how to increase weight

how to increase weight
how to increase the weight that is also the big question for most people and gaining weight is also difficult as it’s to reduce weight for others. Some time that is genes effect and some time that is cause of bad health diet or that problem you can solve with adding some special foods into your diet which will help you for weight gain. In this post, we will told you about such healthy diet plan through which you will easily be able to gain weight in short span of time and develop muscles in body. So let’s start what to eat after gym for increase the weight gain. Here are following some weight gain food list which will help you for weight gain-
Boiled sweet potatoes
Drink milk (dairy product)
Red meat
Salmon and oily fish
Dark chocolate
Supplement (weight gainer with high protein)

Boiled Potatoes for weight gain-

Potatoes are very healthy food if you cooked it with healthy way like roasted, boiled and steamed then they cause no harm from it and it will be helpful for weight gaining when you eat with cheese and butter. Then this food create more calorie. This food is also complex in carbohydrates. Which is very beneficial for weight training before exercise.
If you want increase weight gain from another food there is also list below-
Quinoa (It is gluten free food and high in protein it helpful for reducing gas problem from stomach)
Leafy green
Beans and Legumes

Nut to eat for weight gain-

If you want to increase the weight gain then eating nuts is the best choice for you only one gram of almonds contain 8 gm of protein and 9 gm of healthy fats. Which are full with more calorie. So of your diet have more calorie then your weight will automatically increase.
If you want improvement in one week for weight gain then you can add  nut butter in your diet with such as yogurt, smoothies etc. But one important thing keep in mind that you should eat only pure nut butter which contain no extra sugar or oily found. this is the best diet plan for weight gain.
In taste nut butter are very delicious and fill with high calorie, which is good for your health So that way you can increase weight. With this you can also add snacks recipes. After eating nut you can find answer how to gain weight in a week.

Milk for weight gain-


For increasing weight gain Milk is the best option, from many decades it is useful for increasing weight and make muscle mass in body. Milk has contains fat, calcium, vitamins and minerals. These all are present in milk with very balanced quantities.
Milk is also the great source of protein that is for those people who want to increase their muscle mass in body, So many trainer recommend drink milk after exercise because it provides enough energy to body. In study found that it is also helps to increase the muscle mass when you are doing weight lifting or cardio exercise. Apart from this, also found by researcher about milk, It contains casein protein that overall helpful for increasing all major mass production in muscle, So that is the great benefits of Milk.
One thing keep in mind that when you are doing gym training for weight gain, then please do not forget for drinking one or two glasses of milk before and after the workout session. You can also drink it with shake such as banana or mango shake. According to my way banana is the best weight gain shakes.

Red meat for weight gain-

how to increase weight


For increasing weight gain, muscle mass or how to boost testosterone naturally, Red meat is the best enhancing diet, you can take it like a creatine because this is working like as a increasing muscle mass in body. You can say it with example like every 4 g of Lucien is found in every five grams of steak. Which is high in protein
To increase muscle mass in body, please make sure that you should consume enough red meat, because it contains more calories than lean meat. In result it helpful for weight increasing.
In one research found that, If 100 women add 170 grams of red meat into their diet and they doing gym training for 6 weeks in each day. Then these women muscle mass will be increases and which result in increase in their muscle building hormone. So eating red meat is the best option and answer for those who ask how to gain weight naturally. Because it is a great source of protein which has more calories.


Beans and Legumes for weight gain-

how to increase weight

Now days many people ask question that how to gain weight in 3 days or how to gain weight in 1 day so here you will find answer. In beans and legumes has not only carbohydrates, It is also helpful for weight gaining because it is rich with more calorie which will easily help you for weight gaining and enhances your muscle mass, With regular eating it you can get good energy in all sports and other activities. In which including carbohydrate has contains all the nutrients such as fiber and resistance starch. Which helps you increase your digestion power. Eating healthy starch is a best source to help you increase fiber, nutrients, calories and muscle glycogen stores.


Salmon and oily fish help for weight gain-

how to increase weight


Like red meat, salmon and oily fish are the best sources of protein and healthy fat which help to gain weight. In which contains naturally omega 3 fatty acids helps in increasing your health and reduce the disease from the body. Approximate 6 Oz salmon gives you 400 calories and 5g of omega 3 fatty acid. which is very beneficial for health, In addition, it also contains 40 grams of high quality protein, which help to increase the muscle mass and weight. So In night time you can eat after completing exercise.


Take protein supplement for weight gain-

Now day almost all bodybuilder prefer weight gainer because that will easily gain muscle and weight. Especially when you doing lifting heavy weight training then your body to much need of it. Because it is also rich with protein, protein is very necessary for increasing muscle mass, so when your muscle mass will increase then body weight also increase, but during purchasing please aware about supplements because now days many duplicate products are also available. but in reality all protein products are not bad because good products are made from protein dairy, which will improve your health and reduce the risk of disease.
If you taking protein, then continue training is also important for you. Because proteins products contain essential amino acids which help to promote your muscle growth. You can use this protein supplement before or after your workout, If any boy want recepie for how to make homemade protein powder at home click at link.

Weight gain with cereal bars-


Now days in market many healthy cereal bars are available. This is also the good source for weight gain. That cereal are made from whole grain in which you find dry fruits such as almonds, nut etc. During training session these serial bars are the best source of good protein and nutrients because in which containing low and fast digestive carbohydrates are available.


Weight gain with egg and dark chocolate-

Eating boiled egg is the best protein source for increasing muscle mass and weight gain. In which contains protein and healthy fats is available in high quantity. Most bodybuilder use this boiled egg in morning time or after exercise because that time our body need to high protein.
If you are Non- vegetarian, then you should eat approximate three egg regularly it is very good for your health.
In a research found that dark chocolate contains 70% of cocoa which is beneficial for health. It is also rich with high calorie that means it will in weight gaining.
Each 100 g of dark chocolate contains 500 calories, along with other micro nutrients and components such as fiber, magnesium and antioxidant.


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