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Why Breath Analyzers Have Become Important?

Why Breath Analyzers Have Become Important

Police all over the world are increasingly relying on electronic alcohol monitoring equipment. Judges are increasingly relying on electronic alcohol monitoring for offenders on probation after a DUI conviction since the equipment is more widely accessible, less expensive, and less bulky. Defendants have the benefit of being able to remain free and unconstrained while their case is ongoing, rather than being confined to a prison or placed under home arrest, or having to put up a substantial sum of money as security.

With the exception of hair testing, alcohol monitoring doesn’t need to travel to a collection location or lab, making it more convenient. When a case against a defendant is still ongoing, the alcohol monitor may frequently be utilized to the defendant’s benefit in plea negotiations or during sentencing since the data it collects is available around the clock.

High attention was placed on delivering reliable findings and integrating with Soberlink’s user-friendly monitoring platform. The majority of 2013 was devoted to assessing face recognition software vendors in search of the most reliable solution. A business that has approximately 20 years of expertise in building face recognition software for security-sensitive agencies and over 2,000 clients and services in more than 100 countries was chosen by Soberlink after months of Beta testing.

While performing a breath alcohol test, a high-resolution camera integrated inside the Soberlink Alcohol Monitoring device snaps a photo of the test subject. The program then uses an adaptable template of the participant’s images to compare the time-stamped snapshot to the adaptive template. In contrast to relying just on a single master shot, which may lead to inaccurate readings, Soberlink’s software has an extra layer of intelligence that makes it more accurate. Soberlink’s automatic face recognition capability dubbed AFR (TM) for “Adaptive Facial Recognition,” is well named. As more and more automatic functions are added, Soberlink’s position as one of the fastest-growing electronic monitoring devices is solidified.

Our system’s last step toward automation is face recognition. With this new capability, Soberlink will remain the most convenient and efficient alcohol monitoring device on the market for quite some time to come.

For alcohol monitoring, the Soberlink gadget is breath-testing equipment (sometimes known as a “breathalyzer”). It’s possible that the Soberlink gadget is a better solution for persons who work in physically demanding environments, those who have sensitive skin and can’t have a device attached to their body 24 hours a day, seven days a week, than is the SCRAM device. The equipment snaps a picture of the individual being tested (to prove identity). Pre-programmed to request breath tests throughout the day, or triggered remotely by a supervising agent to request a breath test on-demand, the Soberlink may be used in several ways. In addition, unlike the SCRAM device, the Soberlink gadget does not need a dedicated cell phone or landline to report to a monitoring agent or agency, as is the case with the SCRAM device. The Soberlink transmits test results through its own mobile phone network.