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You all know that the body of People who do gym or workouts are very different from another public person that is possible when they take proper complete diet and purpose of doing gym of all person have different. Some people go to gym for reduce the weight of their body and some people want to create a muscular or attractive body. But for make a muscular body or lose weight, you have not just doing a workout in gym or workout will not create effect on your body if you are not take complete diet with full calorie So diet play a very important role for making body.
If you do not follow the correct diet chart during gym, then you face more hard work for your body and your hard work will not be visible through your body. So for make such a good body, one important attention is that take proper amount of protein, carbohydrate and fiber. Actually that post for those person who do not know about the diet chart and want to knowledge for gaining muscular body. So please read the full post. In this post I will give you knowledge about pre-workout, post workout or in between all day diet chart what you should follow. That is the 7 day meal plan for muscle gain.
One important point I want to tell you that eating and sleeping play a very role for making good muscular body so please don’t forget about sleeping because only full sleeping time your muscle is in recover state and best sleeping hour for adult is 8-9 hour or Also another important thing is taking diet and supplements on proper time can improve your performance in the gym. This the best indian diet chart for muscle gain.

1)-Wake up healthy diet chart for creating muscular body-:

diet plan for muscle gain

Taking the meal immediately after the pre-breakfast or waking up in the morning play very important role. When you have complete sleep approximate 7 to 10 hours in the morning, your body of catabolic level is already at high position of the day that means your body of muscle tissue needs energy to work.
That time you should eat more proteins and glycemic fruits like that watermelon, Honey etc. in the pre-breakfast diet charts. So during pre-breakfast you can also take whey protein or shake of fruit like banana or beetroot juice. If you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, this diet is play crucial role for both people because with this diet you will cover enough calorie what you have need in pre-breakfast but you should adding into regular diet chart.

2)-Breakfast diet chart for gaining muscular body-:


One thing I have notice that some people leave the morning breakfast but that is the very wrong thinking of that people. Breakfast also play very important role to reach the fitness goal. For gaining muscle in body so in breakfast you should taking regular protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat. You can take that breakfast in vegetarian or non-vegetarian form.
First for vegetarian people who want attractive body masses should eat paneer according to size of your body you can take it with parantha also , Yogurt, and one bowl sprouted salad.
If you are a non-vegetarian people, you can eat oatmeal, almonds and milk with eggs in breakfast.
In morning time when we wake up from bed after completing sleeping of 9 hour. Then the level of glycogen and blood glucose in the body are very low due to dehydration and that time the level of cartisol are increases. In such a situation, this diet chart is very helpful for those who are make muscle in body.

Mid-morning diet chart for muscle building-:

In the mid time of morning, you should eat high protein, less carbohydrate and green vegetables. If you want to make a muscular diet chart you can eat a large bowl, small-sized fruit, roasted chickpeas, mixed vegetables and necessary salads. This time meal is the high protein diet plan for muscle gain
But If you are interested of non-vegetarian you can eat brown rice and broccoli with chicken. That will give you enough energy for muscle building.
If you want your body does not look fatty or more attractive then you should taking a limited amount of protein and carbohydrate.

Lunch diet chart for muscle building-:

To make a muscular body, in lunch diet you should also eat proteins, low carbohydrates and green vegetables. One important point is that you must eat lunch regular on definitely proper time. Lunch is the fourth meal of your day for making muscular body, which provides crucial nutrients to your body and increase the performance of your gym workout training session. Healthy lunch help your body molecule to break down for gaining energy in body and provides enough energy.
If you are a vegetarian then you should eat a medium bowl brown rice, mixed vegetables, Greek yogurt, broccoli or soybeans and salad in lunch. This is the also the lean muscle diet for female.
Or if you are non-vegetarian then you should eat fish, chicken breast, egg and mixed vegetables.

Mid-afternoon diet chart for muscle building-:

Many people do workout on Midday so you can also say that this diet chart is also known as pre-workout meal. At this time you have to need taking a carbohydrate which contain protein and low glycemic index.
If you are a vegetarian, then you can take a boiled cooked sweet potatoes with Greek yogurt and apart from this you can also take whole grain toast with almond butter. If you are non-vegetarian, then you can take whey protein powder with boiled sweet potatoes.
Expert trainer already say that, you should always take a mid-day meal for 50 to 60 minutes before starting a gym workout. This will increase your performance or energy in the gym. The pre-workout diet is composed of slow-moving proteins and low glycemic index carbohydrate that is very good for your muscle building.

Post workout meal-:

After workout your body muscle are breakdown and muscle need to high energy so that you have to need a high protein and high glycemic index diet even after the gym in midafternoon. This diet chart you can say that post workout diet chart which is very essential for recovery of your muscle power.
In a study found that protein shake provide the strength in body muscles after workout in gym, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people should drink protein shake (In which you can also add banana shake) or buttermilk. So after workout, this shake is very nutritious for the body. This is also the meal plan for muscle gain female.

Diet chart for dinner-:

high protein diet plan for muscle gain

For looking muscular body dinner diet play important role because with this you can increase the insulin in body which help the muscle do not break. Dinner is considerably the last meal of your day for increasing muscular body. So in dinner time, you should take carbohydrate which contains protein and fiber. Dinner diet is different for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.
If you are a vegetarian then you should eat avocado, (it provides high energy) white beans salad and simple paneer. Along with green mix vegetables and eat roti according to your body size.
If you are a Non-vegetarian then you should eat a light meal for dinner, In which you can add chicken breast, broccoli salad. This all diet provides adequate amino acids to the body which work as a fuel in body. If you cannot eat or afford that diet in dinner, then in such situation you can also eat brown rice and boiled sweet potatoes. This is also the muscle building meal plan for beginners.

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