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Thread Lifting – What Are The Different Types?

We are living in a world where most people are vain. They are particular with their looks, and who wouldn’t be, especially in today’s time and age where people treat you according to your looks. This explains why cosmetic procedures are in demand. There are many cosmetic procedures to choose from, but one that is gaining popularity is thread lifting (ร้อยไหม หน้าเรียว, term in Thai).

Who are the ideal candidates for thread lifting?

  • Those in their late thirties.
  • Those looking for facelift alternatives, especially older patients who are not good candidates for facelifts because of age and medical reasons such as those with cardiovascular-related conditions, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

Thread Lift Procedures

  • Nova Threads – The sutures used in this procedure are made of PDO, a biocompatible material specifically designed to be safely absorbed by the body. It is retained for four to six months before being gradually dissolved by the body. However, the results of the lift can be enjoyed for a year or so because of the significant improvement in the skin caused by the infusion of collagen. There are different varieties of Nova Threads:
  • Barbed sutures – It is used to gather skin for a more lifting effect. These sutures are usually placed near the hairline to lift the jowls and cheeks.
  • Smooth sutures – It produces less lift but is a great collagen stimulant. Smooth sutures are usually placed around the face, especially along the brows and corners of the mouth.

Using Nova Threads is easy and quick. The target area is numb using local anesthesia. To insert the thread, a needle or cannula is used. The entire process is simple and will not take that long to finish. In fact, it would take around 30 to 45 minutes for the entire procedure.

  • Silhouette InstaLift – It lifts the face using biocompatible temporary sutures, but unlike the Nova Threads that focus on collagen production stimulation, the Silhouette InstaLift focuses more on lifting the skin, which explains why the threads’ design is somewhat different. The threads have sutures interspersed with tiny cones, and these cones grab the tissues underneath to gather more skin, thereby lifting the jowls and cheeks. The results are very evident and last a long time, ideally one to three years.

 The entire procedure can last for about 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the type of work needed to achieve the desired results. A local anesthetic is used and introduced to the target area using a thin needle. The procedure is pretty simple and less invasive, although some patients may experience discomfort, mild soreness, and swelling for a few days after the procedure. Pain relievers are used to manage pain and discomfort. Nonetheless, the pain is not that alarming and right after the procedure, you can go back to your usual activities of daily living.

Facial thread lifting has been helping people maintain their youth. Gone are the days when you need to go under the knife just to make yourself look desirable. There are now new and less invasive procedures that will help you achieve the same results.