what is food poisoning symptoms

food poisoning symptoms
Many people ask question that what is food poisoning symptoms, In basically term it is illness which is come from toxic food what you have eat. It is also known as foodborne illness. This is categorize in the form of vomiting, Nausea and Diarrhea. We have listed some food that give you treatment of food poisoning naturally. So don’t worry about it. In this article I will give you treatment of food poisoning and symptoms of food poisoning which are given below-
What is food poisoning
How to cure food poisoning
The main sign and symptoms of food poisoning

What is The Reason of Food Poisoning?

There are many reason of food poisoning in our stomach due to such as bacteria, parasites and virus.


You all know that there are many bacteria in our food in which some are good for digestion and some are bad which create food poisoning in stomach.so today I will share with you bacteria for food poisoning in which Salmonella bacteria is most common and dangerous bacteria for food poisoning in stomach. Actually that bacteria is developed from eggs, chicken and mayonnaise etc. the main reason behind it is not properly cooked. E coli bacteria is also very dangerous for food poisoning which is developed from food like salad. Mostly that food poisoning symptoms eggs.


Here is second factor for food poisoning is parasites. Food poisoning caused by parasites is very less chance but cannot be ignore. It attack on those people who have immune system is less. Types of parasites is Toxoplasma which is responsible for food poisoning and that is found in cat litter boxes. It also attack on those women who is Pregnant. They have chance of increasing food poisoning and became a very serious side effect.
One thing you should always notice in mind that you should treat it properly before it turns life-threatening. If you have food poisoning in high level, then you should consult with doctor. Don’t take any advice from Google posting.
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you have note that in whole world 20 million cases of food poisoning come every year. In which nor virus is the most common virus which is also known as Norwalk virus?  In spite of that virus also another virus also responsible for it, which is rotavirus, astrovirus and sapovirus. These all virus come in stomach in the form of food. So that all virus are cause of food poisoning. you should treat that food poisoning symptoms on time.
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Best home remedy for treat food poisoning-

1) Ginger with honey-

food poisoning symptoms

Ginger is a common food which is very popular for eating in our daily life. It contains many antimicrobial properties which is helpful for fight against food poisoning because in which contain gingerol compound which is useful for absorption of essential nutrients, which cause your digestion system will strong.
But you can get more benefits if you mix it with honey. Raw honey also contains antimicrobial properties, which is helpful for easily recovery of your problem in short period of time. Through this remedy you can reduce illness like vomiting and nausea. Here I will provide you some tips how to use that both ginger and honey, in what quantity. if food poisoning symptoms in child for this that remedy is very benefits


For this firstly you should need 1 to 2 sliced of ginger root
Add it mix with water and start boiling
Boiled it for 5 minute
Add some honey to it
Then after you can consume it
For better result you should consume it thrice a daily until your symptoms are not finished.
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Apple cider Vinegar-

Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. In which contains antibacterial properties is responsible for effective against foodborne pathogenic. This food is rich source of nutrients and enzymes which help you fight against food poisoning. this is the best food poisoning symptoms and treatment. It is also helpful for regulate healthy blood sugar level. For more benefits you should need to know how to use it. Which are given below-


Take 1-2 table spoon of apple cider vinegar.
Add with one glass of warm water.
Stir with spoon continuously until it not mixed and consume it immediately.
For better result in food poisoning you can take that juice thrice time a day.
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Vitamin C-

food poisoning symptoms

Vitamin C is very necessary for our body because with the help of it protein will absorb in our body. It is also antioxidant which is helpful for eliminate toxin from body and which cause food poisoning will not occur in our stomach and it is also helpful for reducing bad bacteria which cause food poisoning develop in stomach. So you should consume high level vitamin c inside body, which you can also get in the form of medicine. Which is easily available in medical store.
 You can consume 100mg of vitamin C 3 to 4 times daily, for reducing that bad symptoms. this is the best food poisoning symptoms treatment.
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food poisoning symptoms

You all know that banana is a rich source of fiber and potassium. Which is useful for increasing digestion power. So with this you can reduce the symptoms of food poisoning and energize your body. So banana is also helpful for reduce the problem such as vomiting and diarrhea. You can also consume it with milk in the form of shake.
Take two bananas with one glass of milk.
You should consume it daily. But if your digestion power is low then you should not add banana with milk. Because it will be more heavy for your stomach.
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Basil with cardamom-

If you feel vomiting and nausea then you can eat basil with cardamom, it is very beneficial for removing food poisoning in stomach. It is rich source of antimicrobial properties which is helpful in eliminating bacteria which is responsible for food poisoning. For good result you should eat it regularly after eating food.


food poisoning symptoms

what is food poisoning that is main question which you can get best benefits from grapefruit. It is also beneficial for recovery food poisoning. It contains many antimicrobial properties which reduce that symptom from your body and help you to recover fast as soon as possible.
For more benefits you should add 10 drops of grapefruit seed extract in one glass of water and mix well continuously.
For best result you can drink that juice thrice a daily for one week.

