We all know that best yoga asanas is a natural treatment for reduce stress it also reduce the (ELECTRONICS OFFER AT FLIPKART) cortisol level from human body,cortisol is the stress hormone in human body this is the main reason of weight gain in human body. For find some product online please click at images or green button.

yoga asanas

But also one thing I tell you that most people say that Yoga asanas  for weight loss but naturally it also help for weight maintain its a negative thinking in human mind.Because not all human doing yoga for weight loss some also doing for weight maintain. means(No gain or No loss).
Asanas word is actually created from Sanskrit as “pose” or “posture”.
The “yoga” word comes from the Sanskrit, which means “to join” or “to yoke”. Yoga is a natural treatment,which is developed by our ancestor its not a religion. Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the control of body, mind, and spirit etc.
It will relax or stress free of your body. some time  yoga asanas for beginners is very complicated  but The continued doing of yoga will peace your mind and also you will feeling with an environment near to nature.
The Continued practice of yoga poses make your body strong and flexible. It will also improve the respiratory system, digestive system and hormonal system of your body.
In this article some of the best popular types of yoga which will be fit for your body-:

1) Vinyasa yoga
2) Lyengar yoga
3) Bikram yoga
4) Jivamukti yoga
5) Power yoga
6) Sivananda yoga
7) Yin yoga
8) Ashtanga yoga

Vinyasa Yoga asanas-

In vinyasa yoga poses of person movement with breath to flow from motion to another motion,In which Surya namaskara is the best poses. This asana are include in the advanced yoga poseFor yoga asanas T-shirts please click at below image.

vinyasas yoga

Vinyasa advanced yoga poses is like a cardio workout it burns more calorie, For calorie burn vinyasa Yoga is best as compared to Hatha Yoga.There are other poses in Vinyasa yoga classes and burning of calorie count so here is yoga asanas images with names during vinyasa yoga is-
Total calorie-60 min
Total calorie-90 min
891 cal.

Lyengar Yoga asanas-

Lyengar Yoga named was formed by B.K.S Lyengar it is another form of Hatha Yoga. Main function of this yoga is development of body strength, Flexibility, Stability.

Lyengar yoga

Continuous practice of this yoga is to unite the mind and body and it will also helpful for relieve the stress now in modern daily busy life. It will also help to human towards the physical and spiritual. This yoga is found in Indian states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka.
Main function of this yoga is also burn more calorie.
In this article we also give you information that how advanced yoga poses will be possible.
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