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How to Lose Weight and Keep It At Bay

How to Lose Weight and Keep It At Bay

Being overweight and obese does no good to anyone and leads to several health conditions such as heart disease, hypertension, and even diabetes. Health experts see obesity as a serious issue that should be prevented at all costs. Talking about the numbers, each year 2.8 million people die because of complications associated with excess weight.

People gain weight by consuming more calories than by consuming, so consuming fewer calories can be of great help. However, other factors play an important role, such as genetic factors, metabolism of an individual, hormones, the type of food they eat, their body type, and lifestyle.

Several diets are made available but not each one of them is proven healthy. To weight loss healthily and safely and also sustain that weight loss over some time is to make gradual, consistent, and beneficial lifestyle changes. You may find much useful material at Leapessence.

Why is there a need to lose weight?

If you are wondering why you should concentrate on losing weight. We would be happy to provide you with reasons.

  • Appearance
  • Personality and body image
  • Overall Health
  • Fitness
  • Fertility for women
  • Due to certain health conditions
  • Prevent complications

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Weight loss: How it can be done?

While there is no quick answer for reducing weight, there are some measures you can take to build a healthier connection with food, reduce emotional overeating, and maintain a healthy weight.

  • Cut calories
  • Cut carbs
  • Cut fat
  • Follow Mediterranean diet
  • Control emotional dieting and focus on mindful eating
  • Measure your servings and control portions
  • Stay motivated and positive
  • Consume more fruits, veggies, and fibre
  • Involve yourself in physical exercise
  • Get sufficient sleep

Maintaining weight loss is a commitment to a healthful lifestyle, and you should be consistent enough. Although people should feel free to enjoy casual meal outs, sweets, etc. without feeling guilty. One should try not to move too far from the path of healthful eating and frequent physical activity.

Are we ready to follow these tips and get on the path of a healthy lifestyle? Yes, we are!