6 day workout plan for gym

6 day workout plan for gym
Now days usually most people are going to the gym for healthy body and for gaining muscle. So today I will give you information about 6 day workout plan But that is possible only when you follow proper gym exercise schedule, that schedule you can make ourselves or from our gym fitness trainer. Maximum time the gym workout plan is made by the gym trainer because he/she know more than you what should you do or what your body want so please follow him according to his guidance. Apart from this some people cannot going to gym according to the workout routine, because they face time schedule problem reason that is some people going to office or some other place for working. But Instead of busy schedule some people follow the proper gym workout plan for their better fitness.  So if you are having face difficulty in going to gym workout schedule, then this article will help you so please follow 6 day workout routine bodybuilding. Which are given below-

Schedule for 6 day workout plan

1 First day- chest exercise
2 Second day- shoulder exercise
3 Third day- bicep exercise
4 fourth day- triceps exercise
5 fifth day- abs exercise
6 Six day- legs exercise this day you can also do best glute exercise
That workout schedule you can follow or if you don’t want to follow it then can make 6 day workout plan from our fitness trainer. In starting day of gym much people don’t understand how we can follow it so here we are going to tell you that what you have need to do for making workout schedule. This is the best 6 day workout routine for muscle mass.

First day Chest exercise-

First day workout you can do with chest exercise that is the best upper body exercise, this is the second largest muscle part of your body and here I will suggest you 5 killer chest workout for gaining more muscle on chest area, that are given below-
Barbell bench press, Low incline dumbbell press, Incline dumbbell press, Flat bench dumbbell press, Butterfly machine.

Second day shoulder workout-

This shoulder workout is also the best for upper body muscle, this exercise play very important role for gaining upper body strength. Here I will provide you 5 best shoulder exercise that are given below-
Arnold press, Seated dumbbell shoulder press, Single dumbbell front raise, over dumbbell lateral raise, one arm cable lateral raise.

Third day Back exercise-

This is the best exercise for gaining big muscle in the back, that is also the necessary as well as chest exercise. The strengthen on that part is necessary otherwise weakness can lead to unstable the shoulder part. Here I will provide you 5 killer back exercise-
Barbell deadlift, pull ups, Single arm dumbbell row, Standing T bar row, Close grip pull down.

Fourth day Biceps exercise-

6 day workout plan for gym


For gaining big arm muscle biceps exercise play very important role so don’t skip it during exercise because with this your arm muscle strength increase which help in also another exercise such as chest or shoulder etc. Here I will provide you 5 best bicep exercise which will easily gain muscle in arm-
Standing barbell curl, dumbbell curl, hammer curl, incline dumbbell hammer curl and incline inner bicep curl. That all exercises you can also add in 6 day workout routine for beginners.

Fifth day triceps exercise-

Triceps is the second big muscle exercise for arms that muscle create behind the arms this exercise also play same important role for gaining big arm muscle. But that all exercise will create effect only when you doing exercise with correct technique and also with good health diet. Below are 5 best triceps exercise-
Reverse grip barbell bench press, Reverse grip cable kick back, triceps dips, Rope triceps push down, Triceps extension.

Six day leg exercise-

Leg muscle is the largest muscle of human body and for creating this muscle you should also need to high training. Through that muscle you can find the answer how to increase stamina, this muscle also help in boosting testosterone etc. but I have notice that much people now day skip the leg exercises in gym but that is not the good thing with this exercises you can also do abs exercise in this day so leg day is the more burning calorie day. So this day your diet should also be good with high protein. So this is the last 6 day workout routine for mass. Here is below 5 best leg exercises.
Front squat, Dead lift, Leg press, Back squat, Dumbbell lunge. And for abs exercise you can do that exercises such as-
But apart from all of these exercises, diet play a very important role you should all people one point keep in mind that your body growth 80% depend on diet. So don’t forget about protein, nutrition and carbs. If you cannot follow 6 day exercise routine then you can follow 5 day workout routine.


Your day should be start with protein shake which should contains two banana, a one tablespoon of almond butter and also one scoop of whey protein powder. (how to make homemade protein powder) And also 6 boiled white egg, and two whole with carbs, cooked oatmeal (that all made with the high quality protein which is the great sources for faster absorption). Its taste should also be delicious.
Oatmeal is a great source of iron, carbs, magnesium, and other muscle-building minerals, while almond butter is great source of protein which is good for blood flow regulation. So please add these breakfast diet chart into our meal.


In lunch/Dinner meal you can add high protein meal such as chicken breast, plant based protein and adding nutrients in body you can add dry fruit like as almonds, pasta, cashew nut, arrow root etc. For more carbs you can add boiled sweet potatoes. Which contains more fat that sweet potatoes you can eat before going to gym. Plant-based proteins is great alternative to meats. That are absorb easily within the body.
If you want add protein in diet through organic food then you can eat broccoli, cucumber, Beans, kale, spinach, apple and ginger. All these foods are also high in antioxidants which help for good skin and muscle growth.

Adequate sleep-

If you want build your muscle then please take 8 hour sleep because during sleeping your muscle repairing start so sleeping is necessary when you are serious about our health because that time your body start improving fitness. I have notice one thing that, when I take enough sleep in night for approximate 8 hour then I feel more energized throughout my workout. there are many benefits of exercise which help you easily create good habits for sleeping.
Or during exercise or throughout all day your body should also be hydrated because our all muscle contains 95% water so don’t avoid it.





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