Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Gain

ayurvedic medicine for weight gain
Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain, now days many Indian people trust on Ayurveda. From this medicine if you want to increase weight then it will also keep your body healthy and fit. In India ancient times, we mainly focus on Ayurveda for serious and general health problems. You have notice about Ayurveda medicines it give you slow but effective benefits. In Ayurveda also have medicine for weight gain. So if you used it medicine to build the body muscle and increase the weight, it will help you. Today in this article we will share some Ayurvedic medicines which will be helpful for weight gain. Let’s start it there are following some ayurvedic remedies which help you for making body-:
1) Gokshura
2) Ashwagandha
3) Ashwagandha Abalhe
4) Ashwagandha Pakhi
5) Ashwagandha Arjuna
6) Remedies for body making kameshwar Modak
7) Ginseng powder
8) Shilajeet capsule

Gokshura ayurvedic medicine-:

ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

Mainly function of Gokshura medicine is used for bodybuilding. This is the best Ayurveda weight gainer powder.It is a Ayurveda medicinal herb which is good for human health to increase the libido in both men and women. In Ayurveda you can use that medicine as a supplementary medicine. Which is very helpful for keeping your muscles healthy. With regular use of it you can also improve the brain functioning means that it is also an anti-aging agent. The main function of that medicine it will increase the testosterone level in men body which is very helpful for building muscle and weight increasing. Another main function of that medicine is that keeps blood circulation healthy on regular consumption.
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Ashwaganda ayurvedic medicine for weight gain-:

ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

This is a ancient medicinal herb. It is also known as Indian ginseng which is used for make the body strong and healthy. In which include nutrients and mineral are helpful for weight gaining. Another main benefits of that medicine, with this you can increase the testosterone level and increased fertility which is very good for increase sperm count. In Ayurveda the main function of that medicine is used for making body. This is the best weight gain ayurvedic churna.
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Ashwagandha abalhe-:

This is the best Ayurveda supplement which is mostly used by the bodybuilder and players. For making muscle building during workout this Ashwagandha Abalhe play very important role for body and which are effective. Another main function of that medicine, it increase the physical health and endurance level inside body. For taking more benefits you can consume it regular basis mostly during the workout day.
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Ashwagandha Pakhi-:

There are many benefits of that medicine which is helpful for increasing muscle strengthening and enhancing stamina. Now today days everyone both men and women has the desire to get good body along with beauty. For taking good benefits you can consume it regular basis. Which play very important role for weight increasing. That medicine you can easily take it from patanjali store. From this ashwagandha pakhi best ayurvedic medicine for weight gain for female.
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Ashwagandha arjuna-

The best ayurvedic weight gain powder name is ashwagandha arjuna. This is the fourth best medicine for weight increasing which considered as the best for overall health and another main effect of that medicine which is used for heart patients. This is the best Ayurveda supplement which is mostly used by players especially by runner and bodybuilder. For taking good effect on body you can include ashwagadha arjuna with cow milk. The is the best blood tonic to gain weight fast. The combination of both nutrients effect more on body which is helpful for weight gaining.


ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

Chyavanprash is the best old tonic for weight gain in Ayurveda history. It is made up from different nutritious herbs of nature, which help for growing muscle and strengthening of bones. These ingredients also improve immunity system which help to raise weight in body. You can take more beneficial effect with regular intake of Chyavanprash. So you should regular consume two spoon of chyavanprash which will also help you ensures better blood circulation. It will help your digestion process fast and which cause you feel hungry sooner. This ayurvedic product you can take easily from any medical store which help you for weight gain. This ayurveda tonic is suitable for age of people.
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Vasant Kusumakar Ras-:

This Vasant Kusumakar Ras is a best ayurvedic medicine. Which are available in the store in powder or tablet form. This drug is also used for weight gaining but you should consume it under doctor guidance. With this medicine you can get the benefit of skin complexion, increasing memory, immunity and body weight. This is the best ayurvedic weight gainer capsule.
The best procedure of taking that medicine is 250 mg of vasant kusumakar ras with sugar, honey or ghee once in early morning after eating breakfast.


Saatavari medicine is best for improving digestion system which cause you feel more hunger and more you eat. At last it will helps for weight gaining. This herbs is a good hydrator which help to maintain fluid inside the body. Mostly that medicine is helpful for pregnant women. You can get that medicine from all Ayurveda store which are made by Himalaya herbals.


Those people are facing problem with weak immunity system for that yashtimadhu is an effective remedy. Because weak immunity system people bodyweight can never be increase. So for that people Yashtimadhu is the best herbs because it also provide the both strength and stamina. This is the best patanjali ayurvedic medicine for weight gain.


ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

Shilajit has more number of minerals approximate 85 which is very excellent, in which more powerful mineral is folic acid. It offer much numerous benefits to our body, which is helpful for our body immunity system, increase memory power and energy booster.
During taking shilajit one point keep in mind that, you can take shilajit 1-2 time per day and 5-6 time per week. The optimal duration should be 2-3 month  times per year but not in regular. Approximate should gap between 3 to 4 month.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Taro Root Leaves

benefits of taro root
There are many taro root benefits which you are used as a vegetable and medical herb. But I think you hardly know the advantages of Arabic leaves. You would be more surprised to know the benefits of that leaves as a vegetable which is very beneficial for your health such as Benefits of Arabic leaves are in controlling diabetes , keeping your heart healthy from many disease, keeping digestion healthy,  reducing hypertension eye protection, good blood circulation etc. Here you will find best taro root recipes and how to cook taro root. It is also helpful for promoting skin which is used for reducing aging symptoms. So there are number of benefits of Arabic leaves which are given below-
1) – Benefits of taro root leaves for reduce cholesterol
2) Benefits for heart
3) Taro root benefits for weight loss
4) Benefits of Arabic leaves for blood pressure control
5) Arabic leaf benefits for digestion and eye.


What Is Arabic Leaves-:

Taro root which you also known as Arabic leaf. Actually its scientific name is Colocasia esculenta and that plant is grown in tropical and sub-tropical climates and also it cannot tolerate cold temperatures. That’s why it grow only in warm temperature. Color of Arabic leaves is dark green, whose size and shape is like as a heart. Those who like spinach it should also like Arabic leaves. Because in which has also contains a good amount of iron.
One thing keep in mind that Arabic leaves should always be consumed by getting cooked otherwise it will be poisonous when you eat it raw without cooked.

Benefits of Arabic Leaves for Reduce Cholesterol-

taro root benefits

Arabic leaves is the best food diet because in which has zero percent of cholesterol level. It is best for those people who want to avoid high cholesterol food and apart from all of these it had contains only 1 percent fat. The Main reason of reducing cholesterol level in Arabic leaves is that in which contains Methionine and fiber present. So In this way you can use taro root to reduce cholesterol levels from your body.

Benefits of Taro Root Strengthen the Heart and Increase the Blood-

taro root benefits

You can use taro root to keep your heart healthy and live long life. In taro root leaves, saturated fats are in very small quantities. That’s the reason, it is involved in the diet chart who keeps the heart healthy. Because in which has high quantities of fiber present in them who reduce the cholesterol and fat from blood vessels. Apart from this, in which contains potassium which is helpful for keeping blood pressure normal with help of this you can reduce the level of homocysteine ​​in the blood which help you to prevents other cardiac problems including stroke .
In taro root leaves iron is in very good quantity and iron is one of the necessary minerals which help in the development of red blood cells and the main function of red blood cell is perform oxygen transport in body parts. It is best for those people who are face problem in lack of blood, because in which iron is present in very large quantity. So patient should be consumed it regularly basis. So you cannot used it only blood problem, it will also prevents other symptoms such as weakness and fatigue.

Taro Root Benefits for Weight Loss-

Now day many people face problem due to high body fat but that problem you can solve it by eating Arabic leaves. In which amount of saturated fat is very low and the amount of protein is high. Which is beneficial for weight loss. So if you want to lose weight of body then you can consume Arabic leaves at regular basis. It is also helpful for those whole want to maintain of our body and beneficial for muscle growth because in which iron is in very good quantity.


Benefits for Blood Pressure Control-

taro roots benefits

With iron it has omega-3 fatty acid is also present in good quantity that is helpful for those people who are facing high blood pressure, almost through swelling. You can avoid the problem of high blood pressure by consuming Arabic leaves in regular basis. It will regulates the contractions and relaxation of blood vessels. So if you add Arabic leaves in your diet it will reduce the effect of hypertension. Which will be helpful for circulatory system runs well then blood pressure can be controlled at normal level.

