with fat then you should avoid butter or other high fat dairy food and meat etc. then that all foods bad for liver. During that time you should also avoid drugs and alcohol.
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5) Carrot

foods good for liver

Carrots is rich source of Vitamin A which is helpful for the protection of liver disease. It is also a rich source of fiber and you all know that high fiber is very necessary for healthy liver because with these your liver will not absorb toxin substance.
So you can also say that carrot is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and dietary fiber. It is already proof that from the science of institution this is the best foods good for liver regeneration.
Hence you have known that carrot can protect you from liver toxicity and fatty liver. Best method of drink carrot juice is one glass each day in empty stomach or you can also eat 2-3 boiled carrot.
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6) Green Tea

foods good for liver


Green tea is the best richest source of antioxidant, which is widely beneficial for our health but the main benefits of it is for healthy liver.
In a study proof that if you drink 2-3 cup of green tea everyday it will help you for improving enzyme level, reduce stress and remove fat from liver which are absorbed in it.
In a research also found that which person who absorb two or three cups of green tea every day. They have a risk of less liver cancer comparatively other person who does not drink. Or less.
Green tea is a natural and rich source of antioxidant. These protect your body from the free radical that cause cellular damage and inflammation. It is also boost your immune system which is helpful for the balance of your body such as blood pressure, body weight and help you from many other disease etc.
But it also have some disadvantage so before consuming please take the advice of doctor, sometime this foods to avoid with liver disease, which would be good for you.

7) Apple

Apple is very beneficial and effective fruit for liver cleansing. In which contain polyphenol control your serum and lipid level of liver.
In study proof that if you eat apple regularly for three months will reduce your serum and lipid level of liver. Which will be helpful for removing toxic substance. In which also contain anti-inflammatory properties will also help you from fatty liver, that is against it.
You should consume at least one apple each day  for healthy liver and protection from other disease.


8) Turmeric

foods good for liver

This is a yellow pigmented root which is used for cooking. Turmeric is the rich source of antioxidant and inflammatory properties that is very helpful for increasing good digestion.
It also help you from many disease such as bad liver, low digestion, reduce stress and improving metabolism.
In ancient day turmeric is used in wound and cold etc. because this is rich in antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties etc. now days in market many liver health supplements is also available for customer. For consuming 12 week you can see more good effect on liver. Best method of eating turmeric, mixing turmeric powder with one glass of milk after dinner. If you cannot take it with regular base then you can buy turmeric supplement from market.

9) Nuts

Nuts are a good source of nutrients and vitamin E, which help you for removing wastage fat from body. It is also a rich source of fiber because with these you can get more health benefits especially for healthy liver.
So in study found that which people eat nut in regular basis they have less risk of liver cancer comparatively other people those does not eat. Actually this composition has also many benefits for heart health.
If we want to keep liver healthy for this firstly we should avoid bad habits, In which one major is alcohol, fast food. You can add that foods bad for liver and kidneys.


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8 Best Food How to Increase Digestion

how to increase digestion
Now days many people have query in Google that how to increase digestion, that is a big problem for people. The main function of your digestive system is break down the food what you eat and converted into the nutrients and mineral which you have need for body growth and healthy life. If your digestive system have strong it will help you for boosting immunity, improve skin health and fight against many disease. So please don’t ignore it if your digestive system is not good otherwise it create problem for your body to absorb nutrients.

8 Best Food for Improving Digestion and Health

1. High fiber food (whole grain)-

how to increase digestion

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According to study it’s prove that consuming high fiber food more effect on digestion system. In which Whole grains are the best source of soluble and insoluble fiber. In which you can add brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal and popcorn are the best major source of whole grain. Which is more effective for improving our digestion system. According to American study for maintaining good digestion you should consume at least that food per day. Because that all the best source of high fiber or who are more effective for our digestive system. Apart from this, you can also achieve or maintain healthy weight.

2. Yogurt

how to increase digestion

Yogurt play very important role for increasing digestive system because it include bacteria (Streptococcus thermophilus). With the help of these species it converted from milk to yogurt. In scientific study proof that with regular eating yogurt you can reduce the risk of colon cancer, diarrhea a-nd cardiovascular disease.
The best method of eating yogurt is after with breakfast or after lunch which is more beneficial for digestive system. The best source of yogurt for good digestion from cow milk or goat milk. With regular eating it will also help you from many skin infection.

