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What about The Four Directions and the Medicine Wheel?

What about The Four Directions and the Medicine Wheel?

North is the power of creation, life, and health. Be present in the moment, breathe deeply, and put your energy into your body.

East is the power of giving, compassion, and home. Ground yourself in the earth, feel into your emotions and body, and turn toward your home.

South is the power of feeling, love, and attraction. When you feel, give yourself permission to feel and allow yourself to love.

West is the power of thinking, communication, and logic. Connect your mind to your body and your emotions, and allow yourself to think clearly.

Medicine wheel recovery

Healing through the Medicine Wheel follows the same basic principal’s as any healing system. All healing involves the exchange of energy between the practitioner/healer/patient and the energy of the situation. The medicine wheel helps in understanding and directing the energy where it is needed most.

If we take an example of a person who is having anxiety attacks. Anxiety is upward moving energy. In an anxiety attack, the person’s mind is filled with thoughts and images of the past. These are connected to images of the future which are negative. Because of the connection, the person’s mind is filled with negative energy.

Where is the Medicine Wheel?

Medicine wheels are found in nature and on the body, in people and places. Medicine wheels can be found in natural parks and zoos, in mountains and oceans, and in the clouds and trees. They can be found inside of people, in the hearts and minds of those who walk among us. The medicine wheel can be found in all places and in all times.

How a Medicine Wheel can be Beneficial

Medicine wheel healing can be a useful tool for anyone who is looking to bring themselves into balance, or who needs to work on healing a particular relationship. Medicine wheel recovery can be a useful tool, especially for those who are experiencing emotional trauma, physical injuries, or even just feelings of sadness or grief that need to be brought into balance. A medicine wheel can be found in nature and inside of us. The medicine wheel is a helpful healing tool, and it can be found anywhere and at anytime.