how to increase height naturally

how to increase height naturally
How to increase height naturally that is the most query question in Google. Most people want to gain height but due to some wrong habit there body not grow, So here in this post we will share with you best exercises and stretching which help you to easily gain height naturally.
Now days in market many number of medicine and ayurvedic treatment. They all are giving guarantee to you that they will easily gain your height but these are more expensive, for many people that is not affordable and also have that medicine is side effect. So according to my advice doing regular exercise is the best way to increase height with proper health diet which is full with protein, vitamins and minerals. So in below we provide you the list of height increase exercises.

Exercise for height gaining-

Hanging on rod–

how to increase height naturally

Hanging with rod is the best and simple exercise for height gaining. For doing this exercise you have firstly need to fix a rod at that point where you can easily hold the rod after jumping and during that exercise your body should be in full straight position. Now jump and hold the rod. Hold it as much you can. The main benefits of exercise is that you can do it in a home and help you to grow.

Skipping rope–

how to increase height naturally

You can do that exercise with skipping rope, with this exercise you can easily grow taller. During skipping rope you can jump as much you can, this is helpful for height growth. You should doing regular that exercise for some minute which is helpful for increasing bone mass and also other benefits of this exercise is weight loss for those people who want to weight loss.

Practice yoga

You all know that yoga is an ancient Indian exercise. There are many yoga asanas which is helpful for height gaining and strength in bone muscle. In which most popular yoga asana for height gaining is that Tadasna, Tree pose, Ujjayi pranayama, bhajangasana. With continuous practice of yoga you can easily cure many disease which is helpful for body health.

Toe touching exercise –

how to increase height naturally

This is also another best and easiest exercise for height gaining which you can do at home. With this exercise you cannot only increase the height it is also beneficial for increasing flexibility in whole body.
For doing this exercise firstly you should need to sit on a floor and touch your toes without bending your knees. In starting day you can bend little knees but day by day you have to change a habit. This is the best answer for that people who ask how to increase height naturally after 21.
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Cobra stretch-

how to increase height naturally
a woman doing a stretch cobra from yoga
The cobra yoga asana pose play very important role for height increasing. The main focus of that asana is on your spine, thus it will make you supple and flexible. The best position for that asana is lie on the floor with your face in straight position and palm on the floor and whole bodyweight under yours shoulder.
You should done at least 3-4 reps. which you can do each repetition of 15 to 30 seconds
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Super Cobra Stretch

how to increase height naturally

This is the advance version of cobra yoga pose. For doing write position you can lie on the floor and now bending your hips and whole weight again on shoulder but this time your face should be in upward position. It means your body should be in inverted V position. During this exercise your body pressure on chest, shoulder and in abdominal region.
You should done at least 3-4 reps with each repletion of 5 to 20 seconds.
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Cat stretch-

how to increase height naturally

During that exercise main stretches on your hamstring when you put pressure on stomach. With this exercise you can open up your spine, chest, shoulder, back and palms. This exercise also play important role for height gaining and also good for blood circulation.
You can do 3-4 reps with each repetition of 5 to 10 seconds. The best position for exercise is that your hands and knees should be on the floor with your arms locked up. Your head should be down. When you flexing your spine down please take inhale and when you flexing your spine up please take exhale.
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Through sports you can also increase height. There are many sports games which is helpful for increasing height. Such as basketball, sprints, cycling, swimming etc.



This basketball game play very important role for height gaining when you throw the ball on the basketball then your whole body stretched. In the beginning day you face difficulty for playing but with regular practice you will become good player. You all know that when you do more jump then your entire body more stretches. This way you can increase pressure on muscle growth and blood supply on entire body. Which help you for height gaining. With this exercise you can also boost immune system naturally. But if you have back problems then please take advice from doctor before play. Through this you will find best answer how to increase height naturally after 18.


It is highly recommend by health experts that if you run cycling every day for 30 minutes. Then it highly effect on full body. Which is helpful for height increasing. With regular cycling you can increase the muscle mass and strength on legs. But your diet should be completed with full protein and carbs, because during cycling your body burn more calorie. This is the best tips to increase height at the age of 14 and how to increase height before 18.