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3. Banana

Bananas is loaded with fiber or you can eat it, in the morning breakfast (a medium size banana contains about 5 gm fiber) which is very accurate for high fiber and pectin so this is the best foods to improve digestion. You can say it is a powerhouse of nutrient, which is helpful for maintaining weight and heart healthy
Bananas is a low GI food which is helpful for low blood sugar level inside body and help to control blood pressure. You can easily eat it because its taste are too good. So according to study prove that if you are vegetarian then you should eat at least one banana every day.

4. Ginger

how to increase digestion

Ginger root has many benefits regarding health and the one benefits is improving digestion system. In ancient time most people use it for treat cold, cough and increase digestion power. So this is the best herbal medicine for treat many health problems. The main reason behind it contain gingerol which is very powerful for creating medicine properties. Which create positive effect on our enzymes that help to break down fats and proteins from body.
The other main benefit of ginger is that it reduce muscle pain and wound. In study prove that if you drink milk with adding ginger powder, it help for treating many form of Nausea. It also helpful for reducing cholesterol and weight loss and maintain.

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5. Fish

Fish have many verity like salmon, tuna, mackerel and trout etc. These all fish are excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid. Which help to reduce stomach infection that help to increase digestion power and bowl movement. In all of these salmon and oyster are the best source for body health. It does not mean that other fish are not good but that is the best.
Many people ask question that how to increase digestion speed, But that is possible according to scientific study, In which they say that fatty fish (Oily fish) have large amount of omega-3 fatty acid, which is helpful for increasing digestion power. It is also a rich source of protein and low fat. Which is very beneficial for building muscle growth.

6. Papaya

Papaya is the rich source of Vitamin A, B and C. In which have antimicrobial properties which is beneficial for breakdown of food that is good for digestion. In which have also many benefits like that help for weight loss, improving eyesight, boosting immune system, help you from arthritis. But according to topic it is also beneficial for digestive system.
For more effect you can eat it in the morning empty stomach and one hour after lunch. According to research proof that it is helpful for reducing cholesterol, constipation and heartburn. Because it is full with fiber and vitamin C and you already know that vitamin C is necessary inside body for absorption protein.

7. Beetroot

Beetroot is a rich source of betaine. This red sweet food contain antioxidant (flush out toxin) which help to prevent food intolerance. That promotes the good digestive system. In which contain betaine is very useful for increasing digestion power. With these it increase the stomach acid level. Which help to control bacteria growth and decrease bloating, so this is the best food for digestion problems.
You can eat beetroot with salad and in juice form. According to study proof that if you drink regularly Beetroots juice for one week. It will boost stamina and blood inside body

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8. Cucumber

how to increase digestion

You all know that Cucumbers is a warmer day food which is high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals but low in calorie. So those people who want to lose weight its very beneficial. Due to low calorie you can easily add it into your diet which promote you digestion power and hydration.
Many people ask that what helps digestion after eating. We will suggest you that you should eating cucumber. Because it reduce poor digestion and gas.  It contains many oxidant who flush out toxin from body. Which protect you from also acne and indigestion.
There are many solution for those who ask how to improve digestive system ayurvedic and how to improve digestive system home remedies.


Food to avoid for good digestion

1. Oily and spicy food

Our all doctor advisor always say that if your digestion system or stomach is not good then first thing you should avoid oily and spicy food which is big problem for your digestive system. You know that all spicy food is packed with completely chemical which increase your heart rate and body temperature. So oily and spicy food can irritate your digestive organ. Which cause you serve problems like vomiting, Diarrhea and nausea. Which is not beneficial for body health.

2. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is also bad for our digestive system. You already know that after drinking alcohol you feel dehydration which cause you face problems like constipation and bloat. It also add toxin inside your body which destroy you liver and metabolism and after result your digestive system start breakdown, So please stay away from alcohol. The main disadvantages of drinking regular alcohol is facing problems like concentration lose, memory start dull, risk of heart attack and increase your blood pressure.

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Tips And Benefits Of Running

tips and benefits of running
Tips and benefits of running, You all know that running is the best exercise and this is a great way to giving body to good shape, but it also provide good benefits to every part of the body and change your mood. In study found that running is the best way for increasing good cholesterol in body. Which improve your lung function and boost your stamina and immune system, which is very beneficial for your overall health. So in my article we will provide you best running tips and benefits which are given below-

Running Tips and benefits of running-:

Firstly very important tip for running is buy the good running shoes, who provide you comfortable during long running otherwise wrong running shoes will break your routine so buy only right kind of shoes. There are much number benefits of running for men.

tips and benefits of running

1) Warm Up-

There are number of running benefits for the body. You should always be warm up a little before start running because it play very crucial role for long running and boost your stamina. Because it provide signal to mind and whole body that he is begin for physical activity.

