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Understand The Cosmetic Dentistry Types

Understand The Cosmetic Dentistry Types

The ADA [American Dental Association] has not clearly defined Cosmetic Dentistry. Nevertheless, the dentist defines it as a technique to enhance a patient’s self-image and smile. Strong teeth and a beautiful smile are necessary for multiple reasons. A lack of an attractive smile impacts your oral health. Besides, your self-confidence and how people perceive you are also affected. Your smile is the first feature people notice. 

Reasons to choose cosmetic dentistry

In cosmetic dentistry, misshapen, chipped, missing, and discolored teeth can be fixed. The most common reasons people search for a cosmetic dentist near me are teeth gaps, tooth discoloration, and teeth crowding. The dentists at Orion Dental Specialties have been helping patients around Cypress TX with dental veneer cosmetic treatment. 

Cosmetic procedure types

Aesthetic dental procedures are referred to as ‘smile makeover’. There are some cosmetic procedures to choose from.

Teeth whitening

It includes OTC teeth whitening, in-office whitening, and customized intensive treatment. In the dental clinic, bleaching gel with high concentration is applied to the teeth. For at-home use, the gel is put in a customized whitening mouth guard that you need to wear for some hours for a couple of weeks. Internal whitening is for teeth discoloration after a root canal and involves applying bleach to the tooth. 

Risks – Whitening is temporary. It causes tooth sensitivity for a few days. Tooth decay, veneers, fillings, bridges, crown, and some discoloration type do not whiten. 


Veneers cover up some tooth surface defects and change the shape & color of the tooth. Old fillings and decay is removed from the tooth. Space is made on the surface of the material. 

  • For ceramic veneers – The tooth impression is taken for ceramic customization in the lab. In the second session, the ceramic veneer is glued.
  • For resin composite veneers – The material is directly placed on your tooth and polished. It is completed in a single session.

Risks – Veneers can get broken, chipped, or stained and need replacing. Once your tooth is prepared for veneer, it always needs a veneer. It is irreversible!


A Crown is a ceramic or metal shell placed over a tooth to cover it. It protects the weakened tooth and changes tooth shape and color. The tooth is prepared and an impression is taken and sent for crown customization. 

Risks – Crowns can break or chip and need replacing. The tooth layer is removed to fix the crown. Sometimes, it gets close to pulp and you may need root canal treatment. The treatment is irreversible!

Braces and aligners

Orthodontic treatment involves moving teeth in a preferred position. It involves braces, clear aligners, or plates. Braces comprise wires and clips glued on the teeth during treatment. These are removed after the teeth get in the final position. Thin plastic trays are customized to fit your teeth. These aligners need changes after every few weeks. Metal or plastic plates are glued in or removable for positioning the teeth. 

Bracers and aligners change teeth’ position. It is recommended to fix crowded, rotated, misaligned, and overlapping teeth. It also corrects bite issues because lower and upper teeth don’t meet properly.

Multiple appointments are needed for orthodontic treatment. The treatment time ranges from six months to a couple of years.

Risks – Cleaning teeth is hard, during treatment. You need to take extra care to avoid gum disease and decay. Aligners or braces can make you feel uncomfortable. Some common issues are ulcers and scratches on the cheeks and gums. 

Gum contouring

It is a cosmetic process recommended to shape the gums. The Cypress TX cosmetic dentist cuts excessive gum tissue, which causes a gummy smile. A gummy smile is referred to when the individual has a lot of gum tissue on their teeth top. Contouring also helps to restore exposed teeth due to receding gum tissue. 

Dental bonding

A tooth-colored resin, which is a plastic material is applied to the tooth. Laser light is used to harden the resin and bond it with the tooth. The dentist will then trim, shape and polish the tooth. Bonding helps to repair chipped, cracked, decayed, and misshapen teeth. 

Inlays & Onlays

It is also called indirect filling of damaged or decayed teeth from materials like porcelain, gold, or composite. Dental fillings are shaped into place, during dental clinic visits. The inlays & Onlays are created in the dental lab and bonded by the dentist. Inlay means the filling is bonded in the middle of the tooth. Onlay is when the filling is bonded over a couple of points to cover the biting surface. Both help to preserve healthy teeth and are a good alternative to crowns. 

Dental implants

These are titanium replacement tooth roots that are inserted in your missing tooth’s bone socket. During the jawbone’s healing process, the implanted metal post gets secured tightly in the jaw. A ceramic tooth is that fitted over the screw. It offers a foundation for replacement teeth without damaging the adjoining teeth. 

Other dental treatments

Cosmetic dentist Cypress TX can sometimes recommend oral surgery as a part of the complicated cosmetic treatment plan. For example, tooth removal because of severe crowding. Jaw surgery to reduce or extend upper or lower non-matching jaw size or bone grafting to thicken the bone for inserting implants. 

Risks differ, so ask your dentists to gain familiarity with what to expect.