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Types of Dandruff and How to Control It

types of dandruff
Before treatment of dandruff firstly we should learn the types of dandruff and how to control it. Now day that problem is very common in almost people. There are many reason behind it. Those people who have dandruff in hair it’s very difficult for dealing with it. If you want to treat dandruff then firstly you should need to learn different types of dandruff flakes.
Almost more people think that dry scalp is the only main reason of dandruff but that is not completely true. The main reason behind it excessive oil secretion from scalp. Which cause your hair loss start. Then you should need to find proper solution for hair loss treatment.

There are following 5 different types of dandruff on scalp which is very harmful for hair loss-

1) Dandruff due to dry scalp-

types of dandruff

Actually dandruff is occurring on those people who have dry skin on hair. Mostly that dry skin occurring on winter months or if you use regular shampoo on hair that is also the other main reason of develop dry skin on hair. I have notice that those people have curly hair also suffer from dry scalp.
Which people have dandruff on hair those people should not wash your hair with warm water and also not using that shampoo who create more foam that aggravate dry skin related problems.
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2) Reduce natural oil from scalp-

types of dandruff

Sebum is the natural oil which is release from same pores as from hair produced. This sebum oil is produced from sebaceous gland. Which is connected to our hair follicles. The main function of that oil is to prevent from dryness, which is the main reason of occurring dandruff and cause hair fall start.
Sometime your body start excess sebum from that pores which result acne start on the face. The main reason of occurring excess sebum is that stress, pregnancy, using artificial product etc. or when this sebum is mixed dirt then it result inflammation on the hair follicles, which cause dandruff formed. The main symptoms of that problem is Yellow patches on the scalp of hair or large yellowish dandruff flakes on scalp, itching etc.
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3) Fungal Dandruff

types of dandruff

Fungal dandruff, This is very serious condition for hair protection that is caused by greasy scalp and PH imbalance. This fungal infection is called malassezia. Which produced on the scalp of hair at higher rate than normal.
From natural remedies you can get rid of that fungal dandruff. Massage with essential oil and other natural ingredients, it helps you to manage it. Now days in market many good products are available who reduce inflammation and dandruff from the oily scalps. The main symptoms of that dandruff is White or yellowish dandruff flakes on hair scalp and itchiness.

4) Dandruff due to artificial products-

Now days in market many artificial products are available who give you stylish hairstyle but in reality that is not good for our hair, in which including chemical is dangerous for our hair follicles, which cause dandruff will occur on the scalp of hair. Using of product such as conditioner, serum, pomades, hair spray and using of too much shampoo in hair on regular basis. With using on excess amount it will reduce natural oil from hair.
For hair protection and safety, firstly you should consult with doctor and find best product or shampoo which is suitable for our hair. There are many types of dandruff shampoo. You all know that all chemical product is not provide good result for all people. It is depends on person to person. If your hair is coarse, then you should also use dandruff conditioner it will make your hair more brittle or if your hair is thin then you should add plenty of protein and omega-3 fatty acid in your diet, which is helpful for making strong hair.
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5) Seborrheic dermatitis-

In a study proof that this disease is occur due to increasing stress, change hormone in body. It cause inflammatory reaction on the yeast which is normally found on the skin surface that is such as neck, surface of scalp, behind ears and eyebrow etc. this is the types of dandruff seborrheic dermatitis. During that problems occur you cannot ignore it, after some time it will  create much serious disease. Which is harmful for hair growth.  So this disease is the cause of hair loss and greasy skin. It is include in two main types of dandruff.
It cause much serious symptoms can occur which is white or yellowish dandruff flakes, redness and irritation etc.
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How to prevent dandruff

Now days in Indian market many tons of anti-dandruff shampoo are available who give you guarantee that they will get rid of your dandruff permanently from your hair but according to mine you should you should consult with doctor before using products. You should pick that shampoo which have present that following ingredients such as Selenium sulfide, Coal tar, Salicylic acid and ketoconazole etc.
But except using that products in your diet also include vital nutrients such as Zinc, good fats and protein etc. which is helpful for hair protection and remove infection on hair follicles which cause dandruff occur. Please avoid that artificial products which is used for hair coloring, perms etc.
Also do not use too much shampoo on hair in regular basis because dryness will occur on the scalp of hair. Which is the main big reason of occurring dandruff.
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1) Apple cider vinegar-

types of dandruff

Apple cider vinegar play very important role for removing dandruff from hair. For good result you can mix 2 cups of apple cider vinegar in one cups of water properly and put that liquid on the scalp of hair and massage gently. You can start continuous that massage for few minutes for better result and after one hour wash hair with fresh water.

Baking soda-

Baking soda is also another best remedy for removing dandruff from hair. Firstly you should take three tablespoon of baking soda and add with three table spoon of lemon juice.
Mix properly till time when it became paste and apply on the scalp of hair and leave it for 10 minutes. After that wash off hair with fresh water. One point always notice in mind that don’t wash your hair with warm water when you are facing problem with dandruff.
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2) Tea tree oil-

types of dandruff

You can also benefits from tea tree oil. In market many tea tree oil are available but in which anti-fungal, moisturizing tea tree oil is the best for removing dandruff from hair. The main function of it blockage the pores, which is prevent from dryness to the scalp.
For good result you can add that few drops of tea tree oil with coconut oil onto the scalp of hair and massage gently. If you want more benefits then you can leave that paste on hair for overnight and in morning you can wash it with good shampoo which is suitable according to your hair. This is the best dandruff treatment.
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