2) Right Posture-

There are many physical benefits of running, your right posture during running is very crucial. The best method for running is that don’t raise your hand above waist and your spine should be erect. If you don’t follow this posture during running then it will be harmful for you except benefits. You can face pain in neck, back or in even shoulder.

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3) Maintain a Pace-

During running maintain a pace is also very important for beginners pace should be slowly flow otherwise Frequent and sudden pace will create you injury which is not beneficial for your routine. In starting day you should firstly practice for walk a long time. So as your time go your running time start increase and walking time start decrease.

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4) Breathe Right-

During running your method of breathing should be right which is very beneficial for your long running, you should breathe through noise not from mouth. In starting day most beginners make mistake that they take breathing from mouth but that is wrong. During breathing from noise it provide enough oxygen to muscle, which strengthen your lungs and boost your stamina.
Or in starting day you should giving time to yourself not running for miles otherwise it will pain your whole body. Firstly you have to track the total time which you are run in minute.

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5) Running on Grass-

During our ancient time say that you should running or walking on grass in the morning or evening time with this acupressure points present on your feet and heels. Which help you from removing many disease and acne problem. If you cannot running in the grass then you should approximate jogging once a day.

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6)  Increase Foot Turnovers-

tips and benefits of running

In starting day your step during running should not be long but with slowly increasing foot turnover. It will strengthen your body muscle and tighten your skin so there are number of running benefits for skin. In study found that you should take approximate 170 step in one minute. With these you can increase your stamina and less your injury.

7) Run on Sand

Best method of boosting stamina is that running on the sand, with these you can improve your strength and muscle tone. In a scientific study proof that you can increase more energy by running on sand comparatively running on track or ground. Because in sand your body need to work more hard comparatively soft surface.
If you want to lose weight fast then it is the best technique for running because with this you can burn more calorie. With these exercise your leg power will also be more, so these are the running benefits for legs.

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Benefits of Running

tips and benefits of running

If you want to lose your weight in short time then running is the best option for you to reduce belly fat. With these you can increase strength in core muscle. If you want to feel energetic during whole day through exercise then running is the best option for you. With running you can also boost the testosterone level naturally and increase the sex hormone.

1) Stress Free-

Running is the best option for removing negative thought and improve your mood well. According to study if you feel stressed full then you should running or fast walking for 20 Minute, through this way your tension or stress will automatically vanish from your body. With this you can enable to take a better decision and feel confident. Which will create positive effect on your life. So these are the mental benefits of running.

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2) Weight Loss-

If you want to lose body weight fast then running is the best option for you. With regular running for 20 Minute you can burn more calories, which is helpful for small and large muscle groups and reduce belly fat. In study found that running is the best technique for weight loss comparatively walking. So you should running daily approximate for 15-20 minute.

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3) Keeps Your Heart Healthy

tips and benefits of running

According to study also proof that if you running long distance it has also positive effect on your heart. Which cause you have low the risk of cardiovascular disease. So there are number of benefits of running for an hour, according to these technique you can easily loose the weight in short span of time.
So you should regular routine for slow and steady jogging on the treadmill which place at the gym, but according to my advice you should running only on the open air, you all know the main reason that is in the open air you feel fresh air and oxygen.

4) Running Is A Healthy High

From all this article I advise you that you should running at least 10 minute with these you will get more benefits. One thing you have also learn that no side effect is occur with running, if you do it proper way. During running your competition will be with yourself from last previous day.

5) You Can Run Anytime, Anywhere

One thing good about running exercise is that, for this you does not have need to any equipments, any special suit or specific time but this will be best if you running in morning because that is the best time for any exercise. Otherwise you can run anytime and anywhere. It means you may run in the morning or evening, on the treadmill or in the park.

