8 Best Food How to Increase Digestion

how to increase digestion
Now days many people have query in Google that how to increase digestion, that is a big problem for people. The main function of your digestive system is break down the food what you eat and converted into the nutrients and mineral which you have need for body growth and healthy life. If your digestive system have strong it will help you for boosting immunity, improve skin health and fight against many disease. So please don’t ignore it if your digestive system is not good otherwise it create problem for your body to absorb nutrients.

8 Best Food for Improving Digestion and Health

1. High fiber food (whole grain)-

how to increase digestion

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According to study it’s prove that consuming high fiber food more effect on digestion system. In which Whole grains are the best source of soluble and insoluble fiber. In which you can add brown rice, buckwheat, oatmeal and popcorn are the best major source of whole grain. Which is more effective for improving our digestion system. According to American study for maintaining good digestion you should consume at least that food per day. Because that all the best source of high fiber or who are more effective for our digestive system. Apart from this, you can also achieve or maintain healthy weight.

2. Yogurt

how to increase digestion

Yogurt play very important role for increasing digestive system because it include bacteria (Streptococcus thermophilus). With the help of these species it converted from milk to yogurt. In scientific study proof that with regular eating yogurt you can reduce the risk of colon cancer, diarrhea a-nd cardiovascular disease.
The best method of eating yogurt is after with breakfast or after lunch which is more beneficial for digestive system. The best source of yogurt for good digestion from cow milk or goat milk. With regular eating it will also help you from many skin infection.

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3. Banana

Bananas is loaded with fiber or you can eat it, in the morning breakfast (a medium size banana contains about 5 gm fiber) which is very accurate for high fiber and pectin so this is the best foods to improve digestion. You can say it is a powerhouse of nutrient, which is helpful for maintaining weight and heart healthy
Bananas is a low GI food which is helpful for low blood sugar level inside body and help to control blood pressure. You can easily eat it because its taste are too good. So according to study prove that if you are vegetarian then you should eat at least one banana every day.

4. Ginger

how to increase digestion

Ginger root has many benefits regarding health and the one benefits is improving digestion system. In ancient time most people use it for treat cold, cough and increase digestion power. So this is the best herbal medicine for treat many health problems. The main reason behind it contain gingerol which is very powerful for creating medicine properties. Which create positive effect on our enzymes that help to break down fats and proteins from body.
The other main benefit of ginger is that it reduce muscle pain and wound. In study prove that if you drink milk with adding ginger powder, it help for treating many form of Nausea. It also helpful for reducing cholesterol and weight loss and maintain.

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5. Fish

Fish have many verity like salmon, tuna, mackerel and trout etc. These all fish are excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid. Which help to reduce stomach infection that help to increase digestion power and bowl movement. In all of these salmon and oyster are the best source for body health. It does not mean that other fish are not good but that is the best.
Many people ask question that how to increase digestion speed, But that is possible according to scientific study, In which they say that fatty fish (Oily fish) have large amount of omega-3 fatty acid, which is helpful for increasing digestion power. It is also a rich source of protein and low fat. Which is very beneficial for building muscle growth.

6. Papaya

Papaya is the rich source of Vitamin A, B and C. In which have antimicrobial properties which is beneficial for breakdown of food that is good for digestion. In which have also many benefits like that help for weight loss, improving eyesight, boosting immune system, help you from arthritis. But according to topic it is also beneficial for digestive system.
For more effect you can eat it in the morning empty stomach and one hour after lunch. According to research proof that it is helpful for reducing cholesterol, constipation and heartburn. Because it is full with fiber and vitamin C and you already know that vitamin C is necessary inside body for absorption protein.

7. Beetroot

Beetroot is a rich source of betaine. This red sweet food contain antioxidant (flush out toxin) which help to prevent food intolerance. That promotes the good digestive system. In which contain betaine is very useful for increasing digestion power. With these it increase the stomach acid level. Which help to control bacteria growth and decrease bloating, so this is the best food for digestion problems.
You can eat beetroot with salad and in juice form. According to study proof that if you drink regularly Beetroots juice for one week. It will boost stamina and blood inside body

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8. Cucumber

how to increase digestion

You all know that Cucumbers is a warmer day food which is high in nutrients, vitamins and minerals but low in calorie. So those people who want to lose weight its very beneficial. Due to low calorie you can easily add it into your diet which promote you digestion power and hydration.
Many people ask that what helps digestion after eating. We will suggest you that you should eating cucumber. Because it reduce poor digestion and gas.  It contains many oxidant who flush out toxin from body. Which protect you from also acne and indigestion.
There are many solution for those who ask how to improve digestive system ayurvedic and how to improve digestive system home remedies.


Food to avoid for good digestion

1. Oily and spicy food

Our all doctor advisor always say that if your digestion system or stomach is not good then first thing you should avoid oily and spicy food which is big problem for your digestive system. You know that all spicy food is packed with completely chemical which increase your heart rate and body temperature. So oily and spicy food can irritate your digestive organ. Which cause you serve problems like vomiting, Diarrhea and nausea. Which is not beneficial for body health.

2. Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is also bad for our digestive system. You already know that after drinking alcohol you feel dehydration which cause you face problems like constipation and bloat. It also add toxin inside your body which destroy you liver and metabolism and after result your digestive system start breakdown, So please stay away from alcohol. The main disadvantages of drinking regular alcohol is facing problems like concentration lose, memory start dull, risk of heart attack and increase your blood pressure.

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