9 Best Foods Good for Liver

foods good for liver
Foods goods for liver, you all know that the liver is very crucial gland of our body and also say that powerhouse of an organ. Its 1.5kg of organ performs many variety of task such as production of protein and biochemical which is required for digestion, detoxification of substance and help in storing vitamins and minerals etc. this is the second largest organ of our body.
Now days much people consuming alcohol or other toxic substance, which is not healthy for our body, with these our liver work overload and has a chance of destroy it and face many complication such as hepatitis, ascites etc.
 This article provide you best food to keep your liver healthy.

1) Garlic

foods good for liver

Garlic is the best detoxification which keep your liver healthy. In which contain selenium and allicin play very important role for cleansing liver. With regular eating you can activate enzymes which are helpful for removing toxin from liver. This is the best foods good for liver repair.
 It is also a rich source of arginine which make your liver strong so there are number of benefits of eating garlic for healthy liver.
For more benefits you should not consuming it after heating because with these many important quality destroy it. Now days in market you can take it in the form of capsule which are easily available. You can take or consume raw garlic with honey in the morning for best result of liver.
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2) Beetroot

You have studied that beetroot has many benefits for health such as liver, metabolism, glowing skin, digestion etc. so according to my think this is the best food for our body health.
You can consume it in the form of salad and beetroot juice. Which are also helpful for our blood purify. Beetroot juice is a rich source of betalains. So this is the best foods to avoid with liver disease.
 Which are helpful for removing toxin substance from outside of body. In a study proof that beetroot juice protect the liver from inflammation, oxidative damage and reduce DNA damage. For keep your liver healthy you can consume one medium glass of beetroot juice per day.
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3) Grapefruit

foods for good liver

You all know that the Grapefruit is a delicious but it also performs antioxidants that naturally protect the liver. naringenin and naringin are the two antioxidant. Because in which contain high level of Vitamin C which are helpful for flush out toxin from liver.
You can protect the liver by reducing inflammation and protect the cells with regular eating of grapefruits.
In a study proof that in which present antioxidant can reduce the level of hepatic fibrosis which is responsible for fatty liver and more connective tissue build up in the liver. This typical result occur from chronic inflammation.
The flavored naringin is mostly occur in grapefruits which are helpful for decrease the amount of fat from the liver and increase the number of enzymes which is necessary for the break-down of food.
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4) Broccoli

foods good for liver

In study proof that consuming broccoli in regular day can help to protect the body from liver cancer Broccoli is a best natural source of isothiocyanates and sulfur compounds, which is helpful for flush out of toxin from liver and improve the metabolism.
If you liver is cover with fat then you should avoid butter or other high fat dairy food and meat etc. then that all foods bad for liver. During that time you should also avoid drugs and alcohol.
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5) Carrot

foods good for liver

Carrots is rich source of Vitamin A which is helpful for the protection of liver disease. It is also a rich source of fiber and you all know that high fiber is very necessary for healthy liver because with these your liver will not absorb toxin substance.
So you can also say that carrot is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and dietary fiber. It is already proof that from the science of institution this is the best foods good for liver regeneration.
Hence you have known that carrot can protect you from liver toxicity and fatty liver. Best method of drink carrot juice is one glass each day in empty stomach or you can also eat 2-3 boiled carrot.
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6) Green Tea

foods good for liver


Green tea is the best richest source of antioxidant, which is widely beneficial for our health but the main benefits of it is for healthy liver.
In a study proof that if you drink 2-3 cup of green tea everyday it will help you for improving enzyme level, reduce stress and remove fat from liver which are absorbed in it.
In a research also found that which person who absorb two or three cups of green tea every day. They have a risk of less liver cancer comparatively other person who does not drink. Or less.
Green tea is a natural and rich source of antioxidant. These protect your body from the free radical that cause cellular damage and inflammation. It is also boost your immune system which is helpful for the balance of your body such as blood pressure, body weight and help you from many other disease etc.
But it also have some disadvantage so before consuming please take the advice of doctor, sometime this foods to avoid with liver disease, which would be good for you.

7) Apple

Apple is very beneficial and effective fruit for liver cleansing. In which contain polyphenol control your serum and lipid level of liver.
In study proof that if you eat apple regularly for three months will reduce your serum and lipid level of liver. Which will be helpful for removing toxic substance. In which also contain anti-inflammatory properties will also help you from fatty liver, that is against it.
You should consume at least one apple each day  for healthy liver and protection from other disease.


8) Turmeric

foods good for liver

This is a yellow pigmented root which is used for cooking. Turmeric is the rich source of antioxidant and inflammatory properties that is very helpful for increasing good digestion.
It also help you from many disease such as bad liver, low digestion, reduce stress and improving metabolism.
In ancient day turmeric is used in wound and cold etc. because this is rich in antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties etc. now days in market many liver health supplements is also available for customer. For consuming 12 week you can see more good effect on liver. Best method of eating turmeric, mixing turmeric powder with one glass of milk after dinner. If you cannot take it with regular base then you can buy turmeric supplement from market.

9) Nuts

Nuts are a good source of nutrients and vitamin E, which help you for removing wastage fat from body. It is also a rich source of fiber because with these you can get more health benefits especially for healthy liver.
So in study found that which people eat nut in regular basis they have less risk of liver cancer comparatively other people those does not eat. Actually this composition has also many benefits for heart health.
If we want to keep liver healthy for this firstly we should avoid bad habits, In which one major is alcohol, fast food. You can add that foods bad for liver and kidneys.


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