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How To Increase Hemoglobin

how to increase hemoglobin that is the common question, you all know that hemoglobin is important for performing of your body function. You have also know that this will be increase with iron, anemia and red blood cells. But did you know that for boosting hemoglobin levels what food you should take.
The production of hemoglobin play an important role for body, with this you can get iron, copper, vitamins B12, B9 and vitamin C. But For this you have to need a proper health diet who maintain an optimum level of hemoglobin. Actually hemoglobin is present in body in the form of protein which is found in the red blood cells. The important function of that is to transfer oxygen from the lungs to all the other cells. Which is very necessary.
A low level of hemoglobin cause anemia or that is occur due to many reason like poor health diet, eating bad habit, absorption of the nutrients in the body is poor, which is not necessary for the production of hemoglobin, number of dosage increase due to pregnancy or even taken certain medicine – that all is the main reason of low hemoglobin inside body. When your hemoglobin low, it means your capacity is reduced for delivering oxygen to the tissue inside your body. Which cause people face problem such as shortness of breath, fatigue, and headache, chest pain. So today we will share with you best food for increasing hemoglobin level naturally without medicine.
1) Meat
2) Legumes
3) Fruits
4) Seafood
5) Straches and grains
6) Vegetables
7) Herbs

1 Meat-:

how to increase hemoglobin



Firstly we will talk about Meat, you all know that it is a rich source of protein which is very neceassry for building muscle but particularly meat is an excellent source of iron. Which play important role for increasing hemoglobin level.
  1. Liver-

Lamb liver is a rich source of iron, folate and vitamin b12 which has highest amount of vitamin B12 with 100 gram each serve. Lamb liver is rich in protein or low in calorie that is you can easily take from grocery store. Other animal liver you can also eat such as chicken, duck and pig. Which is packed with full nutrients.
  1. Ground Beef

Ground beef is also a good source of iron. With each serving of 100 gram you can get 3 mg of iron. Which is very good for increasing hemoglobin.
  1. Chicken Breast

Chicken breast also play important role for increasing hemoglobin level because it is a good source of iron. With each 100 gram of serving you can get 1.0 milligram of iron. Chicken breast is a good source of protein and low in fat or in sodium.

2 Legumes-

how to increase hemoglobin

Legumes is plant based food which you can include peas, chickpeas, lupin bean, soybean and peanuts etc. If you are a vegetarian, then it is necessary for you to include iron-rich foods in your diet. Which are given above that is very helpful for you to increase hemoglobin. These all food include sufficient nutrients which keep your body healthy. In 100 gram of soybean contain 16 mg of iron, 8 mg vitamin C and 370 mg of folate.
From all of these soybeans is the richest source of protein and iron, with each 100 gram of serving you can get 16 mg of iron, 370 mcg of folate and 7 mg of vitamin C. from all pulses soybean is richest source of protein. This is the best low hemoglobin treatment.

3 Sea Food-

how to increase hemoglobin

Sea food is the best option for increasing hemoglobin in body, which you can get from oyster, calm and caviar. So that all food cover your full requirement of iron and Vitamin B12.
In which calm is the richest source of iron, which you can consume 100 gram of serving with 30 mg of iron, 23 mg of vitamin C or  100 mcg of Vitamin B12.


4 Fruits

how to increase hemoglobin

If your hemoglobin low then eating fruit is the best option for you, in which you can add different fruit such as dried fruit, black raisin, Pomegranate, strawberries and dates that all fruits are the great source of iron which have also essential fiber and nutrients. Which is helpful for increasing hemoglobin in body.

1) Pomegranate-

You have seen that during pregnancy women loss more blood, which cause hemoglobin start low in body. The main reason behind it shortage of iron and calcium in body. But that problem you can solve by eating pomegranate in regular basis. With regular taking pomegranate powder with milk you can easily raise blood inside body which is also helpful for increase the level of hemoglobin inside body. This is the number one blood increasing foods list.

2) Strawberries-

Many people ask question that how to increase hemoglobin in child for this strawberries is the best option, with regular taking it you can increase the iron in body which is beneficial for increasing hemoglobin.

3) Prunes

Vitamin C is very essential for body because with these iron absorb easily in body. So prune fruit juice also play important role for increasing hemoglobin level. Because this is a rich source of iron, fiber and vitamin C. Which is helpful for the production of red blood cells.

4) Beetroot

Many people ask question that when hemoglobin is low what to eat? Then beetroot is the best option because in which plenty of iron, fiber, potassium and along with folic acid which play important role for increasing hemoglobin inside body. Best method of eating beetroot is taking with salad.
If you take beetroot juice in regular base then it will be very helpful for increasing red blood cells

5) Watermelon

This is the best water based food through this fruit you can also increase the hemoglobin level inside body. The main reason behind it high levels of iron present in it. It is also a rich source of vitamin C, which helpful for iron absorption inside body.