Benefits for Male Sexual Health-:

taro root benefits

In study found that Arabic leaves has many medicinal properties which promote the male sexual health. It is best for those people who are victims of impotence and other sexual vulnerabilities. Arabic leaves has good amino acids and one of the best benefits of Amino acids is that it increasing the number of sperm count in men. So in this way, male people can use taro root to remove their sexual impairment and get good health. It has more calorie, 100 gram of root provides the 120, (taro root calories).

Benefits for Skin Health-

we have already say you in above that Arabic leaves has good amount of amino acids which increase the sperm count in male but it has also good amount of amino acid which called thyonin. Which is helpful for the formation of collagen and elastin So Both of these are very essential for healthy skin and reducing the wrinkles. So in regular base at eating of Arabic leaves you can get the benefits of reduce the symptoms of aging.

Taro Root Benefits For Eyes-:

taro root benefits

In taro root Vitamin A is in very good amount, which is very beneficial for good eyes. In general studies you can say that Vitamin A is considered beneficial for overall health but also along with eyes. The presence of vitamin A in this way makes it a very effective medicinal food for our eyes. So the regular consumption of taro root leaves helps in preventing the problems of eyes like blindness, myopia and cataract. You can also use Arabic leaves to fast up your eyesight.
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Advantages and disadvantages of Taro Root-:

You all have already read above that there are number of beneficial of taro root leaves. Though this you can reduce the cholesterol level, good for healthy eye, best for muscle growth. It is also helpful for enhancing your beauty along with health.
You already know that if all the vegetables have advantages and then also disadvantages. Similarly, Arabic leaves has also advantages and disadvantages. If you consume it raw or in high amounts then it will create some side effects which are as follows.
1) Consumption of raw taro root leaves can cause irritation and scratches in the mouth. This is the taro root side effect.
2) Arabic leaves can be toxic if you take it raw.
3) It will be serious to apply the directly paste of Arabic leaves in severe and open wounds.
4) One important note Calcium-rich food items should not be consumed with Arabic leaves otherwise it will be toxic. This is the best taro root disadvantages.


Best Food For Weight Loss

best food for weight loss
Now days many people are facing problem due to high body fat. If you are you are looking for best food for weight loss then we provide you information on weight loss with high fiber foods. Everyone completely knows that obesity is based on your diet what you are take. We all have already seen in gym that many types of exercises are performed by people for weight loss, it actually decrease weight but that will be impossible if you do not changing the habit of eating then that people still fail to lose weight. The main reason behind it is that they actually do not know what diet should take for weight loss. So today we will provide you list and information about high fiber foods which will help you for weight loss.

What Is a Fiber-?

Which plants provides high indigestible portion it is called fiber. Which are helpful for absorption the water present in the intestines and that will helps in increasing the obstruction in the intestines. Soluble fiber you can find from oats, beans, peas, citrus fruit, apple etc. or mainly types of fiber you can found from fruits, beans, vegetables, and whole grains. As you all know that, food peels which are great source of fiber. Therefore, the fruits like apples, citrus fruit and other such fruits you should eat with peel.
There are two types of fiber, in which one is soluble and other is insoluble. Which fiber promotes the movement of material through your digestive system that easily dissolves in water and is absorbed by the body. It is called soluble fiber. There is a list of vegetables for weight loss, Example of that food is Beans, Oats, and Carrot, Barely etc. But insoluble fiber does not dissolve in water and cannot be fully absorbed in the body.

Benefits Of High Fiber Foods For Weight Loss-:

best food for weight loss

In a Studies found that high-fiber diets can reduce the symptoms of diabetes. Fiber regulates the blood glucose levels in body, so consuming of high fiber foods will prevention of diabetes. Fiber is very essential for reducing the level of bad cholesterol present in the body. High Fiber food also plays an important role for making your heart healthier too. Because it controls blood pressure, diabetes and bad cholesterol. Therefor consuming good foods which contains high fiber helps in reducing weight and also many health disease.

How Fiber Food Help In Reducing Weight Loss-:

Many of us from all of you ask question that how fiber foods to eat to lose weight in stomach, this is very normal question which often asked. You all know that high fiber food helps to reduce your weight and control your appetite but apart from all of this it is also helpful for increasing good intestinal bacteria and their quality. Do you know that your body should good intestinal bacteria but that is right it is helpful for good digestion and helps in the absorption of nutrients for overall health and body. In which soluble fiber food is best and usable for increasing that bacteria (types of that food you have already read above). Thereby it is helpful for producing short-chain fatty acids in the body and these short-chain fatty acids are very necessary for reducing fat by increasing fat metabolism. So in this way, you can control your increasing weight by eating healthy high fiber food. Many people ask question that what to eat to lose weight in 2 weeks. Here are following you will find answer.


List of high fiber food for weight loss-

1) Black beans
2) Almond
3) Pumpkins seeds
4) Vegetable turnip
5) Carrot
6) Spinach
7) Broccoli
8) Avocado
9) Lentils
10) Tofu, Brown rice

Black Beans For Weight Loss-

best food for weight loss

In which have all nutrients, which are already same found in lentils. It is a legumes (members of pea family) that help for reduce your weight. With regular consuming, you can increase the hunger in stomach and reduce the bad cholesterol which are already present in your body. You can adopt 20 gm of fiber from one cup of baked black beans. This high fiber food also play important role for anti- cancer in the body because in which contains antioxidant. For gaining maximum benefits you can use them as a vegetable. Which is helpful for weight loss and keep your digestive system strong. You can add black beans in diet for 7 day diet plan for weight loss.

Almond Best Food For Weight Loss-

Almond is a rich source of nutrients and mineral which are considered as very beneficial dry fruits and it is also a rich source of fiber. You can take fiber is 15.9 grams, in which soluble fiber is 14.8 gram and insoluble fiber is 1.5 grams from one cup of almonds. With this additionally you can get 587 calories. Which is very sufficient to control your weight. Apart from all of these, you can get polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids, folate, vitamin A, vitamin E, magnesium, sodium etc are all also found in almonds.
Due to this it is a good appearance of fiber and healthy fat in almonds, it helps to reduce your weight.

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Pumpkins Seeds-

best food for weight loss

Pumpkin seeds is also beneficial for your weight loss in diet and taste of pumpkin seeds are sweet like nuts. In which contains, both soluble and insoluble fibers are in good quantity.  You can get 2.5 grams soluble and 6.8 grams insoluble fiber from one cup of pumpkin seeds. Apart from all these, pumpkin seeds also provides healthy fats, vitamins A, calcium, potassium and magnesium which are also in good quantity. For taking high energy in the morning you can eat it with snack. This is one of the best food for weight loss. This is the best natural weight loss foods.


Eat Turnip Green-:

best food for weight loss

Turnip green is a good source of fiber, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which are very good for health and help in weight loss. Turnip contains also has many anti-inflammatory properties which help to fight various types of cancers. In 1 cup turnip green, you can get up to 5 grams of fiber which contains also 2.9 grams insoluble and 2.15 gram insoluble fiber. If you consumed it regularly basis then it easily effective in controlling weight. You can consume it regularly as a salad. This is the best green weight loss foods.

Eat Carrot-:

Carrot contains good amount of fiber along with Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well. That’s why it is best for make your eyes healthy and Apart from this, it is also beneficial for reducing weight. In study believe that if you consumed carrot in regularly basis, it will be helpful for weight reduce of body. Full two carrot contain 5.20 gram fiber. Which also contains 4 grams insoluble fiber and 2.15 gram soluble fiber that is enough fiber for your body that you can eat raw or also you can consume it with a vegetable or salad.

Eat Spinach-:

best food for weight loss

You all know that Spinach is a great source of iron which is very beneficial for blood circulation. You can also say it is a green leafy vegetable that is very beneficial for our body. Our health advisers say that we should consume it ones a week. In addition at Spinach, Fiber is also present at good amount in it. According to measurement one cup quantity of spinach contains, 5 grams of fiber is present. Which contains insoluble fiber 3 grams and soluble fiber is 1 grams is present. In which other nutrients also present such as Vitamin A , Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Folate, Calcium , Phosphorus, Magnesium and Potassium. You can consume it with salad. That is best diets for weight loss.


how to get rid of laziness

how to get rid of laziness
Now days many people ask question that how to get rid of laziness in the morning or throughout whole day and feel active throughout the day? This is a big question now days in Google search engine.  In morning time you should full of energetic and freshness but most of us are lazy that time, the main reason behind it late wake up in morning or late sleeping on night. But that habit you can resolve with learning from practice in a long time. In our study found that if anybody want to change our habit then it should continuously 21 day work on that which habit they want to change, So with these technique you can easily change our habit But once your habit become change for waking up in morning then you can live your best life.
So through this article you will find answer that how to stop being lazy and depressed we will share some good habits which will be very beneficial for changing of your habits so that you can start every day with full energy and smile. Please following below tips-
1) In Starting day take help of alarm and please do not press the clock’s snooze button for remove the laziness.
2) After removing from bed take one glass of water, which is very helpful for removing laziness.
3) Please doing some yoga asana which is helpful for create energy in body and reduce disease from body.
4) Wash your face with water and Sprinkle some drops of water on eyes for removing laziness.
5) Please don’t skip the breakfast in the morning with this you can increase energy level of body for whole day working on office. In which you can add high protein food. Another way of removing laziness in morning time from body is that avoid taking sugar till lunch.
6) Don’t take coffee in the morning if you want to drink it then take less. Because it increase the sugar level in body which is not beneficial for health.
7) In morning time please do not take enter the stress in body, for this you can do some yoga, meditation or cardio workout.

