how to make homemade protein powder

how to make homemade protein powder
Now days some people ask question that how to make homemade protein powder for bodybuilding because that days using of protein powder has become a very special need for all gym lover. Because it provides us maximum energy and calorie for gaining big lean muscle. Because most of us are all know that now days in market many artificial products are also available which is not good for health and also some people are busy or they have no time to buy them from the shop, Apart from this, some people also think that some protein products are more expensive so they cannot afford it. So now today I will provide you best simple and easy method of making protein powder at home which will be very helpful for you. So here you will find answer that how to make protein powder at home for gym which are following-
  1. Protein powder for weight loss.
  2. How to add more nutrition in protein powder.
  3. Method of making protein powder at home in small quantity.
There are many ways for making protein powder when you made yourself. That is you can choose them according to your choice. According to my opinion firstly you should need to one grinder with these you can make many types of protein such as soy protein, brown rice protein, pea protein, hemp protein, and plant based blends this is the best homemade protein powder for muscle building and also you can add milk protein with it and for making that protein mix it properly with the help of grinder to make powder and grind them properly until it becomes powder well. Please do not use any other dry beans to make protein powder until they are cooked properly. Because it include natural poisons that can make you illness.

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Add flavored according to taste-:

Many people does not prefer tasteless protein powder, so adding taste in protein powder play important role for eating. For this you can add vanilla or chocolate flavor powder, after this you can also add some quantity of high carbs dry fruit such as almonds or mint in your protein drinks for increasing flavor. One point notice in mind that during mix it with soup please add spices and foods according to your need and taste.

Add nutrition in protein-:

For making more powerful or high fiber you can add additional nutrients in the protein powder. According to my opinion you can add many food items into protein powder such as dry fruit, wheat flour, almonds, cashew nuts, betel nuts, and anise. These all dry fruit increase the amount of fiber that provides healthy fats on body for each consumption of protein powder. Protein can also be increased with dry fruit powder and milk powder, which are full with calcium. Apart from this, many people use different-different product for increasing the nutrients in the protein powder.

Make protein powder in small quantities-:

During making protein powder at home one thing should be kept in mind that when you are preparing protein powder at home that should not be near on high heat, direct sunlight contact or high moisturizer space. Because with this your product will be worsen. Therefore, for maintaining freshness, you should always make it in small quantities approximate for one week or also do not make another mistakes which is that when you mix homemade protein powder with market based protein powder. This is the best source of homemade protein powder for weight gain.
Method of making protein powder-:
For making protein powder best measurement for that is 50% protein, 15% carbs, 35% fat.
For this you can add ingredients to make homemade protein powder
100g whole black gram
100g Lal Chana
50g Wheat or Daliya
50g Chickpeas
100g Ragi
100g Jowar
50g Peanut
50g White peas
50g Cow peas
10g Almonds
50g Sago
10g cashew

Best method to make Homemade Protein Powder-:

  1. Soak all the grains except Daliya and nuts one whole night.
  2. Next day tie each grain separately in cotton cloth for raising sprout and Leave it till time when sprouted not come.
  3. Once sprouted are come from grain, Then dry it for 2-3 day under direct sunlight.
  4. After completing that days roast each sprouted grain, nuts and Dalia separately
  5. Then mix all the grains and grind them all properly in grinder.
  6. Now your homemade protein powder is ready for eating.
  7. You can use that protein powder of two months but that is possible only when you store in airtight container.

Pea protein powder-:

how to make homemade protein powder

Pea protein is the also the best homemade protein powder that protein are extracted from yellow peas. With including protein it is also the great source of iron which help in increasing muscle mass and for good heart health.
This protein powder are made from dried and yellow peas. This protein source is the best for vegetarians who do not like to make from animal based protein powder. In addition to this is also the hypoallergenic, who reduce the allergies from people body that means it is a safe powder for food sensation. But one important things kept in mind that peas are not the powerful source of protein, but pea-protein powder is a good source of amino acids such as isoleucine, leucine and valine. These all amino acids play very important role for muscle growth. If any customer want how to make protein powder at home for weight loss then this the best source. That protein will also help in other exercises such as shoulder exercise, abs workout, leg workout.

Hemp protein powder-:

This protein powder is also the best choice for muscle making. Hemp Protein Powder is a very good source of plant-based protein, because that is made from chironji seeds. This is also good for brain health and increase the mental power and that taste is like as dry fruit which means its taste is good. Apart from this, which nutrients are found in chironji are very beneficial for our health and muscle. Soy protein is also the best homemade protein powder bodybuilding or homemade protein powder for muscle gain.
Here are I will also provide you some other protein powder which are given below-
1)-Raw Hemp protein
2)-Raw cacao protein powder
3)-Beetroot protein powder
4)-Wheatgrass protein powder

Raw cacao protein powder-

This is the best plant based protein powder which contains rich source of iron and more antioxidants than blueberries.

Beetroot protein powder-

This protein is also rich in antioxidant. This is also the rich source of calcium, iron, dietary fiber, potassium and magnesium.

Wheatgrass protein powder-

This protein powder is a rich source of calcium, amino acid, magnesium and vitamins A, C.


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