leg workout at the gym play a very important role in human body during exercise, this is the big muscle of body part so that exercise we should not skip or also not abs workout. for leg muscle there are many exercise these are depends on person to person some want for strong leg muscle for running or some for strength.firstly we will talk about for strength leg muscle, during that exercise you can burn more calorie which is beneficial for weight loss or for maintain weight. This exercise also help in increasing stamina for that is exercise are below like that-

1- Leg Press-

These exercise we should done in 3 sets and reps for each set is 12-15. the main function of that exercise is to target muscle such as glutes and quadriceps.

leg workout

2-Dumbbell lunges-

This leg workouts with dumbbell can complete in 4 sets and repping for each set is 12 for each leg. this dumbbell lunge exercise is single leg workout exercise, Through that exercise fitness person can exercise the strength of hamstrings, glutes and quads but one thing we should always remember in our mind that safety is our first priority.

leg workout

3-Barbell Squat-

That exercise is very common in leg workout and proper plan for that exercise is 4 sets and rep for each set is 4-6. The primary function of that exercise is to train your quadriceps and it also help in training to your glutes and calves. During that exercise our body burn more calorie so we should doing that exercise in our own capacity. but that is all possible if we are taking  good health diet.

leg workout

4-Leg Extensions-

The target of that exercise is to our quadriceps muscle in the legs for completing that exercise our plan should be regular 3 set in 1 minute break and 20 reps of each sets. this exercise is done by leg extension machine. during exercise we should also focus on triceps exercise

leg workout

Now in daily busy life some people have not time for going to zym then they can do leg workouts at home, there are also some home making exercise for that people who can do with proper leg workout routine. then that exercise is also same beneficial for people who are not going to zym that exercise is given below-
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