5 Vegetables-

how to increase hemoglobin

If you want answer that how to increase hemoglobin in a week then vegetable is the best option for you because with this you can easily increase hemoglobin.

1) Broccoli-

This is a great source of vitamins K and C which have also large amount of fiber, potassium and folic acid. With each 100 gram of serving contains 3.4 milligram of iron. Which is very suitable for hemoglobin levels. Apart from this, in which include Vitamin C play important role for antioxidant, which is helpful for protect the body from damaging free radicals.

2) Spinach-

Spinach contains many essential nutrients and vitamins, which is helpful for boosting hemoglobin level. This is also a great source of iron, folic acid and calcium. With each serving of 100 gram spinach you can get 4 mg of iron. That is much suitable for body.

3) Potatoes-

Potatoes is rich source of fiber and that fiber help for low cholesterol level in blood. This is also a rich source of iron and vitamin C. which is helpful for boosting hemoglobin levels.
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Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Gain

ayurvedic medicine for weight gain
Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain, now days many Indian people trust on Ayurveda. From this medicine if you want to increase weight then it will also keep your body healthy and fit. In India ancient times, we mainly focus on Ayurveda for serious and general health problems. You have notice about Ayurveda medicines it give you slow but effective benefits. In Ayurveda also have medicine for weight gain. So if you used it medicine to build the body muscle and increase the weight, it will help you. Today in this article we will share some Ayurvedic medicines which will be helpful for weight gain. Let’s start it there are following some ayurvedic remedies which help you for making body-:
1) Gokshura
2) Ashwagandha
3) Ashwagandha Abalhe
4) Ashwagandha Pakhi
5) Ashwagandha Arjuna
6) Remedies for body making kameshwar Modak
7) Ginseng powder
8) Shilajeet capsule

Gokshura ayurvedic medicine-:

ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

Mainly function of Gokshura medicine is used for bodybuilding. This is the best Ayurveda weight gainer powder.It is a Ayurveda medicinal herb which is good for human health to increase the libido in both men and women. In Ayurveda you can use that medicine as a supplementary medicine. Which is very helpful for keeping your muscles healthy. With regular use of it you can also improve the brain functioning means that it is also an anti-aging agent. The main function of that medicine it will increase the testosterone level in men body which is very helpful for building muscle and weight increasing. Another main function of that medicine is that keeps blood circulation healthy on regular consumption.
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Ashwaganda ayurvedic medicine for weight gain-:

ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

This is a ancient medicinal herb. It is also known as Indian ginseng which is used for make the body strong and healthy. In which include nutrients and mineral are helpful for weight gaining. Another main benefits of that medicine, with this you can increase the testosterone level and increased fertility which is very good for increase sperm count. In Ayurveda the main function of that medicine is used for making body. This is the best weight gain ayurvedic churna.
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Ashwagandha abalhe-:

This is the best Ayurveda supplement which is mostly used by the bodybuilder and players. For making muscle building during workout this Ashwagandha Abalhe play very important role for body and which are effective. Another main function of that medicine, it increase the physical health and endurance level inside body. For taking more benefits you can consume it regular basis mostly during the workout day.
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Ashwagandha Pakhi-:

There are many benefits of that medicine which is helpful for increasing muscle strengthening and enhancing stamina. Now today days everyone both men and women has the desire to get good body along with beauty. For taking good benefits you can consume it regular basis. Which play very important role for weight increasing. That medicine you can easily take it from patanjali store. From this ashwagandha pakhi best ayurvedic medicine for weight gain for female.
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Ashwagandha arjuna-

The best ayurvedic weight gain powder name is ashwagandha arjuna. This is the fourth best medicine for weight increasing which considered as the best for overall health and another main effect of that medicine which is used for heart patients. This is the best Ayurveda supplement which is mostly used by players especially by runner and bodybuilder. For taking good effect on body you can include ashwagadha arjuna with cow milk. The is the best blood tonic to gain weight fast. The combination of both nutrients effect more on body which is helpful for weight gaining.


ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

Chyavanprash is the best old tonic for weight gain in Ayurveda history. It is made up from different nutritious herbs of nature, which help for growing muscle and strengthening of bones. These ingredients also improve immunity system which help to raise weight in body. You can take more beneficial effect with regular intake of Chyavanprash. So you should regular consume two spoon of chyavanprash which will also help you ensures better blood circulation. It will help your digestion process fast and which cause you feel hungry sooner. This ayurvedic product you can take easily from any medical store which help you for weight gain. This ayurveda tonic is suitable for age of people.
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Vasant Kusumakar Ras-:

This Vasant Kusumakar Ras is a best ayurvedic medicine. Which are available in the store in powder or tablet form. This drug is also used for weight gaining but you should consume it under doctor guidance. With this medicine you can get the benefit of skin complexion, increasing memory, immunity and body weight. This is the best ayurvedic weight gainer capsule.
The best procedure of taking that medicine is 250 mg of vasant kusumakar ras with sugar, honey or ghee once in early morning after eating breakfast.


Saatavari medicine is best for improving digestion system which cause you feel more hunger and more you eat. At last it will helps for weight gaining. This herbs is a good hydrator which help to maintain fluid inside the body. Mostly that medicine is helpful for pregnant women. You can get that medicine from all Ayurveda store which are made by Himalaya herbals.


Those people are facing problem with weak immunity system for that yashtimadhu is an effective remedy. Because weak immunity system people bodyweight can never be increase. So for that people Yashtimadhu is the best herbs because it also provide the both strength and stamina. This is the best patanjali ayurvedic medicine for weight gain.


ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

Shilajit has more number of minerals approximate 85 which is very excellent, in which more powerful mineral is folic acid. It offer much numerous benefits to our body, which is helpful for our body immunity system, increase memory power and energy booster.
During taking shilajit one point keep in mind that, you can take shilajit 1-2 time per day and 5-6 time per week. The optimal duration should be 2-3 month  times per year but not in regular. Approximate should gap between 3 to 4 month.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Taro Root Leaves

benefits of taro root
There are many taro root benefits which you are used as a vegetable and medical herb. But I think you hardly know the advantages of Arabic leaves. You would be more surprised to know the benefits of that leaves as a vegetable which is very beneficial for your health such as Benefits of Arabic leaves are in controlling diabetes , keeping your heart healthy from many disease, keeping digestion healthy,  reducing hypertension eye protection, good blood circulation etc. Here you will find best taro root recipes and how to cook taro root. It is also helpful for promoting skin which is used for reducing aging symptoms. So there are number of benefits of Arabic leaves which are given below-
1) – Benefits of taro root leaves for reduce cholesterol
2) Benefits for heart
3) Taro root benefits for weight loss
4) Benefits of Arabic leaves for blood pressure control
5) Arabic leaf benefits for digestion and eye.


What Is Arabic Leaves-:

Taro root which you also known as Arabic leaf. Actually its scientific name is Colocasia esculenta and that plant is grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates and also it cannot tolerate cold temperatures. That’s why it grow only in warm temperature. Color of Arabic leaves is dark green, whose size and shape is like as a heart. Those who like spinach it should also like Arabic leaves. Because in which has also contains a good amount of iron.
One thing keep in mind that Arabic leaves should always be consumed by getting cooked otherwise it will be poisonous when you eat it raw without cooked.

Benefits of Arabic Leaves for Reduce Cholesterol-

taro root benefits

Arabic leaves is the best food diet because in which has zero percent of cholesterol level. It is best for those people who want to avoid high cholesterol food and apart from all of these it had contains only 1 percent fat. The Main reason of reducing cholesterol level in Arabic leaves is that in which contains Methionine and fiber present. So In this way you can use taro root to reduce cholesterol levels from your body.

Benefits of Taro Root Strengthen the Heart and Increase the Blood-

taro root benefits

You can use taro root to keep your heart healthy and live long life. In taro root leaves, saturated fats are in very small quantities. That’s the reason, it is involved in the diet chart who keeps the heart healthy. Because in which has high quantities of fiber present in them who reduce the cholesterol and fat from blood vessels. Apart from this, in which contains potassium which is helpful for keeping blood pressure normal with help of this you can reduce the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood which help you to prevents other cardiac problems including stroke .
In taro root leaves iron is in very good quantity and iron is one of the necessary minerals which help in the development of red blood cells and the main function of red blood cell is perform oxygen transport in body parts. It is best for those people who are face problem in lack of blood, because in which iron is present in very large quantity. So patient should be consumed it regularly basis. So you cannot used it only blood problem, it will also prevents other symptoms such as weakness and fatigue.

