Super Brain Yoga and Its Benefits

super brain yoga
Super brain yoga asana and its benefits, you all know that yoga asana provides the energy fuel to our body which helps in keep your brain fit and sharp. Your brain is a powerful organ of your body which is helpful for performing other organs in your body. So here in this topic I will share with you 7 best yoga asana which give you benefits for raising brain strength and IQ level.
You brain has a muscle and it need also doing exercise for better performing as your muscle increase with hard workout session. In which yoga is the best exercise for increasing brain function. Which is also helpful for raising IQ level. Some people go to stress and anxiety which cause his/her brain go to bad condition, for that people that yoga asana for brain will help you.

1) Vajrasana-

super brain yoga

Vajrasana is a best exercise for good digestion which you can do after a meal which is also beneficial for brain. If you have problem in stomach such as constipation, stomach disorder and acidity etc. it is helpful for eliminating all those problem from body. You know that if your stomach will good then your brain will work automatically well.


It is also benefits for increasing flexibility in lower body. Many people ask question that how much time we can sit for that asana, according to study 18 mcainute is the best time for this asana after eating food. The main benefits of that asana is eliminating all stomach problem, which is helpful for proper brain functioning.
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2) Forward Seated Bend Pose-

super brain yoga

The name of that asana is Paschtimottanasana, this asana give your body to stretch and concentrate on the back, and with continuous practice you can increase the brain power and reduce the stress and anxiety from body. The best time for doing that exercise is morning, which you can empty stomach and some people ask question that what the continuous time period for doing that exercise, which is one minute or in starting day you can start with 30 second interval.


You should doing that exercise with empty stomach which is helpful for performing better brain function and reduce all stomach related problems like improve digestion.
It also perform the better function in stimulating the kidney, liver and uterus etc.
It is also helpful for reducing stress and headache.
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3) Padmasana-

super brain yoga

The basic name of that asana is lotus pose. With continuous practice of that asana it increase the flexibility in joint. You can do that exercise continuous for 2-5 minute. The main function of that lotus pose is increasing purity and enlightment in body. It will effect more when you do that exercise


The benefits of that yoga asana is stimulate the pelvis, spine and abdomen etc. it is also beneficial for increasing flexibility in hips and improve the overall performance of body.

4) Half spinal twist pose-

super brain yoga

Ardha Matsyendrasana is the professional name of that yoga asana, it is very beneficial for brain performing. Because main function of that yoga asana is twist the liver with these you can also remove the many liver related problems. Its automatically effect on brain function. This is the basic part of the hatha yoga, you can do practice that yoga asana in early in the morning with empty stomach. During that pose you can hold the position for 50-60 seconds. For this asana here are super brain yoga scientific evidence.


This asana is beneficial for improve digestion and recover liver related problems. This asana is also helpful for remove pain and relieve stress. So this way it improve the spinal cord function. In a study it’s also proof that it supply the oxygen to the lungs which is helpful for purify the blood and its circulation.

5) Plow pose-

super brain yoga

The main name of that pose is Halasana due to its shape it is also called plow. This is advance version of yoga pose. You can do that yoga asana in the morning in empty stomach or in the evening before taking a meal around 3 hour. With continuous practice that asana you can take many benefits which are given below. For good result you can hold the position during that asana is 40 to 60 seconds. For this pose in scientific university have many good review of literature on super brain yoga.


With regular practice Halasana will help your brain calm, improve memory, increase concentration and relieve stress. It is also helpful for increasing strengthen in shoulder as well as thyroid gland. This asana is also therapeutic for insomnia, headache and infertility.

6) Peacock pose-

super brain yoga

 The original name of that asana is Mayurasana. Actually that asana is not easy for beginners but it provide very beneficial result to our body regarding strength and increasing concentration power. During that asana its shape is like as a peacock that’s why it is also called peacock pose. In starting day that asana is difficult but with regular practice you can convert difficulty with simplicity and in last it will be very comfortable for you. You can do that asana in the morning for good result with blank stomach. For good output you can hold that position 50-60 seconds but with this you have to need a more practice. This asana is a super brain yoga panic healing.


There are number of benefits of that pose, with this pose you can increase the concentration power for your brain, strengthen your reproductive system and improve the digestive system and sexual activity.
It is also beneficial for removing toxin substance and detoxify your whole body.
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7) Sirsasana-

super brain yoga

With this asana there are many super brain yoga benefits, In simple language you can say that is a headstand asana. Because during that asana your head should be in ground position and legs be in upward position. But one thing should be notice in mind that your body should be in straight position. You can say that asana is the king of all asana. It is more beneficial for reducing many disease like stomach related problems and increase strengthen of muscle.
For more benefits you can do that asana in morning with empty stomach and hold the position for 2 minute. In starting day you can take the help of wall for better position with continuous practice you become trained.


