Healthy Diet foods play important role for overall BODY HEALTH but that is possible if we work with Healthy Diet plan and giving our body to perfect nutrition, micronutrients, macronutrients,adequate calories and fluid.This requirement for healthy diet can be complete from a variety of plant based and animal based food with the help of healthy diet energy will increase. This best diet for bodybuilding will cover all types of nutrients in your body in easy way.

Foods for eat to lose belly fat:-

fat burning food

1) There are so many healthy diet plan to lose weight which is like that almonds and nuts in which large number of nutrients and protein which helpful for body growth and also it helpful for loose belly fat from body.
So there are so many another foods for loosing belly fat like as beans,spinach and other green vegetables which also helpful for GLOWING SKIN.
2) Some people think that eating non-veg is the main reason for increasing belly fat but this is wrong.
eating a whole eggs it contains all the necessary nutrients and protein which is helpful for body function,which is also helpful for weight management.

Vegetarian food:-

vegetarian foodThere are bodybuilding diet plan with the help of Vegetarian food through which we can get sufficient calories this is possible through plenty of fruits and green vegetables.For this you should utilize whole egg white and soy protein powder which is very necessarily for those who doing bodybuilding.Because without protein or nutrients,multivitamin we can not doing a bodybuilding this is very necessarily for bodybuilders.
Some people think that without non-veg we can not build a muscle but this is wrong we can take all nutrients,protein from fruits,vegetables and pulse. best supplement for bodybuilding please click below link-

Non vegetarian food:-

non-veg food

Non vegetarian healthy diet for men play important role for build a muscle for this first necessarily point is protein.Protein is a macro nutrient for build a muscle it also play other role for human body and through protein we also receive big energy source.So in this blog we provide you best non veg food for body building.
Through protein we can slow down the blood sugar level which is possible when you provide proper protein in body,through this your metabolism will build.For build a muscle and body you should consume one gram of per each pound of body weight. In that chart you will find best diet for bodybuilding in india and best diet for bodybuilding without supplement.

Non vegetarian diet chart:-

1)Three egg white
2)one egg with yolk
3)5 almond
4)one banana
5)drink milk


1)One banana
2)5 almond


1)Brown rice
2)150gm chicken
4)Green salad


1)One apple/banana
2)Three almond
3)Whey protein

Post workout:

1)Five almond
2)One banana
3)Whey protein


Dinner should be lightly in protein.
1)150gm chicken
3)Green salad
4)4 chapattis
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