triceps exercise at gym play very vital role for bigger arm. triceps is also called triceps brachii this is the opposite muscle of the bicep. It is the muscle principally responsible for extension of the elbow joint (straightening of the arm). for gaining triceps muscle you can do many exercise which you can find in detail below-

Close-Grip barbell bench press-

this is the first triceps workout for mass gaining muscle and best plan for that exercise is that you can do with 4 sets. first set you can complete with 6 rep, second step with 6, 8 and last step complete with 10 rep and in between all reps you can take rest of 60-90 second and after that you can do another exercise of triceps.

triceps exercise


Dip machine-

This the best tricep workout for size gaining muscle and step for that exercise is 3 sets and in which you can take reps of 8,8,10 reps and again same rest for that is also 60-90 second. but main point we also remember in our mind that if we doing exercise in proper way then it will effect rapidly in our triceps muscle, before lifting large weight firstly we should learning of exercise.

triceps exercise


Seated Dumbbell press-

you can perform that triceps workout with dumbbell in both way in standing position or in sitting position and that exercise is also help in gaining triceps big muscle but that exercise should be avoided by people who facing problem in back and that exercise should be doing under trainer guidance. you can do that exercise with dumbbell and complete sets for that exercise is 3 that you can done with 8,10,12 reps and same rest for that exercise which is above mention.

triceps exercise

V-bar pull down-

For that triceps exercise you should pull down machine this exercise is also help in gaining back muscle and sets for that exercise is 2 sets and each rep for that exercise is 10,12. main point is that all exercise will effect on your body if you are doing with proper or learning way. If you have not time for going to gym then you can do home exercise like that yoga asanas.triceps exercise

But your size will be increased if you follow tricep workout routine in proper way with positive attitude and also we should focus on good health diet which is first priority for workout.