Do not press the clock snooze button-

how to get rid of laziness


Firstly you should set time for sleeping if you are not sleeping on proper time, means that if you stay in work for hour before sleeping in night then this habit will give you broken sleep and in next day you all time feel laziness in work.
For waking up in the morning please setting up two alarm and gap between both alarms should be 90 minute. The major principle behind that 90 minute of sleeping is that it will be a complete sleep cycle. Which is helpful for when you awake after your REM stage.
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Take one glass of water in morning-

Drinking water of one glass after sleeping in the morning is very good habit because it will remove your laziness and fatigue from body and also improve your health from many disease. When you wake up in the morning then your body are more dehydrated, For this reason your body feel sleepiness and mood swings. So drink a one glass of water as soon as when you wake up it will refresh your whole body. Through this subject you can find answer how to overcome laziness biblically.

Doing some yoga and meditation-

how to get rid of laziness


In morning time, when you wake up from sleep, then you will love to stretch the whole body. The reason behind it when you are in sleeping mode then your muscles lose tone and fluid tends to pool along your back and after sleeping through stretching you can gently body back into the normal position.
According to my advice if you doing some yoga poses in the morning or if you find some time for meditation through this way you can naturally increase the energy level in the body for whole day so it will also work well for brain. That is the best answer how to stop being lazy and exercise.

Wash you face with water and sprinkles some drops of water in the eye-

Another technique for taking out laziness from body is that wash your face with water and sprinkles some drops of water in the eye. One of the best option for removing I breaks that bath but if you feel cold then you can wash you face with water through this way you can also feel better and energetic. This is the best way of get rid of laziness from body.
If you face trouble getting out of the bed, then place one bottle filled with water on table which is beside of bed and sprinkling some water on the eyes. Through way you can also remove laziness.

Eat breakfast with healthy diet-

how to avoid laziness

Now day many people ask question that breakfast is the important meal of the day or not? But which people say that it is the best option for lose weight from the body for fatty people but thinking of that people is wrong. Because eating after healthy breakfast you feel whole day energetic but when you don’t eat breakfast in the morning then you feel laziness throughout whole day. So one thing should be in mind that don’t skip breakfast.
In the morning mostly after workout you should not skip the breakfast because that time your body have done burn more calorie and body have to need it so that you can cover with high value of nutrition and protein.

Tip –

In morning breakfast you can add for high protein egg, brown bread, nuts, banana shake etc. that will give you enough energy for working whole day.

Drink less coffee-

how to get rid of laziness
Young Man Sitting At Kitchen Table Drinking Coffee
Now day much people ask why am i so lazy and unmotivated the reason behind it most people think that drinking coffee and tea in the morning give you energy and feel freshness but in reality you should drink less coffee and tea because in which adding sugar are not beneficial for health. But you should not completely leave coffee because coffee has also many health benefits, but drinking too much coffee is not beneficial in the morning, because with this energy level increase rapidly and decrease will also which effect more on brain.

Get out for walk in the morning-

how to get rid of laziness

In a study found that morning sunlight is very beneficial for health that increases your body’s serotonin level, which improves energy level in body during the day. In a research also found that, spending time in the natural environment (park) makes people feel more alive.
Many people ask question that why am i so lazy at home but reason is sunlight rays. According to my advice If you feel waking up early in the morning is more difficult, then you can adjustment of our room according to sun position means that sunlight rays will come inside home from the window.


how to increase weight

how to increase weight
how to increase the weight that is also the big question for most people and gaining weight is also difficult as it’s to reduce weight for others. Some time that is genes effect and some time that is cause of bad health diet or that problem you can solve with adding some special foods into your diet which will help you for weight gain. In this post, we will told you about such healthy diet plan through which you will easily be able to gain weight in short span of time and develop muscles in body. So let’s start what to eat after gym for increase the weight gain. Here are following some weight gain food list which will help you for weight gain-
Boiled sweet potatoes
Drink milk (dairy product)
Red meat
Salmon and oily fish
Dark chocolate
Supplement (weight gainer with high protein)

Boiled Potatoes for weight gain-

Potatoes are very healthy food if you cooked it with healthy way like roasted, boiled and steamed then they cause no harm from it and it will be helpful for weight gaining when you eat with cheese and butter. Then this food create more calorie. This food is also complex in carbohydrates. Which is very beneficial for weight training before exercise.
If you want increase weight gain from another food there is also list below-
Quinoa (It is gluten free food and high in protein it helpful for reducing gas problem from stomach)
Leafy green
Beans and Legumes

Nut to eat for weight gain-

If you want to increase the weight gain then eating nuts is the best choice for you only one gram of almonds contain 8 gm of protein and 9 gm of healthy fats. Which are full with more calorie. So of your diet have more calorie then your weight will automatically increase.
If you want improvement in one week for weight gain then you can add  nut butter in your diet with such as yogurt, smoothies etc. But one important thing keep in mind that you should eat only pure nut butter which contain no extra sugar or oily found. this is the best diet plan for weight gain.
In taste nut butter are very delicious and fill with high calorie, which is good for your health So that way you can increase weight. With this you can also add snacks recipes. After eating nut you can find answer how to gain weight in a week.

Milk for weight gain-


For increasing weight gain Milk is the best option, from many decades it is useful for increasing weight and make muscle mass in body. Milk has contains fat, calcium, vitamins and minerals. These all are present in milk with very balanced quantities.
Milk is also the great source of protein that is for those people who want to increase their muscle mass in body, So many trainer recommend drink milk after exercise because it provides enough energy to body. In study found that it is also helps to increase the muscle mass when you are doing weight lifting or cardio exercise. Apart from this, also found by researcher about milk, It contains casein protein that overall helpful for increasing all major mass production in muscle, So that is the great benefits of Milk.
One thing keep in mind that when you are doing gym training for weight gain, then please do not forget for drinking one or two glasses of milk before and after the workout session. You can also drink it with shake such as banana or mango shake. According to my way banana is the best weight gain shakes.

Red meat for weight gain-

how to increase weight


For increasing weight gain, muscle mass or how to boost testosterone naturally, Red meat is the best enhancing diet, you can take it like a creatine because this is working like as a increasing muscle mass in body. You can say it with example like every 4 g of Lucien is found in every five grams of steak. Which is high in protein
To increase muscle mass in body, please make sure that you should consume enough red meat, because it contains more calories than lean meat. In result it helpful for weight increasing.
In one research found that, If 100 women add 170 grams of red meat into their diet and they doing gym training for 6 weeks in each day. Then these women muscle mass will be increases and which result in increase in their muscle building hormone. So eating red meat is the best option and answer for those who ask how to gain weight naturally. Because it is a great source of protein which has more calories.


Beans and Legumes for weight gain-

how to increase weight

Now days many people ask question that how to gain weight in 3 days or how to gain weight in 1 day so here you will find answer. In beans and legumes has not only carbohydrates, It is also helpful for weight gaining because it is rich with more calorie which will easily help you for weight gaining and enhances your muscle mass, With regular eating it you can get good energy in all sports and other activities. In which including carbohydrate has contains all the nutrients such as fiber and resistance starch. Which helps you increase your digestion power. Eating healthy starch is a best source to help you increase fiber, nutrients, calories and muscle glycogen stores.


Salmon and oily fish help for weight gain-

how to increase weight


Like red meat, salmon and oily fish are the best sources of protein and healthy fat which help to gain weight. In which contains naturally omega 3 fatty acids helps in increasing your health and reduce the disease from the body. Approximate 6 Oz salmon gives you 400 calories and 5g of omega 3 fatty acid. which is very beneficial for health, In addition, it also contains 40 grams of high quality protein, which help to increase the muscle mass and weight. So In night time you can eat after completing exercise.