Taro Root Benefits for Weight Loss-

Now day many people face problem due to high body fat but that problem you can solve it by eating Arabic leaves. In which amount of saturated fat is very low and the amount of protein is high. Which is beneficial for weight loss. So if you want to lose weight of body then you can consume Arabic leaves at regular basis. It is also helpful for those whole want to maintain of our body and beneficial for muscle growth because in which iron is in very good quantity.


Benefits for Blood Pressure Control-

taro roots benefits

With iron it has omega-3 fatty acid is also present in good quantity that is helpful for those people who are facing high blood pressure, almost through swelling. You can avoid the problem of high blood pressure by consuming Arabic leaves in regular basis. It will regulates the contractions and relaxation of blood vessels. So if you add Arabic leaves in your diet it will reduce the effect of hypertension. Which will be helpful for circulatory system runs well then blood pressure can be controlled at normal level.

Benefits for Male Sexual Health-:

taro root benefits

In study found that Arabic leaves has many medicinal properties which promote the male sexual health. It is best for those people who are victims of impotence and other sexual vulnerabilities. Arabic leaves has good amino acids and one of the best benefits of Amino acids is that it increasing the number of sperm count in men. So in this way, male people can use taro root to remove their sexual impairment and get good health. It has more calorie, 100 gram of root provides the 120, (taro root calories).

Benefits for Skin Health-

we have already say you in above that Arabic leaves has good amount of amino acids which increase the sperm count in male but it has also good amount of amino acid which called thyonin. Which is helpful for the formation of collagen and elastin So Both of these are very essential for healthy skin and reducing the wrinkles. So in regular base at eating of Arabic leaves you can get the benefits of reduce the symptoms of aging.

Taro Root Benefits For Eyes-:

taro root benefits

In taro root Vitamin A is in very good amount, which is very beneficial for good eyes. In general studies you can say that Vitamin A is considered beneficial for overall health but also along with eyes. The presence of vitamin A in this way makes it a very effective medicinal food for our eyes. So the regular consumption of taro root leaves helps in preventing the problems of eyes like blindness, myopia and cataract. You can also use Arabic leaves to fast up your eyesight.
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Advantages and disadvantages of Taro Root-:

You all have already read above that there are number of beneficial of taro root leaves. Though this you can reduce the cholesterol level, good for healthy eye, best for muscle growth. It is also helpful for enhancing your beauty along with health.
You already know that if all the vegetables have advantages and then also disadvantages. Similarly, Arabic leaves has also advantages and disadvantages. If you consume it raw or in high amounts then it will create some side effects which are as follows.
1) Consumption of raw taro root leaves can cause irritation and scratches in the mouth. This is the taro root side effect.
2) Arabic leaves can be toxic if you take it raw.
3) It will be serious to apply the directly paste of Arabic leaves in severe and open wounds.
4) One important note Calcium-rich food items should not be consumed with Arabic leaves otherwise it will be toxic. This is the best taro root disadvantages.


Best Food For Weight Loss

best food for weight loss
Now days many people are facing problem due to high body fat. If you are you are looking for best food for weight loss then we provide you information on weight loss with high fiber foods. Everyone completely knows that obesity is based on your diet what you are take. We all have already seen in gym that many types of exercises are performed by people for weight loss, it actually decrease weight but that will be impossible if you do not changing the habit of eating then that people still fail to lose weight. The main reason behind it is that they actually do not know what diet should take for weight loss. So today we will provide you list and information about high fiber foods which will help you for weight loss.

What Is a Fiber-?

Which plants provides high indigestible portion it is called fiber. Which are helpful for absorption the water present in the intestines and that will helps in increasing the obstruction in the intestines. Soluble fiber you can find from oats, beans, peas, citrus fruit, apple etc. or mainly types of fiber you can found from fruits, beans, vegetables, and whole grains. As you all know that, food peels which are great source of fiber. Therefore, the fruits like apples, citrus fruit and other such fruits you should eat with peel.
There are two types of fiber, in which one is soluble and other is insoluble. Which fiber promotes the movement of material through your digestive system that easily dissolves in water and is absorbed by the body. It is called soluble fiber. There is a list of vegetables for weight loss, Example of that food is Beans, Oats, and Carrot, Barely etc. But insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and cannot be fully absorbed in the body.

Benefits Of High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss-:

best food for weight loss

In a Studies found that high-fiber diets can reduce the symptoms of diabetes. Fiber regulates the blood glucose levels in body, so consuming of high fiber foods will prevention of diabetes. Fiber is very essential for reducing the level of bad cholesterol present in the body. High Fiber food also plays an important role for making your heart healthier too. Because it controls blood pressure, diabetes and bad cholesterol. Therefor consuming good foods which contains high fiber helps in reducing weight and also many health disease.