This is also another best option for naturally increasing height. during swimming your entire body work more which cause you burn more calorie, which cause you strengthen on core muscle that is helpful for height increasing.
With continuously day swimming your body release the growth hormone on blood stream. Which is beneficial for relieving stress and increase flexibility. As a result that all factor is possible for height gaining. This is the best method increase height quickly.

Healthy diet-

A good healthy diet also play very important role for height increasing. If you continuously do yoga, hard exercise etc. which is helpful for height increasing. But that all is gone to vain when you do not take proper healthy diet.
The main crucial diet is egg, seeds and oatmeal. Egg is the best height increase food, Which is helpful for height increasing. You all know that for good height, your body should include enough calcium and Vitamin D. but your body should be full hydrated so please drink enough water.

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7 Best Plank Exercise Benefits

plank exercise benefits
There are number of plank exercise benefits which can make you fit. This workout play best remedies for reduce excess fat from belly and hips. Which will also help you for making six pack abs. With this exercise stomach (core) muscle will strong and increase. Through which your body looking in good shape. So in this post we will provide you best method for making good abs through plank exercise.
Many people doing regular crunches in gym for building muscle and strengthens of core but in reality that is not enough good for making six pack abs. Here following we will provide you best plank exercise which will be beneficial for you.
1) Knee plank
2) Side plank
3) Reverse plank
4) Plank with shoulder touches

1- Knee Plank Benefits

plank exercise benefits

This plank exercise position is the best for core and also good for hamstring and gluts. During that workout your body should be in straight forward position. Which will create strength and endurance in stomach part as a result abs muscle develop. With this exercise you can also improve the balance but before doing that exercise firstly you should learn the method how to do it which keep your back to safe. For best result you should have best plank exercise routine.
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2- Side plank benefits

plank exercise benefits

For reducing back pain, side plank is the best exercise so it is beneficial for those person who are facing problem in back pain. There are also many benefits of side plank which strengthen your core, strengthen legs, back muscle and especially in upper side back. For more benefits you should again learn that exercise how we can do it. Because you know that if you do exercise with right way then it will be more beneficial for you.
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3- Reverse plank benefits

plank exercise benefits

Many people ask question that during plank exercise what muscle used its answer is core. Reverse plank exercise have an excellent way for strengthen of core. Which is also more beneficial for strengthen in lower back, gluts and your hamstrings. If you have a pain in lower back then it will ease the problem of you. For taking more benefits you can hold the position for 30 second during that exercise.
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Method of doing that exercise is sitting on the floor and your legs should be in front of you. Your hand should be behind and outside hips and start put your body to lift up until you reach it in straight form for head to toe. With this pose you can increase strengthen in core and lower back. man

4) Benefits of plank for stomach strength

Plank exercise is beneficial for increasing stomach muscles and core strength. If your stomach will be strong and strength full then you have the ability to carry more weight and increase the stamina which is helpful for doing exercise like running or gym. In gym you have need a lift weight for long term then this exercise will help you.

5) Benefits of plank for reducing back pain

Now days living wrong lifestyle is the biggest problem of back pain such as not straight sitting on chair, during sleeping legs folded etc. many other are responsible for back pain, Back pain occur due to injury on spinal cord and hips. Then plank exercise will help you for reducing back pain but firstly you should change the lifestyle of living as you sit or also you can add some special healthy diet for recovery of problems.

6) Balance the whole body

Plank exercise will help you, if you want to increase the body balance. Some people cannot stand on one leg for long time. There will be two reason in which one is that improper balance and second is that less muscle strength in leg. But that all problem you can recover by doing regular plank exercise. Which increase the muscle strength and balance on whole body.
With this exercise you can also increase flexibility on whole body. Because when your body strength muscle and balance of body will increase then flexibility will also increase in full body. For increasing flexibility side plank is the best option.

7) Strong metabolism

You have read already above, with plank exercise stomach muscle strength will increase which help in increase the digestive system or when your digestive system will strong then your metabolism will automatically increase. So for good metabolism you should doing regular plank exercise for 10 to15 minute in time breaking. For sexy body shape you should have good plank exercise routine.

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