Take protein supplement for weight gain-

Now day almost all bodybuilder prefer weight gainer because that will easily gain muscle and weight. Especially when you doing lifting heavy weight training then your body to much need of it. Because it is also rich with protein, protein is very necessary for increasing muscle mass, so when your muscle mass will increase then body weight also increase, but during purchasing please aware about supplements because now days many duplicate products are also available. but in reality all protein products are not bad because good products are made from protein dairy, which will improve your health and reduce the risk of disease.
If you taking protein, then continue training is also important for you. Because proteins products contain essential amino acids which help to promote your muscle growth. You can use this protein supplement before or after your workout, If any boy want recepie for how to make homemade protein powder at home click at link.

Weight gain with cereal bars-


Now days in market many healthy cereal bars are available. This is also the good source for weight gain. That cereal are made from whole grain in which you find dry fruits such as almonds, nut etc. During training session these serial bars are the best source of good protein and nutrients because in which containing low and fast digestive carbohydrates are available.


Weight gain with egg and dark chocolate-

Eating boiled egg is the best protein source for increasing muscle mass and weight gain. In which contains protein and healthy fats is available in high quantity. Most bodybuilder use this boiled egg in morning time or after exercise because that time our body need to high protein.
If you are Non- vegetarian, then you should eat approximate three egg regularly it is very good for your health.
In a research found that dark chocolate contains 70% of cocoa which is beneficial for health. It is also rich with high calorie that means it will in weight gaining.
Each 100 g of dark chocolate contains 500 calories, along with other micro nutrients and components such as fiber, magnesium and antioxidant.


6 day workout plan for gym

6 day workout plan for gym
Now days usually most people are going to the gym for healthy body and for gaining muscle. So today I will give you information about 6 day workout plan But that is possible only when you follow proper gym exercise schedule, that schedule you can make ourselves or from our gym fitness trainer. Maximum time the gym workout plan is made by the gym trainer because he/she know more than you what should you do or what your body want so please follow him according to his guidance. Apart from this some people cannot going to gym according to the workout routine, because they face time schedule problem reason that is some people going to office or some other place for working. But Instead of busy schedule some people follow the proper gym workout plan for their better fitness.  So if you are having face difficulty in going to gym workout schedule, then this article will help you so please follow 6 day workout routine bodybuilding. Which are given below-

Schedule for 6 day workout plan

1 First day- chest exercise
2 Second day- shoulder exercise
3 Third day- bicep exercise
4 fourth day- triceps exercise
5 fifth day- abs exercise
6 Six day- legs exercise this day you can also do best glute exercise
That workout schedule you can follow or if you don’t want to follow it then can make 6 day workout plan from our fitness trainer. In starting day of gym much people don’t understand how we can follow it so here we are going to tell you that what you have need to do for making workout schedule. This is the best 6 day workout routine for muscle mass.

First day Chest exercise-

First day workout you can do with chest exercise that is the best upper body exercise, this is the second largest muscle part of your body and here I will suggest you 5 killer chest workout for gaining more muscle on chest area, that are given below-
Barbell bench press, Low incline dumbbell press, Incline dumbbell press, Flat bench dumbbell press, Butterfly machine.

Second day shoulder workout-

This shoulder workout is also the best for upper body muscle, this exercise play very important role for gaining upper body strength. Here I will provide you 5 best shoulder exercise that are given below-
Arnold press, Seated dumbbell shoulder press, Single dumbbell front raise, over dumbbell lateral raise, one arm cable lateral raise.

Third day Back exercise-

This is the best exercise for gaining big muscle in the back, that is also the necessary as well as chest exercise. The strengthen on that part is necessary otherwise weakness can lead to unstable the shoulder part. Here I will provide you 5 killer back exercise-
Barbell deadlift, pull ups, Single arm dumbbell row, Standing T bar row, Close grip pull down.

Fourth day Biceps exercise-

6 day workout plan for gym


For gaining big arm muscle biceps exercise play very important role so don’t skip it during exercise because with this your arm muscle strength increase which help in also another exercise such as chest or shoulder etc. Here I will provide you 5 best bicep exercise which will easily gain muscle in arm-
Standing barbell curl, dumbbell curl, hammer curl, incline dumbbell hammer curl and incline inner bicep curl. That all exercises you can also add in 6 day workout routine for beginners.

Fifth day triceps exercise-

Triceps is the second big muscle exercise for arms that muscle create behind the arms this exercise also play same important role for gaining big arm muscle. But that all exercise will create effect only when you doing exercise with correct technique and also with good health diet. Below are 5 best triceps exercise-
Reverse grip barbell bench press, Reverse grip cable kick back, triceps dips, Rope triceps push down, Triceps extension.

Six day leg exercise-

Leg muscle is the largest muscle of human body and for creating this muscle you should also need to high training. Through that muscle you can find the answer how to increase stamina, this muscle also help in boosting testosterone etc. but I have notice that much people now day skip the leg exercises in gym but that is not the good thing with this exercises you can also do abs exercise in this day so leg day is the more burning calorie day. So this day your diet should also be good with high protein. So this is the last 6 day workout routine for mass. Here is below 5 best leg exercises.
Front squat, Dead lift, Leg press, Back squat, Dumbbell lunge. And for abs exercise you can do that exercises such as-
But apart from all of these exercises, diet play a very important role you should all people one point keep in mind that your body growth 80% depend on diet. So don’t forget about protein, nutrition and carbs. If you cannot follow 6 day exercise routine then you can follow 5 day workout routine.


Your day should be start with protein shake which should contains two banana, a one tablespoon of almond butter and also one scoop of whey protein powder. (how to make homemade protein powder) And also 6 boiled white egg, and two whole with carbs, cooked oatmeal (that all made with the high quality protein which is the great sources for faster absorption). Its taste should also be delicious.
Oatmeal is a great source of iron, carbs, magnesium, and other muscle-building minerals, while almond butter is great source of protein which is good for blood flow regulation. So please add these breakfast diet chart into our meal.


In lunch/Dinner meal you can add high protein meal such as chicken breast, plant based protein and adding nutrients in body you can add dry fruit like as almonds, pasta, cashew nut, arrow root etc. For more carbs you can add boiled sweet potatoes. Which contains more fat that sweet potatoes you can eat before going to gym. Plant-based proteins is great alternative to meats. That are absorb easily within the body.
If you want add protein in diet through organic food then you can eat broccoli, cucumber, Beans, kale, spinach, apple and ginger. All these foods are also high in antioxidants which help for good skin and muscle growth.

Adequate sleep-

If you want build your muscle then please take 8 hour sleep because during sleeping your muscle repairing start so sleeping is necessary when you are serious about our health because that time your body start improving fitness. I have notice one thing that, when I take enough sleep in night for approximate 8 hour then I feel more energized throughout my workout. there are many benefits of exercise which help you easily create good habits for sleeping.
Or during exercise or throughout all day your body should also be hydrated because our all muscle contains 95% water so don’t avoid it.





how to increase stamina

how to increase stamina
In this topic I will give you information about how to increase stamina that is very important topic for all of us. Actually that is depends on our mental ability or physical ability. But now days most people have stamina go down in which one main reason is that his bad habit like smoking or alcohol drinking etc. Actually that all destroy our stamina. For running our stamina should be high or for increasing muscle we should do more hard-work on gym but if your stamina will less then you cannot do hard-work exercise but this is also depends on your mental ability.
I want ask one question from all of you what exercise you are trying every day for increase your stamina capacity and what to eat for increasing stamina So in this topic you will learn what should you do for increasing stamina of body which are given below-


Increase stamina during Aerobic exercise-:

how to increase stamina

Aerobic exercise play very important role for increasing stamina. So during doing of aerobic exercise, a large muscle of group are used and pumping of heart are increased this will help in improving stamina. You can do this exercise 30 to 60 minutes time each day. In aerobic exercise you can do many types of exercise such as running, swimming, hiking, walking or in gym you can do lifting a heavy weight of exercise.

In beginning start slow to increase stamina-

If you are a beginners for increasing then you should prefer slowly pattern for increasing stamina. Please take little steps at the beginning day and do not prefer difficult and strict program. Firstly take a target of one week when you have complete your determined distance in a certain target time, then take a big another step, until more stamina not develops in your body.  Through aerobic exercise you can take help how to increase stamina for exercise or how to increase stamina for running In which aerobic have many best exercise for increasing stamina but aerobic exercise have also advantages and disadvantages which are given below-

Advantage of aerobic exercise-

With aerobic exercise efficiency of your respiration is increases, which help you in improving the blood volume, delivery to muscles and also improve your cardiovascular efficiency. In another factor that will help you increase the blood in muscle it result will be that increase the consumption of oxygen by the body so that exercise will help you in increasing stamina and burn more calorie which help you in weight loss or for maintain. You can do aerobic also at home so this is the best answer how to increase stamina at home.

