what to eat after gym

high protein diet plan for muscle gain
Gym workout activity uses a lot of energy. It is very difficult for the body to recover if you will not take it seriously and level of energy is replenished within 20 to 30 minutes after finishing (complete) a workout. After workout eating even a small snack shortly after exercising can help you to restore energy levels.
Now days many people have question that what to eat after a workout to build muscle. One important point I want to tell you that during exercise, the muscles start storing glucose. This is called glycogen. But that is depends on different workout like sports, running during that our body use up more glycogen than resistance activity, like that weightlifting.
Taking the right nutritional balance in body after exercise that it will restores more energy levels and reduces fatigue from your body so through that way you can help the body to repairing muscles and build strength for next workout. But today I will taking about some diet plan for weightlifter, what to eat after gym. That play very important role for gaining big muscle.


You can do many types of exercises on gym but muscle growth will be possible only when you will recover it after each workout. Because exercise support muscle growth.
So taking protein play very important role after exercise which help to heal the muscle mass and prevent the loss of muscle. So now days in market many whey protein products are available they will easily help you for recovery of your body.


Carbohydrate play very important role for gaining energy in body, actually it breakdown the protein and store it in the form of fat in body and when your body need it then it automatically generate in inside body it also increase the metabolism in body so if any person who training seven time in a week it should consume plenty of carbohydrate.

Diet plan after workout-:

What diet we should take after weightlifting is very important question for every gym lover so in that post I will tell you each in very basically, what to eat after gym to build muscle or what not to eat after a workout. After completing workout in gym, our body needs adequate protein and carbohydrate, so every men or women, who has the habit of going to gym should try to take breakfast or snacks which is high in protein or carbs just after 15 or 30 minutes of finishing the gym in morning session.
Best method of taking protein supplement is that 0.25 grams per pound protein of your body weight after exercise and for carbohydrate you should take 0.25 to 0.5 grams per pound according to your body weight.
Before workout your body need to enough drink across 1 hour and even after finish the workout in gym, your body again needs adequate water. In which you can add fresh fruit juices, milk or soup but do not drink tea immediately after the gym that is not good for your body because this time your heart beat is very fast and after drinking you can eat fish, boiled chicken, Yogurt, Egg etc.
One important point should be notice in your mind that your proper diet plan should not be too late to take breakfast or snacks after doing the gym. If you are unable to take breakfast within hour of finishing the gym, then there will be no special benefit of doing that exercise on your body.

Eggs after workout-:

what to eat after gym

You all gym lover know that egg play very important role on your body for building muscle because it is a great source of protein and carbohydrate. In order to improve your stamina during exercise most people eat egg after exercise, because it is rich source of protein which help for building muscle. So that’s why every people need to eat boiled egg or omelet after doing the gym. But some people who are vegetarian also they does not take it. Actually it also provides very essential nutrients to your body.

Avocado after workout-:

what to eat after gym

After workouts our body also need a nutrients and vitamins that is very essential. For completing that minerals on body avocado is the best fruit which contains high carbohydrate and proteins that will help in improve the metabolism of body. You can also eat it after workout with omelet. This fruit cover very beneficial diet for the gym-carrying body. If people want answer that what to eat after gym to lose weight so that is the best fruit for gaining lean muscle.

Drink chhach or whey protein after workout-:

Soon after finish the gym you should drink a one glass of whey protein, buttermilk. Your body have should no lack of insulin because it helps in absorbing the glucose in the muscles which is very essential, it create the energy in body after completing the exercise otherwise person feel tried. For this the muscular tissue also required essential amino acids which you can cover from it. However, if you have any side effect then you should take it with trainer advice.

Eat brown bread-:

what to eat after a workout

Brown bread is the best source of fiber and antioxidant which is very essential during doing exercise. I have notice that many people does not improve their drinking habits even after joining a gym but that is wrong habit because you all know that our muscle contain 95% water. So our body should be hydrated. If you have habit of eating bread, then you should eat brown bread. Because it is a rich source of fiber it increases metabolism and help food to pass through digestive system and remove antioxidant which help you for weight loss (it remove that weight which is not essential for body).

Omega 3 fatty acid-:

what to eat after a workout

In a research found that supplementation from omega-3 fatty acid helps to boost the muscle strength because it contains special minerals which contains fatty acid which helps to increase the size of muscle cells in healthy young and middle age adults.
So you can find omega 3 fatty acid form many way and it’s best natural source is salmon, fatty fish etc. But from all those tuna also contains high level of the fatty acids because tuna is best source of protein which you can find from water. So tuna is packed in water which contains 41.6 g of g of protein and 5.5gm of fat. You can also find omega 3 fatty acid from tablet which help to reduce muscle soreness after doing training in gym. In a study found that if you take regularly 5g of fish oil for 1 week it will reduce muscle soreness ( this is the best trick for beginners).

Dairy protein-:

what to eat after a workout


In a research found that 9 g of milk protein is enough for gaining muscle and for recovery after doing exercise. So you can add that protein from many different dairy products. That dairy products are following-:
Soya milk
Greek yogurt
In study found that soy milk contains proteins that can repair new cells especially those muscles which have break after doing exercise. That soya milk also the rich source of amino acids, which you should always adding in your diet and it also help in increasing muscle growth. Many people also ask question that what to eat after a workout at night or what to eat before gym.




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