11 Effective Home Remedies And Tips To Control Hair Fall

best way to get rid of hairfall
There are best way how to get rid of hair fall, Now days hair fall is common problem in all men and women the reason behind it genes problem but there are also many other factor that can cause problem occur. But in which one main common is that our lack of knowledge which you can treat with wonderful technique and so here I will provide you 6 best way to get rid of hair fall naturally that simple way you can treat the condition.

11 Best Home remedies for hair fall

Aloe vera

Coconut milk


Greek yogurt



Lemon juice


Onion juice

Green tea

Corriander juice

1) Aloe vera

best way to get rid of hairfall

Aloe vera gel play a very vital role in balancing the Ph level of scalp and hair. It also help in hair growth.you can used aloe vera as a gel that is created from plants, This aloe vera gel you can used for the treatment of acne problems but through that gel you can also get rid of hair fall problem.


Firstly you should put out gel from aloe vera and apply it on the scalp of head. But ensure that your hair should be washed off and cleaned before applying. After that massage the pulp into the scalp of hair. Leave it for 20 minute on hair and after that rinse with cold water. For better result you should apply thrice week.  This is the best home remedies for hair fall and regrowth.

2) Coconut milk

Cocunut milk has antibacterial properties that strengthen and protect the hair from damage. It contains Vitamin E , it is rich in protein and minerals such  as potassium. Coconut milk contains fats which helps to moisturize your hair and keeps it healthy. Cocunut oil is also beneficial for hair growth and regular use of that oil will strengthen you hair.


Firstly you should apply coconut milk on the scalp of hair and after that you should cover it with towel or other thing and leave it for 25 minute. After that rinse your hair with cold water.

3) Neem

Neem has antibacterial properties that helps to get rid of dandruff from hair and keep healthy grow hair. Washing of hair with neem water stimulate blood flow to skin which is very essential for healthy hair.


firstly you should need 15 dry neem leaves and after that neem leaves should be enter into boiling water.
Boil the neem leaves until the water quantity reach at half level and after wait for it cool then rinse your hair with this water.
You can used this remedies after washing hair with shampoo and it can be ideally done once every week.

4) Amla

best way to get rid of hairfall

 Amla is a rich source of Vitmain C it is essential for hair growth. Vitamin C absorb iron, with that hair will strong and healthy. Amla is available in market in the form of powder or juice now days patanjali amla herbal powder is using in high demands. Amla also helps prevent your premature grey hair. With the regular use it will strengthen you hair follicles.


For best result you should firstly mixed 2 teaspoon of amla powder with lime juice and apply on the scalp of the hair and you should need to apply it for 20 minute and after that rinse with warm water.
You can follow that remedies twice a week.

5) Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt contains Vitamins B5 and protein that is very beneficial for hair strengthen and you can it more powerful for hair by mixing with honey because honey contains antibacterial properties that protect the hair naturally from damage.


Firstly you should need a 2 tablespoon of greek yogurt and 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 lemon.
Mix that greek yogurt, honey and lemon juice in one bowl properly and after making paste you can apply it on the scalp of hair. For best result you can use it once a week.
But if your hair contains dryness then you can sue it twice a week. Through this method you can get best answer how to reduce hair fall and increase hair growth.

6) Methi (Fenugreek)

Fenugreek is used for strengthen of hair, shiny and long. It helps to rebuilding of hair follicles.


1) 4 tablespoon of greek yogurt
  • 2 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds
  • One egg
1 )-  2 tablespoon of fenugreek  seeds
2)- ½ cup of coconut oil
1)- One cup fenugreek seeds

Method 1


Ist method firstly you should add 2 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in water for overnight.
2)-  In morning make a paste of that seeds and mix with water which is necessary.
3)- Add four tablespoon of greek yogurt and 1 white egg into that paste.
4)- So this paste apply on the hair and scalp.
5)- Leave it for half an hour.
6)- After wash off hair thoroughly with water.

Method 2

1)- Soaking 2 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds into water for overnight.
2)- In morning make a paste of that seeds and add ½ cup of coconut oil.
3)- Apply on the scalp of hair and massage gently at roots of your hair
4)- Leave it for 1 hour and after that wash off hair with cold water properly.

