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The Biggest Myths in the World of Fitness

We all know that fitness is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Some people make it their new year resolution to be fit and some people make it their goal in life. But there are certain myths associated with fitness that is still believed by many people. These myths are being followed all over the world and have now gained our attention. That’s why we’ve decided to clear those myths in this article. Some of the most common myths about fitness as per Puffy Got Buffy are –

1. Exercise is the solution to my bad eating habits

Many people believe that the junk food that they consume can be erased from their bodies by doing heavy exercise. That’s not true. The food that you consume on a daily basis has a great impact on your body. It even shows on your face. For example, when you eat fried oily food for many days, you get acne and pimples on your face. This is a clear indication that the food you consume doesn’t go away from your body by exercising.

2. To get a muscle tone

Some people say that they are doing exercise in order to get the tone of their muscles. The fact is that your muscles are already toned. This is the reason why you are able to move. You are only going to lose your body fat by performing exercises that lead to a decrease in weight.

3. The fat of one area can be reduced

People perform certain exercises and believe that they are reducing the fat of that particular body part. You first need to lose weight in order to remove fat from that area. Once the fat is removed, only then the body can be maintained.

4. Less food is equal to less weight

This is the most common myth that can cause severe damage to health. People believe that eating less will make them slim and thin. Please note that a proper diet is very important to keep yourself fit. Not taking a good diet will only make you weak. Make sure that you don’t perform heavy exercises on an empty stomach. This can make you dizzy and weak. Taking meals in the right proportion is the key to a healthy life.

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