how to boost testosterone naturally

how to boost testosterone naturally
If you want increase your testosterone level in your body So for this please read full post, here you will find answer how to boost testosterone naturally Basically Testosterone is a male sex hormone in men. Which is very beneficial for increasing muscle mass. But this hormone is also available in small amount in women body. It is a naturally steroid hormone produced in testicles of women and men’s testes. Inside adrenal glands, this hormone is also found in some quantities. Today I will tell you best home remedies for increasing testosterone in body, so for increasing testosterone level you should need to best exercise and best food which are give below.
When the boys enter into growing state, then there body  have many types of physical changes due to the testosterone hormone like as increasing muscle mass, heavyness comes in the sound, and the hair starts growing. However with increasing old age, this hormone start decreasing in men’s body. But now days some boys also facing problem due to low testosterone in body.
The main benefits of high testosterone is that it is essential male hormone for building muscle mass. Having normal level of testosterone is also crucial for other benefits, in which including enhanced energy, increased libido and good athletic performance, increase potentially. So every boy should need to maximize his Testosterone levels, even that if bodybuilding building isn’t his first goal but man should be specially focused on boosting testosterone if they’re trying to add muscle mass. So you can increase your testosterone level or production in body by following exercise, supplementation, nutrition and lifestyle strategies into your daily life.

Importance of increasing testosterone level-:

1)– It is helpful for increase the muscle mass in body and reduce the body fat from body.
2)– It is essential for increasing the ability of sex and for attraction with women.
3)- It is helpful for reducing many disease like cardiovascular disease and increasing the strengthen of bones.

Best way to boost testosterone naturally through following steps-:

If you are a man and your body has low levels of testosterone, then you don’t have need to panic. For all problem has solution so for this also, For increasing  testosterone level, we are here to tell you the remedies for increasing the testosterone.

Boost testosterone with nutrition-:

You all people know that you have to need a protein for build muscle mass, but some of you does not know that consuming protein also helps boost testosterone levels. Now days in market many natural testosterone Supplements which are in the form of protein such as whey protein that are associated with higher levels of testosterone. Fatty fish adds in the diet that is high in protein and have a beneficial effect on the liver and kidneys, and overall levels of testosterone in body.

How to take supplement-:

please take at least 1 gram of protein for each pound of your bodyweight, and It means that which bodybuilder who consumes 4,500 calories a day should consume up to 350 grams of protein per day.

Consume high testosterone vegetables-:

Now days many people have one question is that how to increase testosterone levels naturally with food .You all people know that vegetables are very beneficial for good health and increasing muscle mass, but some from all of you does not know that certain vegetables may also help increase testosterone levels. So during research cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli ,cauliflower, garlic, watercress, kale, mustard greens and nuts may help boost testosterone level.

how to boost testosterone naturally


Increase testosterone with vitamin D-:

For increasing testosterone levels in body vitamin D play very important role(So take vitamin D to increase testosterone). Many people does not take sunlight, because they think his body does not need to it but this is wrong due to which there is a shortage of vitamin D in their body and testosterone levels fall. But in market Vitamin D3 supplement also available which helps in increasing the level of testosterone but naturally vitamin D will effect more compared to artificial vitamin D from tablet. So It is very beneficial for increasing testosterone in 40-50 age of people.

Increase testosterone with Shilajit-:

Shilajit is a natural supplement food which formed from slow decomposition of plant matter or that found in the hills of the Himalayas and contains Falvic acid and other 84 minerals that helps naturally increase testosterone levels. But in market many lot of difference in the high quality and low quality Shilajit. Therefore increasing testosterone level high quality shilajit is very good. There are also many herbs which increase testosterone level in body but in which one is that ashwagandha. So ashwagandha is the best herbs to boost testosterone naturally and quickly.


Boost testosterone with exercise-:

Exercise is beneficial for removing diseases but you will also probably surprised to hear that having more muscle mass in body that helps keep to testosterone levels high. In research found that doing daily exercise also increase the testosterone level in body. Basically, all types of exercises are helpful in increasing testosterone levels but weight lifting (which you can do at gym) are very helpful in increasing testosterone. Which is also very beneficial for healthy sex life.
So for increasing muscle mass your body have good level of testosterone level because without it your body can not grow with muscle. Main reason of fatty body is that low level of testosterone which you can gain with doing regular exercise (weight lifting). In which main exercise is that heavy exercise like Bench press, Deadlift, Squat.

Good sleep-:

Now in daily busy life much people does not take proper sleep which cause many disease occur on his body in which one main problem is that low level of testosterone which cause they face many problems. So it is very important to take good sleep, good food and doing regular exercise which are needed for good health. More sleeping effectively works to increase the level of testosterone. In scientific study have found that those man who sleep only for five or six hours they have less testosterone levels than those who are more sleepy. So a lot of sleep is necessary because it enhances the level of testosterone. For this people use increase testosterone levels pills.

Avocado is the best food for increasing testosterone level, Avocado is also the best source of fat which are full with vitamin E. This vitamin plays an important role for boosting testosterone naturally. This food reduces estrogen levels and increases the sperm count in men. Many people use avocado to increase the fertility. So this is the best foods that increase testosterone naturally. This is also the best food for glowing skin.

how to boost testosterone naturally

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