Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Gain

ayurvedic medicine for weight gain
Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain, now days many Indian people trust on Ayurveda. From this medicine if you want to increase weight then it will also keep your body healthy and fit. In India ancient times, we mainly focus on Ayurveda for serious and general health problems. You have notice about Ayurveda medicines it give you slow but effective benefits. In Ayurveda also have medicine for weight gain. So if you used it medicine to build the body muscle and increase the weight, it will help you. Today in this article we will share some Ayurvedic medicines which will be helpful for weight gain. Let’s start it there are following some ayurvedic remedies which help you for making body-:
1) Gokshura
2) Ashwagandha
3) Ashwagandha Abalhe
4) Ashwagandha Pakhi
5) Ashwagandha Arjuna
6) Remedies for body making kameshwar Modak
7) Ginseng powder
8) Shilajeet capsule

Gokshura ayurvedic medicine-:

ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

Mainly function of Gokshura medicine is used for bodybuilding. This is the best Ayurveda weight gainer powder.It is a Ayurveda medicinal herb which is good for human health to increase the libido in both men and women. In Ayurveda you can use that medicine as a supplementary medicine. Which is very helpful for keeping your muscles healthy. With regular use of it you can also improve the brain functioning means that it is also an anti-aging agent. The main function of that medicine it will increase the testosterone level in men body which is very helpful for building muscle and weight increasing. Another main function of that medicine is that keeps blood circulation healthy on regular consumption.
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Ashwaganda ayurvedic medicine for weight gain-:

ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

This is a ancient medicinal herb. It is also known as Indian ginseng which is used for make the body strong and healthy. In which include nutrients and mineral are helpful for weight gaining. Another main benefits of that medicine, with this you can increase the testosterone level and increased fertility which is very good for increase sperm count. In Ayurveda the main function of that medicine is used for making body. This is the best weight gain ayurvedic churna.
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Ashwagandha abalhe-:

This is the best Ayurveda supplement which is mostly used by the bodybuilder and players. For making muscle building during workout this Ashwagandha Abalhe play very important role for body and which are effective. Another main function of that medicine, it increase the physical health and endurance level inside body. For taking more benefits you can consume it regular basis mostly during the workout day.
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Ashwagandha Pakhi-:

There are many benefits of that medicine which is helpful for increasing muscle strengthening and enhancing stamina. Now today days everyone both men and women has the desire to get good body along with beauty. For taking good benefits you can consume it regular basis. Which play very important role for weight increasing. That medicine you can easily take it from patanjali store. From this ashwagandha pakhi best ayurvedic medicine for weight gain for female.
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Ashwagandha arjuna-

The best ayurvedic weight gain powder name is ashwagandha arjuna. This is the fourth best medicine for weight increasing which considered as the best for overall health and another main effect of that medicine which is used for heart patients. This is the best Ayurveda supplement which is mostly used by players especially by runner and bodybuilder. For taking good effect on body you can include ashwagadha arjuna with cow milk. The is the best blood tonic to gain weight fast. The combination of both nutrients effect more on body which is helpful for weight gaining.


ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

Chyavanprash is the best old tonic for weight gain in Ayurveda history. It is made up from different nutritious herbs of nature, which help for growing muscle and strengthening of bones. These ingredients also improve immunity system which help to raise weight in body. You can take more beneficial effect with regular intake of Chyavanprash. So you should regular consume two spoon of chyavanprash which will also help you ensures better blood circulation. It will help your digestion process fast and which cause you feel hungry sooner. This ayurvedic product you can take easily from any medical store which help you for weight gain. This ayurveda tonic is suitable for age of people.
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Vasant Kusumakar Ras-:

This Vasant Kusumakar Ras is a best ayurvedic medicine. Which are available in the store in powder or tablet form. This drug is also used for weight gaining but you should consume it under doctor guidance. With this medicine you can get the benefit of skin complexion, increasing memory, immunity and body weight. This is the best ayurvedic weight gainer capsule.
The best procedure of taking that medicine is 250 mg of vasant kusumakar ras with sugar, honey or ghee once in early morning after eating breakfast.


Saatavari medicine is best for improving digestion system which cause you feel more hunger and more you eat. At last it will helps for weight gaining. This herbs is a good hydrator which help to maintain fluid inside the body. Mostly that medicine is helpful for pregnant women. You can get that medicine from all Ayurveda store which are made by Himalaya herbals.


Those people are facing problem with weak immunity system for that yashtimadhu is an effective remedy. Because weak immunity system people bodyweight can never be increase. So for that people Yashtimadhu is the best herbs because it also provide the both strength and stamina. This is the best patanjali ayurvedic medicine for weight gain.


ayurvedic medicine for weight gain

Shilajit has more number of minerals approximate 85 which is very excellent, in which more powerful mineral is folic acid. It offer much numerous benefits to our body, which is helpful for our body immunity system, increase memory power and energy booster.
During taking shilajit one point keep in mind that, you can take shilajit 1-2 time per day and 5-6 time per week. The optimal duration should be 2-3 month  times per year but not in regular. Approximate should gap between 3 to 4 month.

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