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How to Choose the Best Rotating Brush for You?

Did you like our best rotating brush (melhor escova rotativa) list? Are you curious to understand a little more about the different functionalities of rotating brushes? So let’s find out a little more about the materials and technologies associated with this tool that will definitely change your hair care routine.

Rotate and warm up, these are the main processes developed by rotating brushes. In a super easy way, the rotating movement associated with the heat promoted by the rotating brushes allows to shape and dry the hair and also promote shine, softness and reduction of frizz to the strands.

But that’s not all that matters, the brush material, the weight, the extra accessories offered and the options for speed, temperature and direction of rotation can also transform your usage experience and make you incredible results.

Come with me to learn more about the main differentials of a rotating brush and never make mistakes again when choosing. Come on!


The materials that distribute the heat more evenly are the most suitable for rotating brushes. In this sense, ceramics is one of the materials that stands out the most, because, in addition to transmitting heat homogeneously to the threads, it also protects and seals the cuticles.

Not only that, the result provided by ceramic brushes tends to have a long duration and looks very natural. The brushes coated with Tourmaline and Titanium also stand out because they reduce friction with the wire, preserve moisture and reduce frizz. Tourmaline is especially suitable for those who have hair chemistry.

Temperature adjustment

Remember, the higher the temperature offered by the rotating brush, the faster the drying of the wires will be, right? However, very high temperatures can also end up damaging your hair.

Thus, the choice of rotary brush models that allow temperature adjustment are ideal. For thinner hair, temperatures below 200ºC are indicated. For thicker and more voluminous hair, temperatures from 200ºC are recommended.

But not only that, the temperature regulation will also help you to obtain different results, allowing you to define if you get a smoother or wavier hair, for example.

Direction of rotation

At the time of purchase, choose models that rotate both clockwise and clockwise, this will give you many more options during use.


The speed will define how fast the shaping of the wires will be. But this is not the only factor to be observed as the temperature will also have a great influence on the drying process. The ideal is to choose models that have speed adjustment.

Size and weight

The size and weight of the brush have direct interference in the handling and transportation of this equipment. Pay particular attention to the weight of the product when choosing the rotating brush as you can only use it with one hand.

Very heavy models can end up making the modeling of the threads slow and tiring. Especially for those who have long hair, models with up to 600 grams are ideal because they will not tire you out during use and will also be easier to transport.


One of the great advantages of rotating brushes is the multifunctionality. Many models have removable tips that can be changed and provide different results to your hair.

On the market, rotating brushes are available that allow you to dry, straighten and even curl your hair. The main accessories that come with the rotating brushes are the driver, which allows you to dry your hair more quickly, and the air diffuser, which is ideal for those with curly hair and who want to dry their locks without losing their curls.

Other accessories are the flat shaping brushes and straightening combs. See which of these accessories are useful for your needs and choose a model that offers you such benefits. Choose models that have the functions and accessories that you like best and that are suitable for your type of hair.


The power of the rotating brush can affect the brush time. This is because the power affects the heat production and the turning force. If you want to maintain agility, choose models with at least 900W. This tip is especially important if you have thicker hair.