There are many large number of benefits of that asana with regular practice you can increase the digestion power, increase the more concentration in brain performing, strengthen the lungs and tones the abdominal organ.
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Benefits of Meditation

benefits of meditation
There are number of benefits of meditation but before this we should learn the tricks how meditation can do, you all know that meditation is a best stress relief technique, which help you to take out from many problems. With regular practice you can increase the timing of meditation. There are many spiritual benefits of meditation.
According to study when you fell stressful then please give some minute for meditation it will automatically reduce your stress from body. But before doing meditation you should prefer right technique which is necessary during meditation such as right place for meditation, right position, how to take breathe during meditation etc. you      purely know that meditation is an inward mentally process which keep your mind stress free and calmness. Here in this topic you will find article on benefits of meditation.

Here are following 7 Best Benefits of Meditation

Reduce stress-

You all know that with taking stress you can go to many illness such high depression, low blood pressure, anxiety, insomnia etc. the quitting of that all problem is done by meditation. Because during meditation our mind and body go to deal with stress for reducing. Meditation is a very ancient technique which is developed by our ancient people.
It is very helpful for our inner peace with regular practice of few minute. Researcher says that with everyday meditation your neuron inside brain more combine which is helpful for increasing brain power and raise IQ level. So these are the benefits of meditation for students.
In a scientifically study proof that if you are not strong mentally or from inside then you can go to depression which is cause by stress. So it will disrupt your sleep, increase anxiety, high blood pressure etc.

Rise IQ level-

In a study proof that doing meditation for 15 minute regularly not only reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood. It is also beneficial for raising IQ level, it is possible only when your brain perform fast like as Einstein.
If you do meditation 15 minute continuously for one month then it will increase the blood flow and slow the heart rate. Which is good for high blood pressure.

Increase emotional health-

With regular meditation for few minute it will automatically increase self-confidence. If emotional health increase in body which cause your body go to depression, anxiety, less sleep and high blood pressure. Which is proof by highly scientific doctor for increasing depression. For good result you can find benefits of meditation and yoga.
Good emotional health will changes your attitude towards life or goal. Which increased your self- actualization and also help you living in present moment. Researcher also show that meditation is helpful for handling or reducing negative thought with continuously practice you can increase the focus on mind during any work.
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Attention span-

Meditation is helpful for old age people because with increasing aging every person memory start decrease and which cause attention also decrease with increase age, which cause they face problem in focus on one work.
For those people meditation is very helpful for improve attention span and it also helpful for reduce stress, reduce anxiety and decrease the risk of depression. So this are the benefits of meditation science.
In a study proof that those person who doing regular practice it, they have a more capacity on one task for longer time. Which is very good during work. Some student complain that they are not focusing on study that they can recover by doing practice meditation. For students meditation is the best natural remedy for increasing memory power or focus.
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Increasing brain integrity and efficiency-

In study found that if you want increase the brain integrity and efficiency then meditation will help you. In Stanford university taking experiment on 50 people who are doing regular meditation. They have more fiber on brain which is helpful for regulating emotion and behavior. There are number of meditation benefits for brain.
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Basic need for meditation-

Before starting meditation you should done basic needs which is very necessary such as Blank space, Right position and Right way of breathing and good attention.

Blank space-

For doing meditation at right place play a very crucial role for concentration, firstly you should set that location which is quiet and no noise is come inside the room. But one thing you should always notice in mind that little fresh air always come in inside room. For more atmosphere regarding meditation you can use a medium light inside room.
Another thing is also that your place should be neat and clean because it provide positive response in our mood and also your space should be down.
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Right position-

Right position during meditation play very crucial role, during meditation your backbone should be in straight position. Some people have habit of curling of backbone during meditation for comfortable but that is not right position for it.
During meditation you can follow that yoga asana position for good result such as Vajrasana, Sukhasana, Sidhasana. If you have a problem in backbone then you can take the help of wall and plastic chair but your back should be in strainght position.

Right way of Breathing-

Some people complaint that during meditation they are not focusing on breathe. You all know that every game is difficult during starting day but that will be easy day by day after playing regular. Same concept is also available with meditation. After few week you will see result.
 During meditation how you take breathing is very important. During mediation you should observe and feel how the air goes in and out to the lungs through the nose.
You can count number up to 10 while breathing in and out. Here you will find benefits of meditation pdf.

Good attention-

When you sit for meditation then number of thought come in your mind or attack you but your main focus on your breathing. It will give you best result and that is the best meditation technique.
Before meditation your mind should be calm from any misunderstanding and complete focus on breathing which is come in and out. There are many physical benefits of meditation, If you follow it proper way.

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