how to increase stamina

how to increase stamina
In this topic I will give you information about how to increase stamina that is very important topic for all of us. Actually that is depends on our mental ability or physical ability. But now days most people have stamina go down in which one main reason is that his bad habit like smoking or alcohol drinking etc. Actually that all destroy our stamina. For running our stamina should be high or for increasing muscle we should do more hard-work on gym but if your stamina will less then you cannot do hard-work exercise but this is also depends on your mental ability.
I want ask one question from all of you what exercise you are trying every day for increase your stamina capacity and what to eat for increasing stamina So in this topic you will learn what should you do for increasing stamina of body which are given below-


Increase stamina during Aerobic exercise-:

how to increase stamina

Aerobic exercise play very important role for increasing stamina. So during doing of aerobic exercise, a large muscle of group are used and pumping of heart are increased this will help in improving stamina. You can do this exercise 30 to 60 minutes time each day. In aerobic exercise you can do many types of exercise such as running, swimming, hiking, walking or in gym you can do lifting a heavy weight of exercise.

In beginning start slow to increase stamina-

If you are a beginners for increasing then you should prefer slowly pattern for increasing stamina. Please take little steps at the beginning day and do not prefer difficult and strict program. Firstly take a target of one week when you have complete your determined distance in a certain target time, then take a big another step, until more stamina not develops in your body.  Through aerobic exercise you can take help how to increase stamina for exercise or how to increase stamina for running In which aerobic have many best exercise for increasing stamina but aerobic exercise have also advantages and disadvantages which are given below-

Advantage of aerobic exercise-

With aerobic exercise efficiency of your respiration is increases, which help you in improving the blood volume, delivery to muscles and also improve your cardiovascular efficiency. In another factor that will help you increase the blood in muscle it result will be that increase the consumption of oxygen by the body so that exercise will help you in increasing stamina and burn more calorie which help you in weight loss or for maintain. You can do aerobic also at home so this is the best answer how to increase stamina at home.

Disadvantages of aerobic exercise-

If you have any problem regarding heart disease then that exercise is the best but you should again advice from doctor or from fitness trainer what aerobic exercise you should do. Because during that exercise your heart beat accelerate very fast.

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Healthy diet increase stamina-:

Eat healthy food for increasing stamina and avoid all junk food which lose your stamina power. So please remove all junk food as soon as possible. When you eat junk food that increase the empty calories on body can make you unwell so this way your stamina can be reduced.
So please focus on high protein or carbs food which increase the muscle mass and stamina. You should keep in mind that you are giving energy to body only when you take beneficial food items that contain carbohydrates, high quality ingredients and nutrients. More consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts and fish which have omega-3 fatty acids are present are more beneficial for health. With these you can help our heart or blood circulation inside body, for increasing stamina when you are going to gym you should take protein which help you to build and repair of muscle. So please take high quality food during whole day which you can add such as fresh fruit, eggs, whole brown bread and nuts etc. So this is the best method how to increase stamina by food.

Other way how to increase stamina-:

1)-Take sufficient water-

When you feel dehydration on body then your stamina will lose so please hydrated all time, because our body contains 95% water which is very necessary for building muscle. When you doing work out on gym or any other place like jogging, running, cycling etc then your body had sweating and after it dehydration inside the body. So my advice keep drinking while working or afterwards.

2)-Avoid bad habits to Increase stamina-

Now in modern life has two types of people are available in which some have good habit and some have bad habits, we all know list of bad habits people are more comparatively good people So please stay away from that people who doing smoking and taking excessive amount of alcohol or take other drugs such as cocaine etc because that all create slow poison in our body and they provide harmful effect on body So if you want stay fit please killing these habits and take health diet food. This is the best answer how to increase stamina naturally.

3)-Increase sodium level in body-

If you are doing hard exercise in gym or outside the gym like running, cycling etc. then your body will sweet more so this way you can lose more salt through sweating. After this If you are not provide complete salt to body this cause your body electrolyte will imbalance, which can your stamina can lose rapidly and you will feel light and lazy or lack of water cause your kidney  or heart can fail. So to avoid such problems, make sure that you should get enough sodium in your body, but you should also check the risk of high blood pressure from doctor.

4)-Increase protein level in body-


Protein is a very necessary for body for increasing the muscle in body without these your body muscle cannot grow or if your muscle will not grow then your stamina will also low so please take sufficient amount of protein in whole day. Here I will provide you list of protein food which help you in increase stamina such as whole white egg, low fat milk, dairy products, chicken breast and fish. That all food help you in increasing stamina because in in which contains essential amino acids for performing our body function.


Through yoga and meditation stamina-

In a study 2016 research proof that Yoga and meditation can increase your stamina and increase the ability to handle stress.
This experiment is done by 30 medical students who attended yoga and meditation classes for four weeks. In this study researcher saw that improvement in stress levels are low and level of stamina are high. So according to study we should also do yoga and meditation for increasing stamina. For meditation you can find answer that how to increase stamina in bed.

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