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Callus And the Steps to Prevent Them – What to Know?

Callus And the Steps to Prevent Them – What to Know

A callus is a part or section of the epidermal layer that becomes hard and will not have any sensation. This can be because of many reasons such as irritation, pressure, friction, etc., and so on. Calluses are not found only on feet, but also on many other parts such as knees, elbows, and hands.

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Avoiding Callus Formation

The development of calluses in many body parts can be avoided by following many tips, and some are listed below.

  • The shoe size should be perfect always

Finding shoes of the perfect size is the first step toward avoiding the development of calluses on the feet. Wearing shoes of a bigger size is a strict NO, as it will cause rubbing and friction on feet. The same goes for wearing shoes of a small size too. Feet grow according to one’s age and they require the right shoes to fit perfectly and also to form the perfect shape in terms of toes and heels.

  • Keep the nails short and well-shaped

Long toenails can make your feet look abnormal shape because it needs space in your footwear. They even can develop a sense of friction between the skin layer resulting in the formation of calluses and corns. Keeping the toenails clean and trimmed is strictly suggested.

  • Adequate insole padding should be there

The footwear that you choose should be provided with enough insole padding to offer a sense of cushiony feel to your feet. Some people will have bony prominences on their feet and such people are strictly suggested to wear the shoes. Older people are suggested to wear shoes with insole padding as their feet are more prone to the development of calluses and corns.

  • Check orthotic shoes

Orthotic shoes are the custom-made footwear that is suggested for people with some foot problems, and also for old people. These shoes offer the required protection against the feet of people, who wear them.

  • Always wear socks while wearing shoes or slippers

The podiatrists working for any of the corn removal Orange County services strictly suggest wearing socks all the time, especially while wearing footwear throughout the day. The breathable socks avoid the chances of friction between skin and shoes.

  • Right styled shoes are ideal

The shape of the toes of people varies from one another. Hence, pointy shoes are strictly voted against wearing by experts because they can put pressure on feet, especially when a wrong-sized shoe is worn. Square-toed and round-toed shoes are ideal for wearing.

  • Pad Yourself

Certain areas on your feet suffer from friction and rubbing against the insole of the footwear that you wear. The best way of avoiding this is with the help of some padding options such as cotton pads, corn pads, bandages, and lamb’s wool are ideal options for padding on the insole of your shoes.

  • Care for your foot

Follow the habit of moisturizing and caring for your feet at the end of the day. You can do so by following the procedure to exfoliate your skin with the help of a pumice stone. It will remove the thickened skin on the feet and expose the healthy epidermal layer.

Keep a closer eye on all foot problems that your feet can suffer from. Many issues can make your feet become unhealthy and also defective such as hammertoes, ingrown toenails, corn and callus formations, and so on. Hence, keep your feet healthy and clean all the time.

Effects of Calluses on the Feet

A callus is one of the many foot issues that should be treated as early as possible. If not treated, then your feet may suffer from many problems such as,

  • Fluid or pus formation
  • Swelling
  • Discoloration
  • Discomfort while standing, or walking
  • Tenderness
  • Skin splitting
  • Pain

The expert podiatrists suggest laser callus removal Orange County surgeries for people, who have extreme levels of callus formations on their skin. This solution can take care of the chances of skin rupture, skin splitting, bleeding with pain, etc., and other such issues that are the extreme levels of callus issues in people.

One of the main reasons for callus development in people is because of diabetes. If not treated early, then the skin rupture and bleeding will reach extreme levels with minimal or no chances of blood clotting in their body. Such people may suffer from secondary infection, ulcers, open sores, and so on.

Podiatrists are the best solution for callus issues. If you feel like a layer of your skin on the feet, arms, and other body parts are hardened, then it is strictly suggested to consult your general physician. They will then guide you towards the right way accordingly. However, do not neglect any symptoms of callus formation and follow all the tips to avoid the chances of callus development.