Method 3

1)- Soaking 1 cup of fenugreek seeds with water on night.
2)- So in morning make a paste of that seeds and apply on the scalp of hair.
3) Leave it for 50 minute.
4)- After rinse properly with cold water.

For better result you can use one method once or twice a month.

7) Beetroot

best way to get rid of hairfall

Beetroot is very beneficial for hair growth and strengthens, because in which contains Vitamin B, C  and  potassium. So this is the best method how to prevent hair fall for male and women.


1)- Beetroot leaves
2)- 1 tablespoon henna


1)- Firstly you should add few beetroot leaves on water and boil it and it should be boiled that time when water will be half.
2)- Grind the leaves and add one tablespoon of henna on it.
3)- Make a paste and apply on a scalp of hair.
4)- Leave it for 30 minute and after wash off hair with water.
You can use that method Thrice a week on hair.

8) Onion juice

Onion Juice has a antibacterial properties which is very beneficial for reducing scalp infection which cause hair lose and strengthens weak. It has also high sulfur content that encourages to hair growth and improves blood circulation on head part.


1)- 1 Onion
2)- A cotton ball
1)- 1 Onion
2)- Rose water
3)- 2 tablespoon of honey

Method 1

1)- Grid the onion and extract it juice.
2)-  Dip the cotton ball on the juice and apply on the scalp of hair gently.
3)- Leave it for 30 minute and after that wash off hair with cold water and you can also use shampoo on hair.

Method 2

1)-  Extract the juice from onion and add 1 or 2 table spoon of honey and mix properly. But for removing odor smell from that mixture you can add some drop of rose water.
2)- Apply on the scalp of hair and massage gently.
3)- Leave it for 30 to 40 minute and after that wash hair with rinse water. But during using of that process you should protection of our eyes because that is very harmful for eyes.

9) Green tea

best way to get rid of hairfall

Green tea has many benefits for health but in case of hair problem that also play very important role, with the help of green tea you can increase your metabolism which is very necessary for hair growth and strengthens


1)- Take 2 green tea bag
2)- 3-4 cup of water.


1)- Add this 2 green tea bag into hot water and removing it from water after cooling down.
2)- Now you can apply that water into the scalp of hair and gently massage the hair.
3)- You can use that green tea water also after shampoo into hair as a conditioner.

10) Lemon juice

Lemon juice has vitamin C and essential nutrients which protect the hair health. Lemon juice has also contains excellent astringents. They tighten the pores in your scalp which help in controlling the hair fall. Lemon juice also contains alpha-hydroxy acid which help in reducing dandruff from hair.


1)- 3 lemons
2)- 1 cup warm water


1)- Cut your each of the lemons and mix it with warm water
2)-  Firstly you should washed your hair in the bath and apply this mixture on the scalp of hair.
3)- Leave it for 5 minute on the hair and after that again wash you hair with cold water.
4)- For better result you can use that method in morning after bathing twice or thrice a week.

11) Corriander juice

Corriander juice is also beneficial for hair growth and recovery of hair loss. With using of that juice you can soften your hair.
1)-  Take 4 tablespoon of water.
2)-  Take fresh 3-4 leaves of coriander.


1)- Grind the coriander leaves and mix it with water and make a paste.
2)- Apply it on the scalp of hair with hair dye brush.
3)- Leave it for 1 hour and doing shampoo as usual.
For better result you can do that process twice or thrice a week in morning.

Cause of hair fall

1) Stress-:

Stress is the main reason for hair fall. Hair damage by stress are categorized into three parts alopecia areata, trichotillomania and telogen effluvium. But it can be controlled through doing regular yoga asana, workout session and meditation. now days main question arise in all mind that is how to stop hair fall immidiately.

 2) Insufficiency of nutrients-:

Due to lack of vitamins and minerals can lead to hair loss. So taking proper health diet which contains protein, vitamins and minerals which help to recover of hair loss and boost hair growth.

3) Pregnancy-:

Many women face problem in hair loss during and after pregnancy but behind it reason that changing of hormonal level in body but one thing is good that hair come back after pregnancy.

4) Artificial product-:

Now days in market there are many hair fall treatment shampoo, but you should remind in mind that all product are not good for all people. So you should used that product which will be beneficial for your hair otherwise it could be responsible for hair loss. So be careful.

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