Disadvantages of aerobic exercise-

If you have any problem regarding heart disease then that exercise is the best but you should again advice from doctor or from fitness trainer what aerobic exercise you should do. Because during that exercise your heart beat accelerate very fast.

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Healthy diet increase stamina-:

Eat healthy food for increasing stamina and avoid all junk food which lose your stamina power. So please remove all junk food as soon as possible. When you eat junk food that increase the empty calories on body can make you unwell so this way your stamina can be reduced.
So please focus on high protein or carbs food which increase the muscle mass and stamina. You should keep in mind that you are giving energy to body only when you take beneficial food items that contain carbohydrates, high quality ingredients and nutrients. More consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish which have omega-3 fatty acids are present are more beneficial for health. With these you can help our heart or blood circulation inside body, for increasing stamina when you are going to gym you should take protein which help you to build and repair of muscle. So please take high quality food during whole day which you can add such as fresh fruit, eggs, whole brown bread and nuts etc. So this is the best method how to increase stamina by food.

Other way how to increase stamina-:

1)-Take sufficient water-

When you feel dehydration on body then your stamina will lose so please hydrated all time, because our body contains 95% water which is very necessary for building muscle. When you doing work out on gym or any other place like jogging, running, cycling etc then your body had sweating and after it dehydration inside the body. So my advice keep drinking while working or afterwards.

2)-Avoid bad habits to Increase stamina-

Now in modern life has two types of people are available in which some have good habit and some have bad habits, we all know list of bad habits people are more comparatively good people So please stay away from that people who doing smoking and taking excessive amount of alcohol or take other drugs such as cocaine etc because that all create slow poison in our body and they provide harmful effect on body So if you want stay fit please killing these habits and take health diet food. This is the best answer how to increase stamina naturally.

3)-Increase sodium level in body-

If you are doing hard exercise in gym or outside the gym like running, cycling etc. then your body will sweet more so this way you can lose more salt through sweating. After this If you are not provide complete salt to body this cause your body electrolyte will imbalance, which can your stamina can lose rapidly and you will feel light and lazy or lack of water cause your kidney  or heart can fail. So to avoid such problems, make sure that you should get enough sodium in your body, but you should also check the risk of high blood pressure from doctor.

4)-Increase protein level in body-


Protein is a very necessary for body for increasing the muscle in body without these your body muscle cannot grow or if your muscle will not grow then your stamina will also low so please take sufficient amount of protein in whole day. Here I will provide you list of protein food which help you in increase stamina such as whole white egg, low fat milk, dairy products, chicken breast and fish. That all food help you in increasing stamina because in in which contains essential amino acids for performing our body function.


Through yoga and meditation stamina-

In a study 2016 research proof that Yoga and meditation can increase your stamina and increase the ability to handle stress.
This experiment is done by 30 medical students who attended yoga and meditation classes for four weeks. In this study researcher saw that improvement in stress levels are low and level of stamina are high. So according to study we should also do yoga and meditation for increasing stamina. For meditation you can find answer that how to increase stamina in bed.

how to make homemade protein powder

how to make homemade protein powder
Now days some people ask question that how to make homemade protein powder for bodybuilding because that days using of protein powder has become a very special need for all gym lover. Because it provides us maximum energy and calorie for gaining big lean muscle. Because most of us are all know that now days in market many artificial products are also available which is not good for health and also some people are busy or they have no time to buy them from the shop, Apart from this, some people also think that some protein products are more expensive so they cannot afford it. So now today I will provide you best simple and easy method of making protein powder at home which will be very helpful for you. So here you will find answer that how to make protein powder at home for gym which are following-
  1. Protein powder for weight loss.
  2. How to add more nutrition in protein powder.
  3. Method of making protein powder at home in small quantity.
There are many ways for making protein powder when you made yourself. That is you can choose them according to your choice. According to my opinion firstly you should need to one grinder with these you can make many types of protein such as soy protein, brown rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein, and plant based blends this is the best homemade protein powder for muscle building and also you can add milk protein with it and for making that protein mix it properly with the help of grinder to make powder and grind them properly until it becomes powder well. Please do not use any other dry beans to make protein powder until they are cooked properly. Because it include natural poisons that can make you illness.

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Add flavored according to taste-:

Many people does not prefer tasteless protein powder, so adding taste in protein powder play important role for eating. For this you can add vanilla or chocolate flavor powder, after this you can also add some quantity of high carbs dry fruit such as almonds or mint in your protein drinks for increasing flavor. One point notice in mind that during mix it with soup please add spices and foods according to your need and taste.

Add nutrition in protein-:

For making more powerful or high fiber you can add additional nutrients in the protein powder. According to my opinion you can add many food items into protein powder such as dry fruit, wheat flour, almonds, cashew nuts, betel nuts, and anise. These all dry fruit increase the amount of fiber that provides healthy fats on body for each consumption of protein powder. Protein can also be increased with dry fruit powder and milk powder, which are full with calcium. Apart from this, many people use different-different product for increasing the nutrients in the protein powder.

Make protein powder in small quantities-:

During making protein powder at home one thing should be kept in mind that when you are preparing protein powder at home that should not be near on high heat, direct sunlight contact or high moisturizer space. Because with this your product will be worsen. Therefore, for maintaining freshness, you should always make it in small quantities approximate for one week or also do not make another mistakes which is that when you mix homemade protein powder with market based protein powder. This is the best source of homemade protein powder for weight gain.
Method of making protein powder-:
For making protein powder best measurement for that is 50% protein, 15% carbs, 35% fat.
For this you can add ingredients to make homemade protein powder
100g whole black gram
100g Lal Chana
50g Wheat or Daliya
50g Chickpeas
100g Ragi
100g Jowar
50g Peanut
50g White peas
50g Cow peas
10g Almonds
50g Sago
10g cashew

Best method to make Homemade Protein Powder-:

  1. Soak all the grains except Daliya and nuts one whole night.
  2. Next day tie each grain separately in cotton cloth for raising sprout and Leave it till time when sprouted not come.
  3. Once sprouted are come from grain, Then dry it for 2-3 day under direct sunlight.
  4. After completing that days roast each sprouted grain, nuts and Dalia separately
  5. Then mix all the grains and grind them all properly in grinder.
  6. Now your homemade protein powder is ready for eating.
  7. You can use that protein powder of two months but that is possible only when you store in airtight container.

Pea protein powder-:

how to make homemade protein powder

Pea protein is the also the best homemade protein powder that protein are extracted from yellow peas. With including protein it is also the great source of iron which help in increasing muscle mass and for good heart health.
This protein powder are made from dried and yellow peas. This protein source is the best for vegetarians who do not like to make from animal based protein powder. In addition to this is also the hypoallergenic, who reduce the allergies from people body that means it is a safe powder for food sensation. But one important things kept in mind that peas are not the powerful source of protein, but pea-protein powder is a good source of amino acids such as isoleucine, leucine and valine. These all amino acids play very important role for muscle growth. If any customer want how to make protein powder at home for weight loss then this the best source. That protein will also help in other exercises such as shoulder exercise, abs workout, leg workout.

Hemp protein powder-:

This protein powder is also the best choice for muscle making. Hemp Protein Powder is a very good source of plant-based protein, because that is made from chironji seeds. This is also good for brain health and increase the mental power and that taste is like as dry fruit which means its taste is good. Apart from this, which nutrients are found in chironji are very beneficial for our health and muscle. Soy protein is also the best homemade protein powder bodybuilding or homemade protein powder for muscle gain.
Here are I will also provide you some other protein powder which are given below-
1)-Raw Hemp protein
2)-Raw cacao protein powder
3)-Beetroot protein powder
4)-Wheatgrass protein powder

Raw cacao protein powder-

This is the best plant based protein powder which contains rich source of iron and more antioxidants than blueberries.

Beetroot protein powder-

This protein is also rich in antioxidant. This is also the rich source of calcium, iron, dietary fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Wheatgrass protein powder-

This protein powder is a rich source of calcium, amino acid, magnesium and vitamins A, C.


