what is Tofu and Its Benefits

what is tofu
what is tofu made of that is the basic question asked by people now days most people does not know the benefits of tofu, If you are vegetarian then eating tofu is the best option for you because it is the good protein source which contains essential amino acid. This is the best plant based protein supplement. Thorough which you can get sufficient amount of calcium, iron, selenium and copper. So this the best soybean product which is helpful for maintaining cardiovascular health.
In which contain nutrients is also helpful for reducing cancer, cholesterol, kidney disease etc. So please read the full article below, here you will get find the information and advantages of soy.

1) What is tofu

what is tofu

In Indian language you can say tofu is a paneer because this is made from soy milk as same as cottage cheese is made from cow or buffalo milk. Firstly it was made in china and now days this recipe is popular around the world.
The main reason is that it is the best organic food which provide sufficient protein. Approximate in per serving you can get 8 gram of protein. It is also helpful for reducing cholesterol level and saturated fat from body. This organic dairy product is also used by workout people.
You can also eat soy curds which is produced by adding food like lemon juice and vinegar.

2) Types of tofu

Now days in market many types of tofu are available in which you can buy silken, super firm, seasoned , regular etc. These all soy have fat and calorie are different-different. You have seen that silken tofu is widely used in salad, sauces, pudding and dips in the form of creamy. Which is low in fat and calorie comparatively firm and soft tofu.
Regarding taste firm tofu is taste like sponge. You can use soft tofu for making breakfast shakes, fruit and lasagna etc.

3) Tofu nutrition

Soy protein tofu is very beneficial for better health and muscle development. You already know that tofu has many nutrients which are in form of protein, calcium, copper, selenium and manganese. Which is beneficial for body. It also has good amount of Vitamin B1 and Omega 3 fatty acid.
So here we will provide you tofu recipes, if you eat 100 gram of tofu then you can take protein- 10 gram, Fiber- 2 gram, Carbs- 4 gram and fat -5 gram. Calorie of tofu is high that why it is a high nutritious food. So this is the best tofu nutrition foods.

Tofu benefits and disadvantages

There are number of benefits and disadvantages of tofu which are given below-

1) Helping in weight loss

what is tofu

Tofu is the best source for weight loss because in which contains healthy nutrients are beneficial for weight maintaining. The main reason behind it is a less calories high protein organic food which is helpful for managing of weight.
In a study proof that if you take tofu for 3-4 week then you can easily lose weight 4 to 5 Kg. It is helpful for reducing cholesterol from body and also helpful for increasing fecal bile acid excretion.
The saturated fatty acids is less in Tofu comparatively meat and other non –organic food which is high in fatty acid. It is also the best source of lecithin and linoleic acid which regulates the cholesterol levels and metabolism inside the body.
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2) Strengthens bones

what is tofu



Soy paneer is also beneficial for strengthens of bones, you have seen that after the age of 50 bones of body start weaken. You have already read above that tofu contains minerals like manganese, phosphorus and selenium. That all mineral will help you bone strengthens.
 It also has contains a plant based isoflavones which is help for building strengthen bones. So I will recommend that which person facing problem in bone weaken. For those people eating that organic food is best option.
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3) Recover brain disease

what is tofu


Those person who are going to old age they have the chance for brain disorder. In study proof that if you consume soy beans and soy protein in regular basis for 4 week then you have a chance of increasing mental health.
Tofu also contains isoflavones which is helping for improving memory and function better. In which present Lecithin helps the body to produce phospholipids and phosphatidic acid, which is helpful for functioning of neuron. So its conclusion that you should consume 100 gram tofu each day for increasing mental power.


4) Removing Heart disease

what is tofu

In soy has one mineral which is very important which help for reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases and reduce the bad cholesterol level.
In a scientific study proof that if you consume soy in regular basis it will be helpful for weight management and reduce cardiovascular disease. Which result in removing heart disease. Many people ask that is tofu vegan? Yes that is true.
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5) Benefits for diabetes

In study proof that if you eat soy paneer each day in regular basis it will reduce the problem of diabetes. For more benefits you can eat soy paneer in regular basis which will exit less protein through urine comparatively other. So according to my advised you can remove your diabetes problems through eating tofu paneer.

6) Prevent hair loss


what is tofu


Many people use the tofu for preventing hair problems because in tofu has keratin protein which play very important role for hair growth and prevent hair fall. Now days in market many artificial chemical using products are available for hair fall treatment but you can solve your problem by including tofu in your diet.

Disadvantages of tofu

Many people have query in Google that is tofu bad for you, that answer you will find here, you have read above that soy Paneer or tofu is very good for our health. But if you consume it in a large quantity then it will be harmful for you. Apart from this, we have seen much people facing allergic to use of soya products.
The main disadvantages of soy milk or paneer is that if you consume it in large quantity. It will increase the risk of kidney stone and also create problem in digestion and in liver. So this way soy can damage the stomach. Now days in market many soy products available in market are artificial. So we should consume tofu in small quantity each day.
We have seen according to report that those children used soy based food in large quantity can lead to thyroid problems so in result we should use small quantity. This is the tofu health risk.

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