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Chin Surgery: Take A Look Possible Corrections

Chin Surgery Take A Look Possible Corrections

Can a round face, chin surgery (คนหน้ากลมทำคางได้ไหม, which is the term in Thai) be possible?

We can’t all have perfect chins, but chin augmentation or reduction can make your chin look more sculpted and in proportion to the rest of your face. Mentoplasty is another term for it. 

Is Chin Surgery Required?

Many people who seek augmentation believe their chin is too small or too large. The chin is simply too big or protrudes too much, according to those seeking reductions.

What Is A Chin Augmentation, Exactly?

Chin augmentation, also known as mentoplasty, is a surgical procedure for round face, chin surgery that involves enhancing the chin with an implant or moving the jawbone forward.

Due to age-related bone loss, congenital deficiency, or abnormal tooth alignment, the chin can become frail. A chin implant or non-surgical chin augmentation may be a good option if the chin is small as a result of bone absorption or if the individual was born with a weak chin. If a patient’s teeth are misaligned, orthodontics or oral surgery should be considered as an alternative to chin implants.

What Are The Different Types Of Mentoplasty?

Implants and non-surgical fillers are two examples of mentoplasty.

  • Chin Augmentation

ePTFE, silicone elastomers, and porous polyethene are just a few of the synthetic chin implant options. Some expert surgeons prefer silicone chin implants because they can be easily customised to achieve the best shape.  

So, the answer to the question: round face, chin surgery? Yes, but not exactly.

  • Non-Surgical Enhancement

Some patients do not require surgery to improve their condition. To make it look larger or improve it if it’s recessed, the injectable filler expert may use Perlane, Restylane, or Restylane, as well as collagen stimulators like Radiesse and Sculptra. Lines and wrinkles around the upper neck and jawline can also be reduced with these injectables.

A facial cosmetic surgeon can also inject fillers into your temples, cheeks, or nose to give you a more balanced look.

Who Is A Strong Choice For A Mending Procedure?

First and foremost, you must be in good health and have realistic expectations regarding the outcome of your surgery procedure. If your chin is receding and out of proportion to the rest of your face, you could benefit from a chin implant. However, if your chin is excessively large and prominent, you may be a good candidate for a chin reduction. To learn more about your augmentation options, make an appointment with your plastic surgeon.