How long do benefits of exercise

benefits of exercise
In this topic I will tell you about benefits of exercise many people do workout or exercise to keep fit ourselves. But only few people know the correct definition of workout what the exactly meaning of it. Now in busy life many people give any kind of physical activity to workouts which they are doing in home or office. If you does not have the correct information about exercise or workout, then this article will give you right information so please read the full benefits of exercise article here you will find the advantage and disadvantages of workout.
During workout many people ask question different question like that
1)-What is difference between workout and exercise?
2)-How long we should do workout in gym or home.
3)-What workout removing the stress from body, what is the benefits of workout for increasing the self-confidence etc. so that’s types of question which people normally ask during starting day of workout or exercise.
What is workout-:
Workout is a series of exercises in which have include many types of exercises such as gym exercise, running, swimming etc. According to my suggestion if you want weight loss, then you can go to the gym for workouts because there are many tools available for doing different exercise. But one point I want to tell you that workout is depend on 30 percent hard work and 70 percent determination. During starting day of workout you think that is very easy but that is not true. For good masculine body you have required to discipline for both exercise and diet.

Difference between workout and exercises-:

Actually difference between workout and exercise are not big. Walking, jogging, cycling, sit ups like sports etc. that’s all are include into exercise or any type physical sport are come into exercise form. If you doing any activity regarding gym such as weightlifting that it you can include into workout. Workout is a complete session of physical exercise. It include many variety of exercises such as, Pull ups, push-ups, Squats, bench press and so on. While exercise is a physical activity. In general terms, you can say that exercise works on our increasing stamina and workout works on our increasing muscle mass. So there are also the long term benefits of exercise.

How long you should do workout-:

Many people think that if they will do hard work on gym they will get more good body but that is not properly right but that is depends on your recovery period of your body muscle and the nutrients you are take. In a research found by health experts workout should not be more than 60 to 90 minutes daily. Doing workout for long time, the body cell get more damage. Then you will face problem such as mental problems, including insomnia, fatigue and lack of appetite. So this the emotional benefits of exercise.
When you doing workouts on gym our muscles use carbohydrate for fuel, which usually comes form of glycogen. So long time workout glycogen stores will be less. Which have an impact on body fitness. So you should selected time for doing workout under trainer guidance with complete health diet.

Workout technique-:

During workout one point should be notice in mind that intensity of your workout should not be slow whether you are doing push-ups or running on the treadmill. Your intensity (speed) should not be slow.
You all know that during cardio or strength workout you are losing more intensity that time your body require more protein for build or recovery of muscle. So please take adequate protein during that exercise. You should have one habit for drinking enough water throughout all day before you start workout. But one thing notice in mind that the body to take an hour to absorb water, so please don’t drink enough water immediately before starting workout in gym.
Please take attention, carbohydrate works for the body for fuel during workout, so when you start an exercise take a adequate carbohydrate for giving energy to the body.

Benefits of workout-:

benefits of exercise

Benefits of doing workout are many It increase strengthen and size of the muscle body and keeps your mind calm such as increase your brain health and memory. It also increase the confidence which make you happier and reduce the problems which you are facing such as chronic disease or many other but that is possible only when you doing regular workout.
In a research found that going to the gym regularly reduces the stress from mind which make you feel happier or when you feel happier then all disease will remove from your body. So this is the best advantage of doing regular workouts. In scientifically proof that doing workout in the gym, that increase the concentration of norepinephrine in brain, which result is less stress. So regular workout balance your blood pressure, improve your cholesterol in body and reduce the sugar level from blood.

Workout benefits in self-confidence-:

When you doing regular workout in gym with proper health diet that will increase the muscle mass in body so your looks of body grow. With regular workout your skin problem will also remove and your face glowing. So main conclusion that workout create positive thought in mind. This will increase your self-confidence. So doing regular gym is the best psychological benefits of exercise.

Helps in good sleep-:

long term benefits of exercise

Now in daily busy life many people live with stress full life which cause they does not take proper sleep and they are taking the help of sleeping pills actually that is not good for brain health. With this the main problem is that the cells of the brain are destroyed and the person feel vulnerable to chronic insomnia. But that problem will be resolve with the help of workout it reduces the cholesterol in the brain, which help you for sleep then you does not have to need a taking medicines. So this is the best social benefits of exercise and mental benefits of exercise.

Disadvantage of workout-:

When you already face problem in any body part or you doing regular lift wrong heavy weight without any help then pain will be begin(start) on that body part so that is the big disadvantages of doing exercise. But that will be not bad when you doing exercise on proper trainer guidance.
Health experts say that, the level of water begin low during workout that is not good for health. Lack water increase more perspiration on body. So you should all time hydrated.
You have seen in gym during workout some people hurt from the equipment or due to wrong practice. Because they are not taking help of trainer. So please do exercise under trainer expert.

diet plan for muscle gain

how to avoid laziness
You all know that the body of People who do gym or workouts are very different from another public person that is possible when they take proper complete diet and purpose of doing gym of all person have different. Some people go to gym for reduce the weight of their body and some people want to create a muscular or attractive body. But for make a muscular body or lose weight, you have not just doing a workout in gym or workout will not create effect on your body if you are not take complete diet with full calorie So diet play a very important role for making body.
If you do not follow the correct diet chart during gym, then you face more hard work for your body and your hard work will not be visible through your body. So for make such a good body, one important attention is that take proper amount of protein, carbohydrate and fiber. Actually that post for those person who do not know about the diet chart and want to knowledge for gaining muscular body. So please read the full post. In this post I will give you knowledge about pre-workout, post workout or in between all day diet chart what you should follow. That is the 7 day meal plan for muscle gain.
One important point I want to tell you that eating and sleeping play a very role for making good muscular body so please don’t forget about sleeping because only full sleeping time your muscle is in recover state and best sleeping hour for adult is 8-9 hour or Also another important thing is taking diet and supplements on proper time can improve your performance in the gym. This the best indian diet chart for muscle gain.

1)-Wake up healthy diet chart for creating muscular body-:

diet plan for muscle gain

Taking the meal immediately after the pre-breakfast or waking up in the morning play very important role. When you have complete sleep approximate 7 to 10 hours in the morning, your body of catabolic level is already at high position of the day that means your body of muscle tissue needs energy to work.
That time you should eat more proteins and glycemic fruits like that watermelon, Honey etc. in the pre-breakfast diet charts. So during pre-breakfast you can also take whey protein or shake of fruit like banana or beetroot juice. If you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, this diet is play crucial role for both people because with this diet you will cover enough calorie what you have need in pre-breakfast but you should adding into regular diet chart.

2)-Breakfast diet chart for gaining muscular body-:


One thing I have notice that some people leave the morning breakfast but that is the very wrong thinking of that people. Breakfast also play very important role to reach the fitness goal. For gaining muscle in body so in breakfast you should taking regular protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat. You can take that breakfast in vegetarian or non-vegetarian form.
First for vegetarian people who want attractive body masses should eat paneer according to size of your body you can take it with parantha also , Yogurt, and one bowl sprouted salad.
If you are a non-vegetarian people, you can eat oatmeal, almonds and milk with eggs in breakfast.
In morning time when we wake up from bed after completing sleeping of 9 hour. Then the level of glycogen and blood glucose in the body are very low due to dehydration and that time the level of cartisol are increases. In such a situation, this diet chart is very helpful for those who are make muscle in body.

Mid-morning diet chart for muscle building-:

In the mid time of morning, you should eat high protein, less carbohydrate and green vegetables. If you want to make a muscular diet chart you can eat a large bowl, small-sized fruit, roasted chickpeas, mixed vegetables and necessary salads. This time meal is the high protein diet plan for muscle gain
But If you are interested of non-vegetarian you can eat brown rice and broccoli with chicken. That will give you enough energy for muscle building.
If you want your body does not look fatty or more attractive then you should taking a limited amount of protein and carbohydrate.

Lunch diet chart for muscle building-:

To make a muscular body, in lunch diet you should also eat proteins, low carbohydrates and green vegetables. One important point is that you must eat lunch regular on definitely proper time. Lunch is the fourth meal of your day for making muscular body, which provides crucial nutrients to your body and increase the performance of your gym workout training session. Healthy lunch help your body molecule to break down for gaining energy in body and provides enough energy.
If you are a vegetarian then you should eat a medium bowl brown rice, mixed vegetables, Greek yogurt, broccoli or soybeans and salad in lunch. This is the also the lean muscle diet for female.
Or if you are non-vegetarian then you should eat fish, chicken breast, egg and mixed vegetables.