How Fiber Food Help In Reducing Weight Loss-:

Many of us from all of you ask question that how fiber foods to eat to lose weight in stomach, this is very normal question which often asked. You all know that high fiber food helps to reduce your weight and control your appetite but apart from all of this it is also helpful for increasing good intestinal bacteria and their quality. Do you know that your body should good intestinal bacteria but that is right it is helpful for good digestion and helps in the absorption of nutrients for overall health and body. In which soluble fiber food is best and usable for increasing that bacteria (types of that food you have already read above). Thereby it is helpful for producing short-chain fatty acids in the body and these short-chain fatty acids are very necessary for reducing fat by increasing fat metabolism. So in this way, you can control your increasing weight by eating healthy high fiber food. Many people ask question that what to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks. Here are following you will find answer.


List of high fiber food for weight loss-

1) Black beans
2) Almond
3) Pumpkins seeds
4) Vegetable turnip
5) Carrot
6) Spinach
7) Broccoli
8) Avocado
9) Lentils
10) Tofu, Brown rice

Black Beans For Weight Loss-

best food for weight loss

In which have all nutrients, which are already same found in lentils. It is a legumes (members of pea family) that help for reduce your weight. With regular consuming, you can increase the hunger in stomach and reduce the bad cholesterol which are already present in your body. You can adopt 20 gm of fiber from one cup of baked black beans. This high fiber food also play important role for anti- cancer in the body because in which contains antioxidant. For gaining maximum benefits you can use them as a vegetable. Which is helpful for weight loss and keep your digestive system strong. You can add black beans in diet for 7 day diet plan for weight loss.

Almond Best Food For Weight Loss-

Almond is a rich source of nutrients and mineral which are considered as very beneficial dry fruits and it is also a rich source of fiber. You can take fiber is 15.9 grams, in which soluble fiber is 14.8 gram and insoluble fiber is 1.5 grams from one cup of almonds. With this additionally you can get 587 calories. Which is very sufficient to control your weight. Apart from all of these, you can get polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, folate, vitamin A, vitamin E, magnesium, sodium etc are all also found in almonds.
Due to this it is a good appearance of fiber and healthy fat in almonds, it helps to reduce your weight.

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Pumpkins Seeds-

best food for weight loss

Pumpkin seeds is also beneficial for your weight loss in diet and taste of pumpkin seeds are sweet like nuts. In which contains, both soluble and insoluble fibers are in good quantity.  You can get 2.5 grams soluble and 6.8 grams insoluble fiber from one cup of pumpkin seeds. Apart from all these, pumpkin seeds also provides healthy fats, vitamins A, calcium, potassium and magnesium which are also in good quantity. For taking high energy in the morning you can eat it with snack. This is one of the best food for weight loss. This is the best natural weight loss foods.


Eat Turnip Green-:

best food for weight loss

Turnip green is a good source of fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which are very good for health and help in weight loss. Turnip contains also has many anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight various types of cancers. In 1 cup turnip green, you can get up to 5 grams of fiber which contains also 2.9 grams insoluble and 2.15 gram insoluble fiber. If you consumed it regularly basis then it easily effective in controlling weight. You can consume it regularly as a salad. This is the best green weight loss foods.

Eat Carrot-:

Carrot contains good amount of fiber along with Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well. That’s why it is best for make your eyes healthy and Apart from this, it is also beneficial for reducing weight. In study believe that if you consumed carrot in regularly basis, it will be helpful for weight reduce of body. Full two carrot contain 5.20 gram fiber. Which also contains 4 grams insoluble fiber and 2.15 gram soluble fiber that is enough fiber for your body that you can eat raw or also you can consume it with a vegetable or salad.

Eat Spinach-:

best food for weight loss

You all know that Spinach is a great source of iron which is very beneficial for blood circulation. You can also say it is a green leafy vegetable that is very beneficial for our body. Our health advisers say that we should consume it ones a week. In addition at Spinach, Fiber is also present at good amount in it. According to measurement one cup quantity of spinach contains, 5 grams of fiber is present. Which contains insoluble fiber 3 grams and soluble fiber is 1 grams is present. In which other nutrients also present such as Vitamin A , Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Calcium , Phosphorus, Magnesium and Potassium. You can consume it with salad. That is best diets for weight loss.