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How Do You Treat Double Eyelid?

How Do You Treat Double Eyelid

Double eyelids may sound scary, but these are not real. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have more than three eyelids, and it refers to those eyelids that have a fold or crease. Generally, caucasian people have eyelids while few Asian people have double eyelids. Here is everything you need to know about why do you have to do double eyelids?

There are some reasons why you might have double eyelids, such as:


It is a type of inflammation that starts from the oil gland near the base of the eyelids. The significant causes of blepharitis include bacterial infection and skin conditions. Sometimes this condition of Why do you have to do double eyelids (ทำไมถึงต้องทำตาสองชั้น, which is the term in Thai) may make your eyelid red, itchy, swollen and watery.


This condition happens when the upper lid starts to sag. Muscles are responsible for this condition as it causes the eyelids to lose their strength. Other medical conditions of ptosis include eye injuries, neurological problems, etc.


In this condition, the lower lid weakens and results in saggy lids. This condition is known as ectropion.

How To Correct Double Eyelid

There are major treatment options for double eyelids, and surgery is one. But you should make sure that you perform surgery from any qualified plastic surgeon. In that case, discuss the following things along with Why do you have to do double eyelids with your surgeon:

  • What you expect from the surgery
  • If you have any problem around your eye area
  • You may have to share your medical condition, prescribed medicine, etc. with the professional
  • Whether you should go for an incision or non-incision procedure
  • You need to clarify if you want to take any specified procedure
  • Is it associated with any risk or recovery

However, the incisional and non-incisional treatment can be taken on an outpatient basis. Due to a specific type of anesthesia, you may not drive a car up to your home. So, don’t forget to arrange transportation well in advance.

When Double Eyelid Surgery Is Performed

Generally, people take double eyelid surgery for cosmetic or functional reasons, and they may take it to look at them as opposed to monoids. Sometimes the double eyelid can also result from collagen loss and elastin in the skin. Sometimes the eyelids droop so low and interfere with the person’s vision.


Double eyelid surgery is known as blepharoplasty. Excessive fat in the eyelid can create a crease that results in an uneven eyelid or double eyelid. Depending on the method, blepharoplasty can yield long-term results. But to get the best result, you should know why you have to do double eyelids and contact a reputed surgeon for the process.