Mid-afternoon diet chart for muscle building-:

Many people do workout on Midday so you can also say that this diet chart is also known as pre-workout meal. At this time you have to need taking a carbohydrate which contain protein and low glycemic index.
If you are a vegetarian, then you can take a boiled cooked sweet potatoes with Greek yogurt and apart from this you can also take whole grain toast with almond butter. If you are non-vegetarian, then you can take whey protein powder with boiled sweet potatoes.
Expert trainer already say that, you should always take a mid-day meal for 50 to 60 minutes before starting a gym workout. This will increase your performance or energy in the gym. The pre-workout diet is composed of slow-moving proteins and low glycemic index carbohydrate that is very good for your muscle building.

Post workout meal-:

After workout your body muscle are breakdown and muscle need to high energy so that you have to need a high protein and high glycemic index diet even after the gym in midafternoon. This diet chart you can say that post workout diet chart which is very essential for recovery of your muscle power.
In a study found that protein shake provide the strength in body muscles after workout in gym, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people should drink protein shake (In which you can also add banana shake) or buttermilk. So after workout, this shake is very nutritious for the body. This is also the meal plan for muscle gain female.

Diet chart for dinner-:

high protein diet plan for muscle gain

For looking muscular body dinner diet play important role because with this you can increase the insulin in body which help the muscle do not break. Dinner is considerably the last meal of your day for increasing muscular body. So in dinner time, you should take carbohydrate which contains protein and fiber. Dinner diet is different for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.
If you are a vegetarian then you should eat avocado, (it provides high energy) white beans salad and simple paneer. Along with green mix vegetables and eat roti according to your body size.
If you are a Non-vegetarian then you should eat a light meal for dinner, In which you can add chicken breast, broccoli salad. This all diet provides adequate amino acids to the body which work as a fuel in body. If you cannot eat or afford that diet in dinner, then in such situation you can also eat brown rice and boiled sweet potatoes. This is also the muscle building meal plan for beginners.

what to eat after gym

high protein diet plan for muscle gain
Gym workout activity uses a lot of energy. It is very difficult for the body to recover if you will not take it seriously and level of energy is replenished within 20 to 30 minutes after finishing (complete) a workout. After workout eating even a small snack shortly after exercising can help you to restore energy levels.
Now days many people have question that what to eat after a workout to build muscle. One important point I want to tell you that during exercise, the muscles start storing glucose. This is called glycogen. But that is depends on different workout like sports, running during that our body use up more glycogen than resistance activity, like that weightlifting.
Taking the right nutritional balance in body after exercise that it will restores more energy levels and reduces fatigue from your body so through that way you can help the body to repairing muscles and build strength for next workout. But today I will taking about some diet plan for weightlifter, what to eat after gym. That play very important role for gaining big muscle.


You can do many types of exercises on gym but muscle growth will be possible only when you will recover it after each workout. Because exercise support muscle growth.
So taking protein play very important role after exercise which help to heal the muscle mass and prevent the loss of muscle. So now days in market many whey protein products are available they will easily help you for recovery of your body.


Carbohydrate play very important role for gaining energy in body, actually it breakdown the protein and store it in the form of fat in body and when your body need it then it automatically generate in inside body it also increase the metabolism in body so if any person who training seven time in a week it should consume plenty of carbohydrate.

Diet plan after workout-:

What diet we should take after weightlifting is very important question for every gym lover so in that post I will tell you each in very basically, what to eat after gym to build muscle or what not to eat after a workout. After completing workout in gym, our body needs adequate protein and carbohydrate, so every men or women, who has the habit of going to gym should try to take breakfast or snacks which is high in protein or carbs just after 15 or 30 minutes of finishing the gym in morning session.
Best method of taking protein supplement is that 0.25 grams per pound protein of your body weight after exercise and for carbohydrate you should take 0.25 to 0.5 grams per pound according to your body weight.
Before workout your body need to enough drink across 1 hour and even after finish the workout in gym, your body again needs adequate water. In which you can add fresh fruit juices, milk or soup but do not drink tea immediately after the gym that is not good for your body because this time your heart beat is very fast and after drinking you can eat fish, boiled chicken, Yogurt, Egg etc.
One important point should be notice in your mind that your proper diet plan should not be too late to take breakfast or snacks after doing the gym. If you are unable to take breakfast within hour of finishing the gym, then there will be no special benefit of doing that exercise on your body.

Eggs after workout-:

what to eat after gym

You all gym lover know that egg play very important role on your body for building muscle because it is a great source of protein and carbohydrate. In order to improve your stamina during exercise most people eat egg after exercise, because it is rich source of protein which help for building muscle. So that’s why every people need to eat boiled egg or omelet after doing the gym. But some people who are vegetarian also they does not take it. Actually it also provides very essential nutrients to your body.

Avocado after workout-:

what to eat after gym

After workouts our body also need a nutrients and vitamins that is very essential. For completing that minerals on body avocado is the best fruit which contains high carbohydrate and proteins that will help in improve the metabolism of body. You can also eat it after workout with omelet. This fruit cover very beneficial diet for the gym-carrying body. If people want answer that what to eat after gym to lose weight so that is the best fruit for gaining lean muscle.

Drink chhach or whey protein after workout-:

Soon after finish the gym you should drink a one glass of whey protein, buttermilk. Your body have should no lack of insulin because it helps in absorbing the glucose in the muscles which is very essential, it create the energy in body after completing the exercise otherwise person feel tried. For this the muscular tissue also required essential amino acids which you can cover from it. However, if you have any side effect then you should take it with trainer advice.

Eat brown bread-:

what to eat after a workout

Brown bread is the best source of fiber and antioxidant which is very essential during doing exercise. I have notice that many people does not improve their drinking habits even after joining a gym but that is wrong habit because you all know that our muscle contain 95% water. So our body should be hydrated. If you have habit of eating bread, then you should eat brown bread. Because it is a rich source of fiber it increases metabolism and help food to pass through digestive system and remove antioxidant which help you for weight loss (it remove that weight which is not essential for body).

Omega 3 fatty acid-:

what to eat after a workout

In a research found that supplementation from omega-3 fatty acid helps to boost the muscle strength because it contains special minerals which contains fatty acid which helps to increase the size of muscle cells in healthy young and middle age adults.
So you can find omega 3 fatty acid form many way and it’s best natural source is salmon, fatty fish etc. But from all those tuna also contains high level of the fatty acids because tuna is best source of protein which you can find from water. So tuna is packed in water which contains 41.6 g of g of protein and 5.5gm of fat. You can also find omega 3 fatty acid from tablet which help to reduce muscle soreness after doing training in gym. In a study found that if you take regularly 5g of fish oil for 1 week it will reduce muscle soreness ( this is the best trick for beginners).

Dairy protein-:

what to eat after a workout


In a research found that 9 g of milk protein is enough for gaining muscle and for recovery after doing exercise. So you can add that protein from many different dairy products. That dairy products are following-:
Soya milk
Greek yogurt
In study found that soy milk contains proteins that can repair new cells especially those muscles which have break after doing exercise. That soya milk also the rich source of amino acids, which you should always adding in your diet and it also help in increasing muscle growth. Many people also ask question that what to eat after a workout at night or what to eat before gym.




best glute exercises

best glute exercises
In this article I will train you for best lower body exercise and the name of that exercise is glute exercises. You can easy way build a stronger and strengthen butt by doing regular exercises and activities that target in your glutes of muscle. During other exercise every lifter know that if he want to get huge then he has got to do a mix of compound and isolation exercises but whenever time to glute training or (glute workout routine) most bodybuilder does not do any proper isolation training because they does not know probably how to do it.
So this article will show you how you should doing glute exercises with proper and best way- Hybrid Strength & Conditioning, these are found to be the most effectively glute targeted exercises.
So Your glutes are made up with three different muscles—the glute size maximum (the largest muscle), the glute size medium (glute medius exercises) and the glute size minimum (the smallest muscle) means according to body figure. With right exercises you cannot change the shape of gutes but you can make them stronger and fermer. so here today I will provide you best glute exercise for sexy butt which are given in detail at below-:

1) Squat-:

best glute exercises

Squat exercise is one of the best exercise to target the gluteus muscle, which is the largest muscle of your lower body part. That exercise work many function like hips, calves, thighs and even the core area. Squats exercises is the best basic lower body workout. During squats exercise if your knees hurts then you can do it with alternative form and best right way for doing that exercise are given below in picture. This is the best glute strengthening exercises.


For doing that exercise you should hold weights at shoulder level.
Bend the knees and lower into a squat and keep the knees behind the toes. during standup Press the heels.
Repeat that exercise with 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps.

2) Lunges-:

best glute exercises for women

Lunges is also the best butt exercise after squat and the best advantage of that exercise is you can do it  anywhere and  the effects can be seen in less time, Because during that exercise you’re in a staggered stance, you really have to use your butt to stabilize of your body. So that workout way also forces the butt on the front of your legs to work even more harder. That exercises is the best move for the glutes and thighs, but please avoid it if you are facing problem on knees or otherwise do it under trainer guidance. You can also do that glute exercises at home.


1-)First Way of that exercise is standing on your feet, one foot forward and one foot backward and difference between both feet should be 3 feet apart.
2)-Start Bend both knees and lunge should be straight down, It means sending the backward knee towards the floor in slow motion
3)-You should notice in mind that your lunge should not be forward over the front knee.
During stand up press into the heel and repeat that process with 2 to 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps, For more pressure and work harder you can hold a weights in shoulder level for added intensity.
Lunges workout also work with a variety of other muscles in which including your hamstrings and calves. The main fact and one of the best thing about that exercise is—you can easily mix up your lunges with target of your muscles in different ways from one exercise to the other.

3) Step-Ups-:

best glute exercises for women

Step-ups are also another great exercise for attention on the butt. With the help of that exercise your butt will harder and sexy so doing that exercise regularly. For better exercise you should try choosing a high platform and during that exercise your knees should be bent at 90-degree angle. Best thing about that exercise is you can do that exercise also in home stair. But that exercise is also harmful for that people who face knee problems. This is the best glute exercises without weight.


Best method of that exercise is that you should stand in front of the step or high platform and place the right foot on the step. For more intensity you can hold a weight according to your nature.
For good moment pressing into the heel and step up and after touching the left toes to the step.
Second step of that exercise is that Keep the right foot on the step and take the left foot down to the floor. For more intensity on butt you can bend the knee during that step-up but for beginner bending is not good.
For best result you can repeat with 2 to 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps on each side.
One main point during exercise is to push the pressure into the heel to lift the body up and concentrate whole weight on the stepping leg. Best moment of that exercise is slow motion during doing slow you will feel more effect on butt.

4) Butt squeezed on Ball-:

For glute exercise the third best exercise is butt squeeze on ball that is another great choice for working your glutes. Adding ball during that exercise it will increase some instability and more forcing your entire lower body for great work. For add more pressure on lower body part you can hold weights on the upper thighs it will add more intensity to the glute. This is the best glute exercises for mass.


For doing that exercise your body should be in bridge position and head resting on the ball, butt lifted as you can and lift weights on the thighs.
During this position bend the hips towards the ground and more focus not to let the ball roll around.
Best repetition of that exercise is 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps.
You can lift the toes for adding even more intensity on glutes.

5) One-legged Deadlifts-:

best glute exercises

One legged deadlift is the best killer exercise for your butt and it also great for your lower back and hamstrings. But you should skip that exercise if you have any back problems otherwise it will create more irritation on your back. This workout will also add to you stabilizer muscles to keep your body balanced. During that exercise some time you have to need a lift weight according to your nature.


First method of doing that exercise is holding a weights for better position and you should take the left leg back behind you about a foot and right leg lightly resting on the toe.
For better glute you should slowly bend the weights towards the floor as far as your body flexibility will allows you.
Third step is that you should keep your back flat and another point is during that exercise keep in mind that your abs contracted to protect the back.
For adding more effect or pressure on glutes take the help of leg to raise back up.
For good result you should done 2 to 3 sets of 8 to 15 reps on each side. side glute exercises is also the best exercise for sexy butt.

how to boost testosterone naturally

how to boost testosterone naturally
If you want increase your testosterone level in your body So for this please read full post, here you will find answer how to boost testosterone naturally Basically Testosterone is a male sex hormone in men. Which is very beneficial for increasing muscle mass. But this hormone is also available in small amount in women body. It is a naturally steroid hormone produced in testicles of women and men’s testes. Inside adrenal glands, this hormone is also found in some quantities. Today I will tell you best home remedies for increasing testosterone in body, so for increasing testosterone level you should need to best exercise and best food which are give below.
When the boys enter into growing state, then there body  have many types of physical changes due to the testosterone hormone like as increasing muscle mass, heavyness comes in the sound, and the hair starts growing. However with increasing old age, this hormone start decreasing in men’s body. But now days some boys also facing problem due to low testosterone in body.
The main benefits of high testosterone is that it is essential male hormone for building muscle mass. Having normal level of testosterone is also crucial for other benefits, in which including enhanced energy, increased libido and good athletic performance, increase potentially. So every boy should need to maximize his Testosterone levels, even that if bodybuilding building isn’t his first goal but man should be specially focused on boosting testosterone if they’re trying to add muscle mass. So you can increase your testosterone level or production in body by following exercise, supplementation, nutrition and lifestyle strategies into your daily life.

Importance of increasing testosterone level-:

1)– It is helpful for increase the muscle mass in body and reduce the body fat from body.
2)– It is essential for increasing the ability of sex and for attraction with women.
3)- It is helpful for reducing many disease like cardiovascular disease and increasing the strengthen of bones.

Best way to boost testosterone naturally through following steps-:

If you are a man and your body has low levels of testosterone, then you don’t have need to panic. For all problem has solution so for this also, For increasing  testosterone level, we are here to tell you the remedies for increasing the testosterone.

Boost testosterone with nutrition-:

You all people know that you have to need a protein for build muscle mass, but some of you does not know that consuming protein also helps boost testosterone levels. Now days in market many natural testosterone Supplements which are in the form of protein such as whey protein that are associated with higher levels of testosterone. Fatty fish adds in the diet that is high in protein and have a beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys, and overall levels of testosterone in body.

How to take supplement-:

please take at least 1 gram of protein for each pound of your bodyweight, and It means that which bodybuilder who consumes 4,500 calories a day should consume up to 350 grams of protein per day.

Consume high testosterone vegetables-:

Now days many people have one question is that how to increase testosterone levels naturally with food .You all people know that vegetables are very beneficial for good health and increasing muscle mass, but some from all of you does not know that certain vegetables may also help increase testosterone levels. So during research cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli ,cauliflower, garlic, watercress, kale, mustard greens and nuts may help boost testosterone level.

how to boost testosterone naturally


Increase testosterone with vitamin D-:

For increasing testosterone levels in body vitamin D play very important role(So take vitamin D to increase testosterone). Many people does not take sunlight, because they think his body does not need to it but this is wrong due to which there is a shortage of vitamin D in their body and testosterone levels fall. But in market Vitamin D3 supplement also available which helps in increasing the level of testosterone but naturally vitamin D will effect more compared to artificial vitamin D from tablet. So It is very beneficial for increasing testosterone in 40-50 age of people.

Increase testosterone with Shilajit-:

Shilajit is a natural supplement food which formed from slow decomposition of plant matter or that found in the hills of the Himalayas and contains Falvic acid and other 84 minerals that helps naturally increase testosterone levels. But in market many lot of difference in the high quality and low quality Shilajit. Therefore increasing testosterone level high quality shilajit is very good. There are also many herbs which increase testosterone level in body but in which one is that ashwagandha. So ashwagandha is the best herbs to boost testosterone naturally and quickly.


Boost testosterone with exercise-:

Exercise is beneficial for removing diseases but you will also probably surprised to hear that having more muscle mass in body that helps keep to testosterone levels high. In research found that doing daily exercise also increase the testosterone level in body. Basically, all types of exercises are helpful in increasing testosterone levels but weight lifting (which you can do at gym) are very helpful in increasing testosterone. Which is also very beneficial for healthy sex life.
So for increasing muscle mass your body have good level of testosterone level because without it your body can not grow with muscle. Main reason of fatty body is that low level of testosterone which you can gain with doing regular exercise (weight lifting). In which main exercise is that heavy exercise like Bench press, Deadlift, Squat.

Good sleep-:

Now in daily busy life much people does not take proper sleep which cause many disease occur on his body in which one main problem is that low level of testosterone which cause they face many problems. So it is very important to take good sleep, good food and doing regular exercise which are needed for good health. More sleeping effectively works to increase the level of testosterone. In scientific study have found that those man who sleep only for five or six hours they have less testosterone levels than those who are more sleepy. So a lot of sleep is necessary because it enhances the level of testosterone. For this people use increase testosterone levels pills.

Avocado is the best food for increasing testosterone level, Avocado is also the best source of fat which are full with vitamin E. This vitamin plays an important role for boosting testosterone naturally. This food reduces estrogen levels and increases the sperm count in men. Many people use avocado to increase the fertility. So this is the best foods that increase testosterone naturally. This is also the best food for glowing skin.

how to boost testosterone naturally